Best Things to Buy in November


Best Things to buy in November

November is a great time to shop, since many of the products that you use and love are on sale. Take a look at the list we created below, perfect for helping you find out what to buy in November. This list will help you shop smarter and really stretch your dollar. Take a look!

November is the perfect time to start baking. Take a look at the many baking items that will be at their lowest this month!

1. Assorted nuts
2. Sweetened milk
3. Coconut
4. Brownie mix
5. Chocolate chips
7. Pudding mixes
8. Dough mixes
9. Break and bake cookies
10. Quick bakery mixes

Since there are typically a great deal of food drives in November, you will find many of your favorite canned goods on sale. This is the perfect time to stock up or buy items to donate. Here are the canned items you can find.

11. Soups
12. Broths
13. Beef and chicken stocks
14. Canned vegetables
15. Canned fruits
16. Canned meat products
17. Spaghetti sauce
18. Canned fish products
19. Canned pasta
20. Canned sauces and toppings

We can’t talk about November without talking about Thanksgiving. Here are the holiday items you can buy in November for less.

21. Turkey, both fresh and frozen
22. Ham, both spiral and frozen
23. Stuffing mixes, bagged and boxed
24. Box Potatoes, potato flakes
25. Rolls, both fresh, frozen, and mixes
26. Pies
27. Cranberry Sauce
28. Canned gravy, gravy mixes
29. Canned yams

November has some excellent seasonal produce waiting for you. Enjoy low prices on these seasonal items all November long.

30. Apples of all varieties
31. Oranges
32. Pears
33. Potatoes
34. Pumpkin
35. Squash
36. Yams
37. Lemons

You will find tons of items on clearance this month as well. Halloween clearance items will be easy to find as will fall yard items. Here are some of the items you can look forward to finding for less.

38. Halloween themed candy
39. Costumes
40. Halloween themed paper products
41. Halloween party favors
42. Fall yard décor
43. Rakes
44. Leaf bags
45. Outdoor patio furniture
46. Outdoor pots and planters
47. Outdoor seat cushions
48. Outdoor lighting
49. Garden hoses
50. Garden gloves, boots, hats

Keep these products in mind when planning your November shopping list. These are items to keep your eyes peeled for, as you are sure to find some steals!