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Dollar Store Finds for Kids Room Organisation

The one-room that we can always count on changing and in need of organization is the kid’s room. It seems there is an overwhelming supply of toys, a growing number of crafts, and clothes to go on for miles. The organization can seem like too much to handle at first glance, but with some crafty work and skillful ideas, you can turn any space into an organized palace.

There are many different resources available when it comes to organizing a room, but the costs can get out of control very quickly when stocking up on items to declutter a room. Thankfully, the Dollar Store offers great resources at just around $1 each!  

Below are some dollar store finds for kids that you can buy to organize your kid’s room

  1. Labels

The first thing you’d want to stock up on is labels. These are great for labeling boxes, creating charts, or drawing pictures to note where an object goes.

  1. Buckets

The Dollar Store offers pretty good-sized buckets that can be used for many different objects in a room. Put a label on one for specific toys, whether they are for dolls or trains, which can make the organization easier, and clean up time a breeze for little hands.

  1. Frames

By hanging up an empty frame and using it as a place to highlight works of art that go hidden in backpacks, or by placing a chore chart inside, is a great way to spruce up the walls and get clutter under control.

  1. Stacking Bins

The Dollar Store offers great multi-colored bins that can be stacked on top of each other. These can be used for hair bows, rubber bands, small lego toys, or organizing barbie’s clothes and accessories.

  1. Hook Hangers

These are the ideal solution for anything like backpacks, soccer bags, coats, and hats. By keeping these items off the floor and onto the wall is the perfect solution to dirty clothes and a clear, open floor.

  1. Mesh Bags

Mesh bags and hampers bags are great for the stuffed animals collected over the years. You can hang them up on the wall to leave them hanging like a great solution for easy cleanup time. It is also perfect because it enables you to still see what is inside the bag.

When it comes to organizing a room, you do not have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on neat storage containers. There are plenty of affordable resources at your disposal at the dollar store that offers you more creative options than you could imagine!

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