The Best Store for Healthy Products without Coupons

I know you’ve heard of it– and you are probably super curious — just like me!? ALDI has opened some of their first locations in California and to be honest, I’ve been dying to know what it is all about.

Is ALDI California the hype that people make it be? I took a trip into a local ALDI store  and I want you to know that I’m IN LOVE! ALDI is pretty much everything that I’ve been waiting for– great products, cheap prices, and enough good products to feed my 3 hungry boys on a budget.

If you have never heard of ALDI, where have you been??! — Kidding! ALDI is the new guy in town that wants to give us Californians; good quality food without the hassle of trying to pronounce all those crazy words added to the ingredients on the back of the box. And to top it off–they want to make sure that your budget doesn’t go sky high in the process.

As you know, I’m a frugal momma and always will be! I have stopped couponing as much as I did before because due to health issues– I needed to look for a different standard in our foods. Stopped Couponing? WHAT? yes, for the most part– I have and it kills me that I have but for the most part, the products I am looking for (GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten free without added filler products) DO NOT have coupons. In other words, the more simple the food– the better it is for me.  My grocery budget has gone up — but I am feeling so good that I want to maintain this feeling and to be honest, I can not put a price on our health.


As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled to find that ALDI has their own line of liveGfree gluten free products– and I’m not just talking about one or two things, there are a ton of great products that are gluten free that are priced very generously as well. Actually, about 90% of what ALDI sells is their exclusive brands, which means you won’t find them anywhere else and you won’t see a lot of name brand products in the store as well.

They also offer NO Synthetic colors in their exclusive brand foods. Everything that has color is all natural–which is how it is supposed to be! 


When you visit ALDI for the first time; you might be taken aback by a couple of things:

  • You need to “rent” their carts. Yes, RENT! At first, I was like– what the heck! but after I thought about it– I realized that it’s  really SMART. So, in order to use a cart at ALDI, you must insert a quarter to use it. Then, when you leave.. you put the cart right back where you found it and you get your quarter back! Easy peasy.. (and if you don’t have a quarter, the store will loan you one) — but that is how Aldi is able to offer such low prices on their products–because they don’t have to hire someone to “wrangle” the carts back! 
  • There is no one to bag your groceries– this isn’t TOO crazy– I do this at another store nearby and I’ve been totally ok with doing it for years. Plus, it gives my kids something to do when we check out. 
  • Bring your own Reusable Bags! 

My absolute Favorite things about shopping at ALDI: 

  • They are all about ORGANIC! You are going to found many quality organic produce and product choices for great prices. 
  • So easy.. Yes, there are only a few options of each product because they offer mostly their own line, but you can feel great knowing that ALDI has products that are better for you! 
  • Affordable. I found quite a few things that I loved for great prices. Here are a few:


As part of my partnership, ALDI sent me a wonderful box to make some delicious meals– I can’t wait to show you the wholesome, fresh meals I was able to make with products from ALDI. Stay tuned to see what is in the box! 😉 


If you haven’t given ALDI a try– be sure to check and see if there is a location near you. If not, be patient! there are still lots of new locations popping up this year. Don’t forget to follow them on FacebookPinterestTwitter or Instagram because they always post the newest ALDI Finds (which are usually limited time, low priced items!) 

Have you checked out ALDI near you? I’d love to hear what you thought! 

This post was sponsored by ALDI. As part of my partnership with the brand, I received my ALDI Delivered box as a fun way to sample and review products and recipes. This is not a new delivery service.

  • Robin says:

    We have Aldi here in north Texas. I had to go to Austin area and wasn’t able to shop there. But every time I came back up to Fort Worth area I would shop and carry groceries back to Austin. Saved money cause Austinis very expensive!!

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