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Best Online Teaching Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

There are various online teaching jobs for stay-at-home moms who are searching for flexible work opportunities to add an income to their household.

Best Paying Online Teaching Jobs For Stay at Home Moms
There are various online teaching jobs for stay-at-home moms who are searching for flexible work opportunities to add an income to their household.

For most parents, especially moms, the greatest worry is who will look after their children if they are absent working to provide for the family. Being able to remain at home with your children while still providing an income for the family has to be the best of both worlds. Working from home is possible when you choose the right extra income opportunities.

One such job opportunity that has become very popular is online teaching. Online teaching jobs are considered to be the future of education. It is proving to be a powerful and convenient way to pursue education. And the field is snowballing due to the progression in technology. Currently, there are various online teaching jobs available for stay-at-home moms who are searching for flexible work opportunities to add an income to their household. What’s more? Most of these online jobs don’t require teaching certification.

Below are the best paying online teaching jobs for Stay-at-home moms. Choose one that fits you best, so you can raise your children and still be financially successful.

Best Paying Online Teaching Jobs For Stay at Home Moms

ESL Teacher

Being an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher is among the best online teaching jobs for stay-at-home moms because of its flexible schedules. The prime task of this job is to teach students how to read, write, and speak English. She is also responsible for assessing the English skills of each student and helping them improve those skills. The students are usually from different countries and with varying proficiency skills.

An advantage of working as an ESL teacher is that you get bonuses and incentives depending on the firm you work for. Some firms award bonuses if you’re punctual, have more students signing-up for your classes, and you teach more than a certain number of classes in a month.

To qualify as an ESL teacher, you require a Bachelor’s degree. You must also be eligible to work in the United States or Canada and have some teaching experience mentoring or tutoring children in church or outside a classroom.

Recommended companies hiring ESL teachers


This is a prominent Chinese-based online teaching firm that provides jobs based on the American elementary education system. The children taught are from China aged four to twelve.

2. Magic Ears

This is another excellent job opportunity for stay-at-home moms who want to work as ESL teachers. It is structured like VIPKID, whereby you will be helping kids in China learn to read, write, and speak English. It is among the high paying ESL companies.

3. EF Teach Online

This is a U.S based online educational firm focused on teaching children in foreign countries how to read, write, and speak English. Here you have the advantage to arrange your timetable.

4. Gofluent

This firm hires ESL teachers to improve employees’ English communication skills in foreign corporations. Once accepted, you will go through some training.

English Conversation Tutors

This is a unique form of an online teaching job for stay-at-home moms who want to earn on the side effortlessly. These classes are purely conversational. As a teacher, you get paid to talk and chat with students from all over the world and help them improve their English speaking skills. It’s similar to ESL teaching, but you don’t focus on their writing, just on their speaking skills. You will have real conversations with the students, ask a lot of open-ended questions, and get the student to respond as they need to practice speaking English. After the conversation, you will give feedback and corrections on how to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and other aspects of grammar.

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutoring jobs are ideal online teaching jobs for stay-at-home moms. These jobs provide location independence, and flexible work schedules, enabling moms to earn additional income while attending to other household responsibilities. To be eligible for these jobs, you should be capable of teaching students consisting of various age groups in a web-based environment. These jobs can vary from ensuring school assignments are completed to teaching mathematics, English, and other subjects. A teacher should apply for these jobs based on their strengths which will help make sure that the employer is satisfied.

Firms offering online tutoring jobs

1. TutorMe

This is one of the most popular companies that offer online tutoring jobs. Here’s how it works: The teacher fills out the application, selects the subjects they are proficient at, then start tutoring and earn. It pays every week and has a very flexible timetable.

2. Qkids

This firm brings together young Chinese learners and individuals who are passionate about education. Working on this platform is simple as classes are booked for the teacher, and the hiring procedure is fast. However, most classes are scheduled early in the morning, which may affect your morning chores if time is not managed correctly.

3. WyzAnt

This Company provides private tutoring jobs to teach in more than 200 subjects and test preparations. As a teacher, you will have to pay a specific commission on your first client, but it reduces as you gain more clients, and there are also other fees charged per client. Tutors can earn more from jobs depending on experience. The payouts are swift.

