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The Best Kitchen Cleaning Routine (Most Detailed Guide)

A kitchen is a soul for most homes. However, the biggest issue is cleaning the kitchen. Read on as we give you the best kitchen cleaning routine!

Best Kitchen Cleaning Routine
A kitchen is a soul for most homes. However, the biggest issue is cleaning the kitchen. Read on as we give you the best kitchen cleaning routine!

A kitchen is a soul for most homes; for the best part, it gives the best memories in a family. For most people, when it comes to cleaning their kitchen. The biggest issue about getting the cleaning done is knowing where to kick off from, and the second worrying issue is knowing when to complete the cleaning. Do you have a Kitchen cleaning routine? Routine is a powerful trait. It is a daily routine habit built in a discipline that successfully separates most people from others.

This is why this article concerns helping you know the best kitchen cleaning routine. The objective of a clean kitchen is not just to clean it, but the joy that comes with living within such surroundings. There are several reasons you may want to clean your kitchen routinely. First, your kitchen is generally the centre of your home. It is where your family’s eating needs to get solved. Second, it is a high traffic place. Lastly, your kitchen is part of a house where messy things happen.

On the other hand, if you and your relatives will have to stay longer in the kitchen area, you may want to have it cleaned so that you don’t get someone falling from stepping on any spills. With this in mind, you may need a thorough kitchen cleaning routine.

1. Start at the kitchen counters

Remove all the unwanted things on your kitchen counter. You know people who keep cookbooks and even meal shopping lists on the kitchen counters. A cookbook can stay on the bookshelves and that shopping list, find a place to keep it.

This will help you have a clean looking kitchen, and it motivates you to keep cleaning it after every kitchen occupation. A dirty and dust looking kitchen makes you want to avoid it like the plague. You want to enjoy your cooking surroundings — this demands you to clean it routinely.

2. Kick off with the top of your kitchen

It is right to dust off anything down on the kitchen floor. You will sweep it later. Concentrate on the upper side first. These areas house cobwebs and water hardly gets these areas. You want to keep an eye at every corner of your kitchen while cleaning. The top comes handy too. A Long-handled duster works best here. Clean your kitchen corners, the light fixtures, and the tops of cabinets. The need is to make sure no cobwebs around, no hidden dust producers, and anything unclean.

Make sure you also check out “12 Ways to Get Your Kids to Help Clean” to get your whole family involved in the process.

3. Prepare the sink before the actual cleaning

You will find it helpful to have a soapy tub waiting for dirty utensils. You don’t want to have your plates, cooking pans and spoons get stuck with all the food particles making them hard to scrub. After eating, encourage everyone to drop their utensils straight to the soapy sink and let it soak as you finish up. When you are ready to clean. Get your hands on easy to wash soaked utensils. Once this becomes a habit, cleaning your kitchen becomes an exciting thing to do.

4. Draining your sink

After you have cleaned the utensils, you need to open your sink and drain all the soapy water and food particles that are stuck on it. Open the water draining pipe and clean it thoroughly.

5. Don’t leave your dishwasher on the sink

You may wash your utensils after a meal and even be the good person who dislikes leaving dirty tools around, but if you don’t keep the cleaning appliances at their right places, your kitchen is just dirt as with dirty utensils. Some people wash and leave the dishwasher right at the sink.

This attracts flies, and dust will quickly find its way to the utensils. So typically, these utensils will be unclean before you know it. You need to make sure that cleaning your kitchen means no dust, no spills, and all washed utensils kept in their right places.

6. An after-meal kitchen tour routine

You don’t want to worry too much about the cleanliness of your kitchen, and still, you don’t want these thoughts to disturb you while eating. To curb this frustration, introduce an after-meal kitchen tour routine. Really? This might sound crazy, but you won’t know its magic until you put it into practice.

Just set a rule that after every meal, even if the utensils are washed. Just take the time to visit your kitchen. Find out anything that doesn’t look appropriately clean. Clean it. This way, you will have a clean kitchen always.

Looking for something to create yourself at home? Check out “The Best Natural DIY All Purpose Cleaner” for tips on getting an all-purpose cleaner without having to spend too much.

