DIY Baby Body wash

DIY Baby body wash

DIY Baby Body wash

Did I mention that I LOVE Castile Soap? I just discovered it recently as we’ve been going a more all natural route and I am so surprised at how many different uses there are– and you can use it on A LOT of things.

okay, enough of my excitement. 🙂

I’ve been looking for a less chemical based body wash for the kiddos. Our youngest recently started breaking out in teeny tiny bumps on his face after we were bathing him and I just decided that I wanted to try making our own! So, here is what I made:

Note: this makes enough for a 24 oz bottle –if you have a bigger bottle you will need to adjust:

  • 1/2 Cup Dr. Bronner’s Castle Soap (baby mild) You can buy it HERE
  • 4 tablespoons Oil (I used jojoba oil.. you can use Olive oil, almond oil) Buy Jojoba oil HERE
  • 2 Tablespoons Vitamin E Oil (Buy here)
  • 1 drop favorite essential oil (Buy here)


1. Pour ingredients into bottle first (I used a old body wash bottle)

2. slowly fill bottle up with water.

3. shake lightly with top on

That is it!

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  • marlene says:

    i just purchased a peppermint bottle at costco for about 8.99. im using it for when i mop the floors. and will sart making my own cleaning products.

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