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Best Things to buy in October


October is the perfect time of year to snag your pumpkins, but did you know that there are many items at their lowest prices during October as well? Take a this helpful list on what to buy in October!

October is the perfect time of year to snag your pumpkins, but did you know that there are many items at their lowest prices during October as well? Take a look below at our helpful list on what to buy in October, so you can be sure you are planning your shopping list appropriately! By knowing what will be on sale, you can make sure you are stretching your budget as best as possible. Take a look!

First, don’t forget to stock up on all things Halloween!

1. Halloween candy such as M&Ms, suckers, hard candy, single serve candies
2. Fun sized candy bars and chocolate bars
3. Halloween costumes and accessories
4. Halloween themed yard décor
5. Halloween household décor, candles, and dishware
6. Halloween themed craft items and floral supplies

With Thanksgiving coming, stores will start to run sales on baking products and supplies. Now is the time to snag these items so you are ready to make some kitchen magic.

7. Canned pie fillings
8. Evaporated milk
9. Chocolate bits, chips, and chunks
10. Pie crusts both fresh and frozen
11. Cream toppings
12. Sprinkles and other candy toppings
13. Bread and muffin mixes
14. Cake mixes, stir ins, and frostings
15. Baking cups and baking pans
16. Flour, sugar, and powdered sugar
17. Crisco, no stick cooking spray

Did you know that October is also the month to recognize shelter dogs? Yep! October is Adopt a shelter dog month. Find some of your favorite dog supplies on sale this month and stock up.

18. Wet and dry dog food
19. Dog bones
20. Assorted dog treats
21. Dog chew toys, regular toys
22. Dog collars, leashes

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Don’t forget all of the yummy seasonal produce that October offers. Now is the time to fill your cart with these fresh finds.

23. Apples (all varieties)
24. Artichokes
25. Broccoli
26. Cabbage
27. Cranberries
28. Pears (all varieties)
29. Pumpkin
30. Winter squash
31. Yams
32. Gourds
33. Beets

We can’t finish up the month of October without talking about seafood. Here are some seafood items you can find on sale during the month of October.

34. Fresh and frozen shrimp
35. Fresh and frozen clams
36. Fresh and frozen tilapia
37. Fresh and frozen salmon
39. Canned salmon and tuna
39. Cocktail sauces
40. Seafood breading mixes
41. Fresh and frozen lobster
42. Assorted cold seafood salads
43. Gordon’s fish products
44. Fish sticks of all varieties
45. Canned fish of all varieties

Because October is also Breast Cancer awareness month, you will find sales on pink ribbon products that benefit breast cancer research. Some of the items you will find include:

46. Mugs and dishware
47. Candles
48. Desk calendars
49. Key chains
50. Magnets

Shop smarter during the month of October. Keep these items in mind and you are sure to stock up on them at a lower price.

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