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Bourbon Chicken: Skillet Freezer Meal Recipe (Tasty and delicious dinner)

When we went to Louisiana last year, I fell in LOVE with Bourbon Chicken- the syrupy sweet taste is just too good to pass up, so rarely do I resist that urge! Heaped over rice with a little—-okay a lot of extra sauce to make it even better. Guess what? It makes an amazing freezer … Read more

Kielbasa & Veggies: Freezer Skillet Meal

This freezer skillet meal is quick, easy, and loaded up with healthy veggies to offset the maybe not so healthy kielbasa (lighten it up a bit with turkey kielbasa if you like, there is very little difference in taste IMHO). Moderation and balance are always the key right? If you find kielbasa on a great … Read more