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10 Tips to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Many visit hair salons to professionally make their hair at a cost. Similarly, some opt to use a hair coloring kit at the comfort of their homes. The issue here is not the venue of make-up, but how long will your hair last before it loses color. There is a combination of factors that can … Read more

6 Tricks To Wash Your Hair Without Shampoo

Washing your hair is one of those things you have to do. You know the routine. You step in the shower, grab that plastic bottle of shampoo and get busy. You lather your hair up, give it a few good scrubs, then rinse. If you’re thinking of ditching shampoo, there are a few ways to … Read more

Save Big on Holiday Shopping With WikiBuy

Save big on holiday shopping with Wikibuy

The holiday shopping season is synonymous with the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Online shopping has literally become a life-hack, saving you from interminable queues, terrifying stampedes and senseless shopper-on-shopper violence. It offers a safe, secure, convenient alternative that lets you choose when and where to spend your hard-earned money without compromising too much on … Read more

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Hair

What Happens if You Don’t Wash Your Hair

If you were to be completely honest, you’d probably admit that you’ve gone longer than you should without washing your hair. We’ve all been there, so don’t feel bad. Maybe you were feeling under the weather, which made it difficult to wash your hair. It could be that you just didn’t feel like hassling with … Read more

25 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget & Make Cheap Healthy meals Between Paydays

If you live paycheck to paycheck plan, you can easily find yourself struggling to put cheap healthy food plan together when the money budget starts to run out. Cooking for a family isn’t always easy, especially when you have to count coins and spend dollars as far as they will go. But the good news is, … Read more