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7 Best Powders For Oily Skin on The Market

Powders For Oily Skin

If you’ve got oily skin, you’re faced with keeping your skin shine-free every single day. But those sebaceous glands on your forehead, nose, and chin don’t play by the rules because that greasy look seems to always win out.

What you need is a top-notch powder that will quell your oily skin and keep it looking great all day long. If you’re ready to ditch the greasy look and get that oily skin under control once and for all, we’re here to help. 

We’ve done our homework and have put together the 7 best powders for oily skin on the market today. All these powders are designed specifically for skin just like yours. Continue reading to find out why we recommend these powders for oily skin, then pick your favorite and cross over to the oil-free side! 

1.  Buttercup Powder by Sasha Cosmetics – Lightweight & shine-banishing 

This powder does just what you want an oily skin powder to do. It absorbs oils and leaves your skin looking fresh and natural. Unlike other setting powders on the market, Buttercup Powder doesn’t settle into fine lines or cake up. 

We love this powder for oily skin because it’s extra-finely milled to make it as lightweight as air. It also does a great job of filling in and blurring fine lines and pores. Buttercup Powder provides a mattifying finish and keeps your skin shine-free for hours. It never leaves your face ashy looking or washed out. Instead, it makes make your makeup ‘pop’. 


Lightweight formula 

Absorbs oil and keeps shine at bay

Long-lasting results 

Comes in three colors 


Can irritate sensitive skin 

Not ideal for light skin tones

Buttercup Powder is perfect for anyone with oily skin who wants a natural-looking complexion. This powder does a wonderful job of covering large, unsightly pores. 

This powder is the ideal choice for you if you want to banish your oily skin without accentuating fine lines and pores. It leaves your skin with a beautiful, all-day matte finish that looks completely natural. 

2. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte+Poreless Powder – Budget-friendly, long-lasting 16-hour powder 

Fit Me Matte+Poreless powder provides buildable coverage you can customize. This powder does wonders for oily skin. It controls oil production and mattifies shine. It’s an affordable powder we give a big thumbs up for its ability to reduce the look of pores and fine lines. 

This powder is one of those makeup products you apply and forget about. It’s a long-lasting, 16-hour powder that looks just as good late in the day as it did when you used it in the morning, and we love that! We also appreciate the fact that it comes in a wide variety of colors so matching one to your skin tone won’t be an issue. 


Mattifies shine

Long-lasting results (16+ hours) 



Can leave face ashy looking if used alone

This powder is ideal for anyone bothered by oily, shiny skin. It’s the perfect powder for you if you’re on a budget and want to achieve a no-fuss, long-lasting matte complexion. 

3. DermaBlend Professional Setting Powder – Translucent powder perfect for flash photography

If you like taking flash selfies in low light, you’re going to love this DermaBlend powder. It’s a face powder that looks white but goes on clear. Your face will always look oil-free and natural in photographs when you’re wearing this powder.

This powder works great on all skin tones.  It’s a lightweight powder you apply over makeup. Then just wait 2 minutes and buff off the excess to prevent a white cast from developing. Your face will look shine-free and younger. This powder obscures those tell-tale signs of aging like fine lines & wrinkles around your nose and sides of your mouth. 


Translucent powder that looks natural 

Works for all skin tones 

Hides signs of aging 


Can leave a grayish tint on very light skin 

Professional Setting Powder is a fine and lightweight powder that goes on silky smooth. If you’re the type that doesn’t have time for touch-ups throughout the day, this powder is worth considering. 

Once you apply it in the morning, it’s undetectable all day and it keeps your face shine-free. This would be a great powder for any woman with oily skin who wants a long-lasting, matte finish. 

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4. Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder – For maximum oil control 

If you’ve got very oily skin that always looks shiny, we feel your pain. You need a powerful drying powder like Zero Sebum. This no-sebum powder is designed to leave oily skin looking clear with a matte finish.  

This Etude House powder controls oil production and improves the health of your skin. It leaves your skin downy soft and smooth. It covers those fine lines, redness, and visible pores, while keeping your skin shine-free all day. We love Zero Sebum because it fights grease by controlling the production of sebum. 


Battles oily skin by controlling sebum
Goes on smooth and covers well 

Great for very oily, greasy skin 

Can cause dryness on non-oily areas 

This powder is translucent and leaves a natural, matte finish. If you’ve got very oily skin that always looks greasy and shiny, this product is worth considering. It’s an ideal solution for anyone looking for a powder that not only fights oil, but improves skin health as well.

5. Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder – Long-Wearing with superb shine control 

Colorstay Pressed Powder by Revlon is an oil-free, fragrance-free powder that provides all-day shine control. You can apply this powder in the morning and go through your day without worrying that your skin looks greasy and shiny. 

We appreciate how this powder glides on with ease and blends in evenly. SInce it’s oil-free, it won’t clog your pores or leave a sticky film behind. It comes in 14 shades to make it suitable for all skin tones. It’s an ultra-fine, lightweight powder that lasts up to 16 hours over makeup. 


Oil-free and no caking or drying 

Ultra fine and lightweight 

Long lasting oil control 


Can result in an ashy appearance if too much is used

Colorstay Pressed Powder is a good choice for anyone in need of long-lasting coverage. This product is best suited to those with oily skin who are prone to breakouts. It’s a non-irritating formula that won’t trigger new breakouts or clog pores. 

6. Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder – Ultra-sheer, shine-absorbing powder

Some powders for oily skin can leave your skin looking dry. That’s not the case with Stay-Matte Sheer. This Clinique pressed powder banishes oil and keeps shine under control. It leaves your skin natural-looking and smooth.

This is an ultra-sheer, lightweight powder that never leaves a caked-on look. We love this powder because it gives your skin a clean, fresh look. Although you may need a couple of touch ups during the day, a little of this powder goes a long way. 


Lightweight and ultra-sheer

Never leaves skin looking dry 

Excellent shine control 


May require touch ups, especially on long days 

If you’re looking for a powder for oily skin that will give your face a professional, photo-finish look, this Clinique powder won’t let you down. We recommend this powder to women who want their skin to look 100% clear and natural. 

7. Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte – Oil-absorbing, shine-fighting formula 

When you’ve got oily skin, your focus is always on fighting oil and shine to make your skin look natural. Infallible Pro-Matte powder is designed to absorb oil and fight that ugly shine you despise. We’re impressed with this powder because it’s super lightweight and can be used for all-over medium matte coverage. 

This is a shine-defying,  long-lasting powder. It’s formulated to help you achieve that professional, oil-free look easily and maintain it for up to 16 hours. It’s an amazing powder that banishes oil and boosts self-confidence! 


Absorbs excess oil 

Long lasting coverage 

Oil-free formula 


Usually requires touch ups 

This Loreal Paris powder would be perfect for you if you’re constantly battling oil and shine on your forehead, nose, or cheeks. It’s a very good setting powder for a foundation that will last an impressive 16 hours. 

Conclusion: You don’t have to just live with oily, shiny skin. Use one of these powders that will leave your skin oil-free and looking fabulous. While all these powders are great choices for anyone with oily skin, our favorite is Revlon’s Colorstay Pressed Powder. This powder banishes oil & shine and never leaves your skin feeling or looking dry. 

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