4. Kaplan, Inc.

This is a world-leading tutoring job provider, serving thousands of college and university students around the world. The tutors help students through their higher education, test preparations, research papers, and professional papers. You must have a relevant degree and previous tutoring experience for the subjects you are applying for. The only disadvantage of Kaplan is that for some lessons the teacher has to meet the student physically.


This online educational firm provides jobs to moms who were previously teachers, lecturers, professors, or professional experts. They should also be enthusiastic about their careers and eager to teach other people who are passionate about those careers. The application procedure consists of filling out your details and doing an exam. If you are successful and your background history is clean, you are now a real online teacher.

Selling Learning Materials

Are you a teacher who has transitioned into a stay-at-home mom? Can you create a new, well-organized lesson plans? Well, you can earn extra income by selling them online to other students and teachers. Creating, promoting, and selling educational materials online is becoming a popular passive income opportunity for many. Fellow teachers will buy the lesson plans so they can prepare for classes with less time and effort. There are various lesson plan writer jobs available online, where you can develop lesson plans based on curriculums and get paid.

Some of the websites where you can sell your lesson plans include Teacher Lingo, and Etsy, among others.

Health and Wellness Coach

Many stay-at-home moms exercise daily to stay in shape. Why not share those exercising tips and fitness skills with others online and make some sweet cash? Health and wellness coaching is a booming industry. With more individuals looking for ways to stay healthy and get fit, there is a need for health coaches who can help guide them on their fitness journey. Online health coaching can be an ideal way to teach others how to lead a healthier lifestyle while keeping your health on point.

Online health coach jobs involve giving advice, following up on clients, and encouraging them. In most cases, you must have a passion for fitness and a desire to help others keep fit. You can choose to work for an online firm or work as a freelancer. Ensure you have enough space and proper job certifications.

Several firms offer health coaching services online, where you can sign up as an instructor. A freelance health coach job is better, as you can enjoy more freedom and plan your working hours. Therefore, you get plenty of time to spend with the kids.

Music Teacher/ Instructor

Are you into music? Do you have a passion for pianos, guitars, or drums? If you enjoy seeing young music students becoming experts with instruments, then you are a suitable candidate to teach music. As a stay-at-home mom, you can share your love of music with everyone by teaching music or instructing how to play an instrument online. You can demonstrate how to play a piano or guitar through Skype or Webex. Several other online programs can help you offer lessons to your music students. You should try to exploit programs like Youtube as much as possible. You can also upload your music teaching lessons online and wait for buyers.

Ensure that you are very competent at playing what you teach so that more people will be willing to become your students. Another way to make an income is to sell your teaching DVDs and CDs to music fans. To succeed at this job, you require to set up a website, where you can actively promote your services.

And since most lessons are conducted at home, you get a chance to show your musical passion and work ethic to your kids.

Teach your kids how to clean and have fun at the same time in “12 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help Clean“.

Writing Educational Blogs

This is an online teaching job that can take a while to earn money, but it’s a flexible way to teach online. An educational blog is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge and show what you can offer your students. You can teach by writing about what you know and establish an online presence. As a blogger, you can demonstrate what you know and help show why you are an expert in your field. Blogs can act as a way to attract students to your courses, lessons, classes, or products as well.

A huge benefit of blogging is the ability to write and post whenever you want. There is no fixed lesson plan or any time constraints. The only disadvantage of this job is that you have to do a lot of marketing to earn money. Plus, you don’t get to meet your students. This can be challenging to be consistent on what topics to cover since you don’t get a lot of feedback on your work.

Educational blog jobs are suitable for stay-at-home moms who want to teach a broad audience, which in return can make you a nice profit.

It is no secret that Stay-at-home moms searching for reliable work would most definitely benefit from all of the above online teaching jobs. This is not an exhaustive list of online teaching opportunities available for stay-at-home moms; however, it provides a good starting point.

Thank you for reading with us today! Make sure to also check out “Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom With These Hobbies” for more info on how you can make money from home by doing stuff you love.

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