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Different Types of Concealer Texture

Concealer is the superhero of skin-correcting. It’s your go-to cosmetic when you fail to get enough shut-eye because it covers dark circles. It’s also the first thing you grab in the morning to hide that new pimple. There are many reasons to praise concealer because it’s a makeup product that works wonders. 

Concealer is a must-have cosmetic that comes in a few different textures or consistencies. The chances are that you first used a liquid concealer. You dabbed a bit on the problem area and rubbed it in. The skin concern you had, whether it was acne or a pimple, magically disappeared. This type of concealer texture is popular and easy to use.

Each concealer texture type works with a specific skin type. Concealer can only work its magic on you if you use the right texture. 

Concealer Texture Types – Explained 

If you’re wondering what kinds of concealer texture types there are, we’re here to help. There are four main concealer textures. These are liquid, cream, balm, and stick. All these textures go on differently. The type of texture you should use depends on your skin type and what problem you’re covering. 

Here’s a run-down of the different concealer types to help you get the best coverage possible. 

Liquid Concealer: Light Coverage for Normal or OIly Skin 

There’s a reason liquid concealer is often the first type people use. It’s been used for decades by young people to cover acne breakouts and pimples. It’s also routinely used to cover dark undereye circles. You can find this concealer everywhere. It’s for sale at discount stores, and upper-end makeup shops. 

Liquid concealer works best for people with normal or oily skin. It’s not recommended for those with very dry skin because it can emphasis dryness. This concealer texture works great for erasing undereye circles and skin redness. It can even work great for acne-prone skin if it’s an oil-free version.

Cream Concealers: Thicker than Liquids for Normal & Dry Skin

This type of concealer comes in a small pot or jar. It’s a thicker texture than liquid and is creamy, as the name suggests. Cream concealer works best for normal and dry skin. People with oily skin should shy away from cream concealers.

Cream concealer works for covering up dark under-eye areas. This sort also does a good job of boosting skin brightness, for a more refreshed look. The natural oils and waxes in cream concealer work with the heat of your skin. This makes them blend easily and cover smoothly.

To use a cream concealer, swirl your finger into the product. Then apply the concealer with your fingertip or a fine-tipped brush. If you need more coverage, it’s fine to apply light layers of cream concealer.

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Balm Concealer: More Coverage for Normal & Oily Skin

This type of concealer is often called a color corrector. It’s a thick concealer that stays put for hours, even on the oiliest skin. Balm concealers come in small tins or containers that look like lip balms. This balm-like texture is best used under foundation so that different skin colors are neutralized. 

Since this texture is on the heavy side, it allows you to do some layering. If you have a stubborn skin concern like redness, you can layer on balm concealer until the redness disappears. To apply balm concealer, pat it one using a brush, then blend with your fingertips. 

Balm concealer works best for normal and oily skin. It’s not a good choice for dry skin because of its thick consistency. It’s important to use the right color of balm concealer to ensure your coverage looks natural. 

Stick Concealer: More Coverage for Normal & Dry Skin 

A stick concealer looks like lipstick or a pencil. This texture is semi-solid. It’s ideal for obscuring small blemishes and dark areas. It’s a great sized concealer to pop in your bag or pocket and take along with you. 

The stick consistency is somewhat heavy. This means it’s not ideal for oily or combination skin. If you’re in a hot and humid climate, a stick concealer can slip off your face. In this case, skip the stick and use a cream concealer instead that will stay put. 

Conclusion: Now that you know the different types of concealer textures, it’s time to buy the right one for you. Just be sure to choose the correct shade so your concealer blends in well. This way, you’ll be left with flawless, natural-looking skin that glows. Good luck and happy concealing!

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