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Coupon Newbies: Frustrated?

I think ever since the Extreme Couponing hype began..I get more and more emails from those who are new and just learning the ropes. Sometimes it is hard to coupon. There is a large amount of  Lingo and Terms to learn and not to mention the RULES. but I can guarentee that if you stick with it–and learn everything you can…it will come to you.

I don’t consider myself an expert–The only thing I’ve got going for me is that I have been doing it for several years. Believe me..I have had the worse experiences when it comes to one point I almost felt as though I was overspending.

1. The sad truth is that when you are new to couponing when you have good experiences, you are more likely to stick with it. When you have unfriendly cashiers and uncoupon friendly stores–you will probably give up.

2. There is NO coupon bible. There is no way to determine if what you are doing is correct. This is why it is imperative to follow the fine print on a coupon–because your directions are right there.

Regarding Coupon Policies:

Each store may or may not have a written policy; the only validity of the written policy is that everyone can see it–even customers.

One important thing: If there is no written policy, a store can change coupon usage to meet THEIR own store. So if one store down the street takes printable coupons–then another store can decide that they do not want to.. that is per managers discretion. It is up to you to determine your stores policy.

:: Coupon Policies can be changed at ANYTIME

:: If there is a corporate coupon policy in writing–my best suggestion is to call corporate to determine if it is accurate. You may just come across a manager that does not know their own policy. (yes! this happens!)

I hope this helps everyone understand the inconsistencies involved with coupons! It is hard to understand this journey in the beginning but it is ALL worth it once you get things down!

  • Have you ever considered a proofreader? This comment is not meant in a bad way. I just think it might help your site.

  • Josie, I am new to couponing and have been following your blog for a month now. I just wanted to thank you for all that you do. You’ve made it easier for me to navigate the crazy coupon world!

  • hey josie.
    thanks for the inspiration. I feel the same way. i started to coupon after i lost my business and meet a class mate at my son’s preschool. She got me into couponing She is also the only person make me feel so guilty about one of my coupon venture So I stop. Well for 3 weeks then I just coupon when I see a great deals like the almay wipes. I am so glad I stumple onto your site. You give great tips and 411s. Thanks for doing this. you save me a bunch. Now I am able to send my 2 boys to private school. Thank babe.

  • My tip for newbies (and I am a relative newbie myself!) is to go slow, take your time, review everything before going to check out and make lists. I find that going early in the morning is easiest because there are fewer people in the store. This way you don’t have a huge line behind you and you feel less pressured. I didn’t stick to my own advice today and wound up making mistakes today at CVS with a fast and pushy cashier.

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