DIY Credit Report Clean Up (60 Days or less)


Several years ago, my husband and I were almost $100,000 in credit debt. YESSSSS.. it was bad. Most of this was student loan debt that had gone way into collections that I just found out about (thanks, husband!) we also had medical debt, old credit inquires and so much more on our reports.

Our goals were to buy a house but having these things on our credit report seemed very impossible to handle when we also needed to think about saving for a down payment and everything else!

So, in order to get our progress started, I ended up paying for our credit reports (oops! mistake number 1!) and realized that there was quite a few errors there. There was debt that wasn’t ours, paid off items that weren’t showing the correct status and they even had my wrong address.

All of these things (besides the address part) were affecting my score and stopping me from pursuing my dreams.

I’ve put together this 36-page eBook that will walk you through exactly what I did to raise my credit score 30 points in less than 60 days. Plus, there are several extra tips and bonuses that you will find useful. Don’t pay someone to do this for you!! You can absolutely handle it yourself.


In this eBook, you will learn:

  • What’s On Your Credit Report
  • How To Get Your Credit Report For Free
  • How to Understand Your Report
  • How to negotiate errors and have them Removed within 30 days
  • How I Paid $348 for a $5000 hospital bill
  • How to negotiate student loan collections
  • and MORE!

Plus, I’ve got two FREE bonuses for you:

PS: Better Budget Enrollees, this will be added to your membership for FREE today! 🙂

How You Can Pay Off $20,000 in Credit Card Debt in 5 Years eBook + Worksheets