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Best Nerf Guns

best nerf guns
We have searched the market and have come up with a recommendation for the best Nerf guns just for you. Read on and learn more!

Nerf Wars

Who doesn’t love Nerf wars? Let’s agree. We have all been guilty of enjoying this game. Be it, Kids or Adults, indoors or outdoors, friends or neighbors, everyone loves a little Nerf War game. And you are not the only one. Anytime is Nerf time. It’s 2021 and by now there is a huge community of Nerf lovers waiting to test their skills on the battleground. Nerf gun wars are the fun sport of this decade and are the ultimate toys to own and show off. Many people boast of a collection of Nerf guns. Nerf war is so entertaining that you can go on for hours.

Nerf War
By OzAdr1an from Canberra, Australia – _IMG6839, CC BY 2.0, Wikimedia

What is Nerf War?

Nerf wars are a casual entertaining sport. It doesn’t cost any money and even the Nerf guns can themselves be pretty much inexpensive. But for the enthusiasts, there is no dearth of options in the market. Wide variety of multiple features and options that cater to a diverse audience. There is always something available to suit every budget, style, and need. The best part about this casual sport is the fact that you can play it outdoors as well as indoors. Season and weather cannot play spoilsport.

So finally the question arises. Can there be a wrong time to get going with Nerf wars? Obviously, the answer is no. Keeping all the above in mind we have searched the market and have come up with a recommendation especially for you from the entire range of blasters to choose from.

How to Choose the Right Nerf Gun?

The criteria for choosing a Nerf gun is pretty simple and basic. It has to look great, needs interesting features, should not be too heavy, must have a good range and accuracy, must be affordable, and should be able to hold its own during a Nerf war. We won’t complain if it can go to town boasting of an entire list of features. The more the better. Nerf wars are typically a squad sport. So everyone in the team would want something special to compliment the others. Making it the ultimate invincible firepower team out there. There will be a sniper, a machine gunner, and the likes.

Here we bring you 3 multi-featured affordable such as Nerf guns which I am sure will be a lot of fun and add to the skills of your team in a great way.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster is compact and comparatively lightweight. Thus it’s easy to carry and wield for young ones. This gun weighs 454 grams and is recommended for ages 8 and above. It does not require any batteries to operate but needs to be reloaded every time. Loading of the gun is easy and quick. Fires shot up to 90 feet (27 meters) or even more. Size specifications are Height 18.8 x Width 32.4 x Depth 7cm. If you’re not trained or used to Nerf guns, the reload mechanism can appear stiff to pull back.



It can fire 6 darts and has a quick draw and firing action. The range and accuracy are impressive for this small toy. All 6 darts can be stored in the rotating barrel. The barrel itself is easy to open and reload. All of this is hand-powered and does not need any batteries. Press the barrel release button to open the barrel. Load the darts from the front and snap the barrel back into place.

Firing mode

There are two ways to fire the darts. Either the single fire or the rapid-fire mode. There is a slam fire pullback mechanism that quickly engages the darts, which some kids can find a little tough to handle. The darts themselves are made of a soft foam material that is easy to handle and has hollow tips. Once the dart has been engaged, just pull the trigger to fire. You can rapid-fire all the darts using the Slam fire blasting mode, wherein you pullback the slam fire mechanism in rapid succession while keeping the trigger pulled. This gun can be pretty fast at shooting all the darts. It has an approximate muzzle velocity of 60-70 feet per second, depending on how it was fired.

The product ships with a total of 6 Nerf Elite darts. The darts are tested for performance and quality while designed to travel over longer distances. This gun is famous and has users raving about it because it has a tremendous range, quick-fire functionality, an easy loading mechanism, and a firing mechanism that does not jam. It’s very accurate and easy to load and shoot as well. An extremely well-designed product, it looks very appealing to both kids and adults. No wonder it’s one of the most popular products. It’s reasonably priced to be extremely affordable for the masses.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster
Photo credit Amazon

Nerf N-strike Elite Jolt Blaster

This is one of the best small guns available on the market. Weighing only 122 grams and size dimensions of Height 16.8 x Width 15.8 x Depth 2.8 cm, it can fit a pocket very easily. Meant for small kids starting from the age of 3 and onwards, it uses foam darts with hollow tips that are very safe. It does not run on batteries and so the darts have to be loaded and shot manually.

Since this is designed for very small kids, the range is very low and it only has a single shot mechanism to keep the weight extremely low. You can use it with one hand. Also, darts have a low impact as expected. It’s more of an entertainment for kids, who don’t want to feel left out of Nerf wars, rather than participate in them. As it is small in size, only one dart can fit in but it has a quick reload mechanism. Available in a variety of bright fun colors, it ships with 2 elite darts in the package.

It’s a compact Nerf blaster that can fit inside any pocket. To fire, insert the dart, pull the locking handle and then pull the trigger. As simple as that. It has an approximate muzzle velocity of 40-60 feet per second, depending on how it was fired. Rather than distance or accurate shootings, this one is great fun while having quick draw competitions. The compact size and reliability score every time and which is why it is our favorite.

Nerf N-strike Elite Jolt Blaster
Photo credit Amazon

Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster

Having reviewed 2 non-motorized guns, we didn’t want to miss out on the actual fun and speed of a motorized Nerf gun. The gun is heavy at 1.81kg, so it’s not meant for small kids. It’s sized at height 33 x Width 60.96 x Depth 8.09cm. This gun needs 4 “C” batteries that are placed in a yellow tray at the bottom of the blaster.

This gun comes with 25 soft Nerf Ultra darts. It has a large capacity roller that can fit 25 darts at a time. With this gun, you get a longer range of 120 feet (37 meters) and high dart speed while still maintaining accuracy. You can use only Nerf Ultra darts for this gun. It has an approximate muzzle velocity of 60-70 feet per second, depending on how it was fired. The Nerf Ultra darts are specially designed and are made of lightweight foam. The Aerofin technology ensures they travel accurately over longer distances while still maintaining high velocity. Darts fly at a high rate and can reach up to 120 feet away.

Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster
Photo credit Amazon

Positive Reviews

I hope the information helped you choose the best Nerf gun for your use. These are the best guns with a lot of positive reviews and you will find them more fun to use. Pick up your choice and enjoy Nerf wars. Enjoy some nice Nerf games.

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