What to Buy in January

What to Buy in January

What to Buy in January

The New Year is here, you might be thinking about more ways to save a buck or two. After all, you just spent a great deal of cash during the holiday season, so now you may be looking at how to scale back. Well you should know that January is a month for steals and deals, and if you are really looking to save some cash, now is the time to shop. Take a look below at 20 items to buy in January so you can be sure you are getting some bang for your shopping buck.

1. Winter coats
Now is the time to snag a warm winter coat, perhaps even in a size up so your child can enjoy it next year too.

2. Snow suits
Retailers are already thinking spring clothing so look for hot deals on snow gear such as suits and ski wear.

3. Glove and hats
You will be able to use these cold weather accessories all the way until spring. Grab a few extra pairs of gloves and hats and always be prepared…for less.

4. Snow boots
The wet winter months are not over yet, so snag a pair of boots for a bargain and look great all winter long.

5. Weights
Did you resolve to be fit this New Year? Retailers are counting on it and will be offering free weights and other weight products for less.

6. Exercise machines
Don’t pay big bucks for a gym membership, instead take advantage of January sales and buy gym equipment of your own for less.

7. Fitness DVDs
Don’t like leaving your own home to work out? Snag the dozens of fitness DVD’s that will be on sale this month. Try yoga, pilates, or Zumba right in your own home.

8. Fitness supplements
Try some new health and diet supplements when they all go on sale this month. Check out your local vitamin store or retail store for supplements sold at a song.

9. DVD players
If you don’t mind a year old model, snag a DVD player for less this month as retailers try to make room for all of the new models.

10. Cameras
Document the New Year with some great pictures. Snag a year old model camera for less this month as retailers make room for the new models due to hit the shelves.

11. Video games
Find fun games for your kiddos to enjoy when you shop the end of the year sales/New Year sales in January. Retailers will have new games to introduce soon, and this means some serious savings for you.

12. Fine jewelry
Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, so retailers will be offering their lowest prices on jewelry, fine jewelry, jewelry boxes and other fine gifts during the month.

13. Watches
Always know the time in the New Year when you snag a watch for less. Retailers looking to sell you Valentine’s Day gifts will be offering watches for less.

14. Recreational items such as bikes and boats
You may not need these items now, but you can surely get them for less now. Warm weather recreational items will all be on sale this month, including bikes and boats of all kinds.

15. Home remodeling services
If you need at remodeling work such as cabinets, paint, or even fixtures now is the slow time for contractors. Because of this slump they are usually offering some incentives to snag some extra business.

16. Bed sheets, pillows, and pillowcases
Enjoy the White Sales taking place this month and get great deals on linens such as sheets, pillowcases, runners, table linens and more.

17. Bath towels
White sales will also include a variety of bath linens, so keep your eyes peeled for some rock bottom prices.

18. Air conditioners
The chilly air may be keeping you cool now, but air conditioners are cheaper now than any time during the year.

19. Fans
Fans can be used in all sorts of ways, so snag one now while the price is low and you will never find yourself without one.

20. Real estate
January offers a slump in the real estate market. If you have your eyes peeled for a new pad, now is the time to shop and get a great deal.