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10 Cool & Useful Household Gadgets

cool and useful household gadgets

We like inventions that make our lives easier. From the quirky to the indispensable, here have 10 household gadgets that will reduce your workload and make you smile.

Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express

If you love potatoes but hate the headache of peeling them, then the Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express is the ultimate potato peeler for you. Just stick a potato on the bottom food holder and secure it. Raise the cutter arm to rest on the potato and press the ON button. The Starfruit will peel the skin off in one clean, continuous curl and automatically stop when the cutter arm reaches the bottom.

This appliance works well with carrots, apples, eggplants, cucumbers, and even pears. Although it is electric, it has a handy battery-powered option that makes it suitable for camping.

Instant Pot Duo Mini 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Reliable, affordable, precise, and versatile, the Instant Pot Duo is your solution to an affordable personal chef. This 7-in-1 appliance functions as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté, warmer and yogurt maker.

The compact Instant Pot Duo is a space saver that includes 11 smart programs to let you prepare your favorite dishes with a touch of a button. It can prepare all types of rice and still be programmed to prepare soups, meat, and poultry. The Instant pot will remember your previous settings, monitor temperature, and adjust heating intensity and duration depending on what you are preparing.

The Instant Pot Duo is versatile, with a 24-hour delay start timer for busy households, and keep warm features to maintain temperature until you are ready to serve.

Bin 8 Multi Kitchen Tool

We love multi-functional tools and the Bin 8 does not disappoint. It combines 8 essential kitchen tools into one and its attractive Japanese design has it looking like an artistic wine bottle.

The Bin 8 consists of a narrow neck funnel with an attachment for pouring liquids and sauces that also acts as the gadgets’ ‘bottle-cap’. It has a lemon juicer, a spice grater for ginger and garlic, an egg masher, a cheese grater, a lid opener for stubborn jars, an egg yolk separator, and a 420ml measuring cup.

The different tools each have their own color, making it attractive on a kitchen counter. As it covers a wide variety of kitchen gadgets all in one, another great addition would be a strawberry slicer.

Iflow Touchless Faucet

If you are conscious about saving water and avoiding germs especially on frequently used taps, then the iFlow touchless faucet is a must-have in your kitchen or bathroom. This hydro-powered gadget has a smart display that will show you useful information like the flow rate, water temperature, and usage.

The sensor will self-adjust when you need water and when you don’t, helping you save on water bills because the tap will not be running when you are not using it. The iFlow touchless faucet can be adapted to any tap and takes just a few minutes to install.

Over the Sink Cutting Board

When kitchen space is limited, the over the sink cutting board from Good Cooking will let you chop and clean your veggies with ease. The expandable cutting board has silicone edging to prevent slippage and the removable silicone colander collapses for easy storage.

This cutting board extends to match most kitchen sink sizes and the stainless-steel rim makes it more stable than other cutting boards. This dishwasher safe appliance is made from food-grade silicone and polypropylene making it 100% BPA and Phthalate free.

Hercules Tuff Charging Station

End the chaos of organizing and charging your personal electronics with one simple device. The Hercules Tuff Charging station is a super multitasker that replaces six messy chargers and cables while taking up the same space as an iPad.

The charging station includes 4 Lightning Cables, 1 Type-C Cable, and 1 Micro-USB cable. It can recognize the device being charged and deliver the amp needed. The charging station has adequate spacing to allow for thick cases and the dividers are removable. An LED light glows when a device is charging or is fully charged.

Garlic Twister 4th Generation

Do you love garlic but hate the smell on your hands? Suffer no more with the Garlic Twister 4th Generation mincer and grinder. These multifunctional kitchen tools will dice garlic, ginger, chilies, herbs, and nuts into neat triangles. It has a large interior chamber to accommodate more garlic than traditional tools, and the mincing teeth are beveled in both directions for efficient cutting. Just place your ingredients into the chamber and twist.

AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Ever wanted a kitchen garden but you don’t have a patch of soil at your disposal? The AeroGarden Indoor Hydroponic garden gives you a home garden system for you to experiment on your green thumb all year long. This gadget grows veggies in water meaning there is no soil or mess in your kitchen.

The AeroGarden kit includes 6 pods with two types of basil, parsley, dill, thyme, mint as well as a bottle of plant nutrients to cover a full season of growth. It has a 20-watt, high efficiency grow lighting system that is tuned to the plants’ specific needs. The easy-to-use control panel will let you know when to add plant food and water, and automatically turns on and off depending on your plant requirements.

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Let Angry Mama help you steam clean the grime from your microwave. Made from durable environmental protection PP material, Angry Mama is not toxic and will not release harmful substances, even in high-temperature environments.

To use, simply remove Angry Mama’s head and pour either vinegar or water with lemon juice into the body. Replace the head and microwave Angry Mama for 5-7 minutes. Watch Angry Mama at work as steam juts out the top of her head. Let her cool for 2 minutes and you can then wipe away dirt without having to use harsh chemicals.

Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer

Italian dinners will never be bland again with the Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer. This weird kitchen gadget resembles a little red plastic man in a suit that you put into your pot of boiling pasta. After a certain amount of time, this little guy will start serenading you with songs to let you know that your pasta is ready.  

The Al Dente Singing Pasta timer will belt out ‘That’s Amore’ after 3 minutes, ‘The Godfather theme’ at 7 minutes, ‘Tarantella Napoletana’ at 9 minutes, and ‘Prisoners’ Choir’ at 11 minutes. This personal underwater singing assistant will provide you dinner and a show!

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