7. Proper storage of kitchen stuff

You might think this isn’t part of cleaning a kitchen. But if you have leftovers, uneaten food, and remains of cooking ingredients, you need to store it properly. Pack the leftovers into containers, then keep them in the fridge; put your cooking ingredients remains on the cabin where they are supposed to be. With this, you will have a clean kitchen for sure.

8. Watch out for the kitchen trash

The kitchen trash is one area with infection dangers. Pests and bugs will always want to visit the kitchen trash and decompose its content. You don’t want this trash to wait until weekends to be disposed of. Empty it daily and clean it always.

9. Spray and clean stovetops

Using a dry cloth, you can scrub all the crumbs down. Don’t forget to swap the fabric you used when done so that it doesn’t spread grease to other areas.

If there are stubborn stains on the stovetops, remove them using an all-purpose cleaner and a powered scrub that will not scratch your appliances. Then spray the scrubbed areas for a shiny clean look.

10. Apply lemon oil and vinegar to woodwork

Fill a bottle with halfway lemon oil and halfway vinegar. Pour the combination on your scrubbing tool or get a dry cloth and do the job. Wipe your kitchen woodwork, such as cabinets, baseboards, and pantry doors.

Lemon is definitely considered a natural cleaner. Check out “10 natural cleaners to save you money” to see other options lying around the house that made it onto the list.

11. Clean the fridge

Most people don’t know fridge parts might hide more dust and dirt. You want to make sure cleaning a kitchen involves cleaning all the appliances in there. Your fridge should not be left out.

Clean the interior and exterior of your fridge with hot and soapy water. More attention should be paid on the handles and edges. There seem to be tiny areas that you might miss to clean if you don’t clean carefully here.

12. Clean the kitchen floor

Once done with the other areas, you don’t want to forget the floor. Sweeping it thoroughly, wiping it with a mop, then drying it is a super-effective way that will see your kitchen floor clean. Kids are many times messy, and you need to watch out they’re coming in and out of the kitchen. This is why sweeping the kitchen should be a routine. You may restrict them from stepping into the kitchen regularly, but the medicine for this is simply a sweeping routine.

13. Regular change of kitchen towels

Don’t keep your towels on use for a long. Don’t use a single kitchen towel for sometimes in the name of washing it regularly. Just decide to have many kitchen towels giving you a chance to interchange them often. This is because cleaning and drying kitchen towels scrub them and if you always wash it and use it immediately or even after it dries up. You will have it torn, which attracts a dirty look in your kitchen.

14. Reward a fresh smell to your kitchen disposals

You will have no peace with your nose if everything smells bad from your kitchen and the entire house. To have a sweet smell, use lemon ice cubes. Fill your ice cube trays with wedges of lemon, water, and rock salt. Freeze them and put them in your garbage disposal. The salt helps you deal with the scrubbing blades while the ice cubes work on the filth. The lemon does the work of making sure there comes fresh air, and importantly an entire kitchen smelling fresh.

15. You can use a vacuum to clean your kitchen

If you don’t want to waste time wiping some areas where you can just easily clean without much energy, a vacuum will be incredibly important for this. Your cabinets come handy in this. You can use a vacuum brush to scrub all the crumbs and get them off instantly.

16. Check out and dispose of expired stuff

You don’t want to have kitchen cabinets full of stuff that others might have expired. You need to filter out anything kept inside cabinets. Checking out expired items helps to clean a kitchen by disposing of unwanted contents. You can keep an eye on this weekly so that you create space that allows fresh air to circulate in the kitchen.

Be sure to also check out “All Natural Glass Cleaner” for a look at a glass cleaner you can do yourself at home to help you clean better.

In your house, the kitchen is the centerpiece. You spend your happiest times here; you also find the joy of your family from a kitchen. You want to take heed of the above best kitchen cleaning routine to find the best of life from a clean kitchen. Embrace these tips and have a clean kitchen always.

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you have a cleaning routine at home that you follow? Did we miss any spots? Let us know below.

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