Check your credit report for free


Every quarter, my husband and I check our credit report for free. It is a good idea to stay on top of your credit report because you just never know what could happen. Someone could easily get your social security number, open a credit card and use it to purchase themselves a new pair of boobs  shoes… maybe even 10 pairs of new shoes. expensive ones. maybe coach shoes.

Checking your credit report quarterly will help keep you on top of things that might pop up like this. The earlier you catch it–the easier to depute it. is a government-mandated website that allows you to get 3 free credit reports annually – one from each major credit bureau.

Every quarter, we check and choose ONE of the credit bureau reports to retrieve our report. We leave the other two for the next quarter and so on.. that way we can keep track of what is going on with our credit without paying monthly fees that other third party sites charge.