Couponing in California: Understanding Coupon Match-ups


If you are new to couponing–you may have encountered the weekly coupon match-ups. Being thrown into the couponing world there tends to be a ton of new things that you have no idea what they are!

I’ve created a informative post for all the newbies (and the ones that aren’t new!) to help you better understand my coupon match ups for various stores.

1. Usually you will see a list of items that I feel are the “best deals” I list coupons that are associated with the item. Usually there are several coupons to choose from–so I list all coupons to make it easy for you to reference (sometimes coupons are regional, so I list all so you know that there are others available)

2. Where to Find the Coupon: I almost always list the coupon by what insert it came out in and what day. For our example above: SS= What insert, this is the Smart Source insert. 5/15/11 = May 15th 2011. If you need more info on the lingo that is used here on SCS, you can find that HERE

3. Final Price: In the example above you see that I use two different value coupons. I will always reflect the lowest final price, since we have a .75 coupon and a $1 coupon I have used the $1 off coupon in the final price.

4. Check mark: I use a red check mark when showing my favorite stock up prices. It is safe to say that this price is the best for the week and that you should likely purchase more than one to stock up on the deal.

Just joining us? Learn more about Couponing in California here

  • kathy says:

    What does it mean when a store has coupons and in the top left corner it says. Manufacturer coupon. But in the op right hand corner it has the store name?

  • Selu says:

    ^^^it means that it’s a manufacture’s coupon and not the store’s even though it’s found in their ad. Hope that helps. Thank you sooooo much Calisaver for all your great help 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    What would you say are the best stores in SOCal for coupon match-ups and getting the best deals?

  • Gio's Mommy says:

    So for example how do we get 5 coupons of the Garnier… how do we know how many news papers to buy do we always have to buy at least a couple just in case?

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