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7 Best Eyelash Primers on The Market

7 Best Eyelash Primers on The Market

Let’s face it. Having thin and stubby eyelashes is never fun. Everybody would love to have thick, long, voluptuous eyelashes that are drop-dead gorgeous. But the reality is that having great eyelashes doesn’t come naturally for most women.

If you’re looking to add length or volume to your lashes, eyelash primers can get you there. These primers create a base that beefs up your lashes to make them appear bigger and fuller, even before you apply mascara. 

If you’re ready to have thick lashes that appear to extend upward as far as your eyebrows, we can ensure that it happens for you!  

We’ve put together this list of the best eyelash primers on the market that can thicken and lengthen your eyelashes while priming them for your favorite mascara. Read on to find out why we love all these eyelash primers. 

1. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner – for longer, healthier lashes

This Revitalash Cosmetics eyelash primer is our favorite for many reasons. It’s a physician-developed formula that strengthens lashes and protects against breakage. This lash primer can transform your short & sparse lashes into lashes you’ll love! 

Revitalash Advanced contains an award-winning serum that makes lashes stronger and longer. Ultimately, this formula is both a hair conditioner and growth serum all-in-one.  In addition to promoting growth, the serum also helps protect your lashes against breakage. This means you can apply your mascara without worrying about individual lashes breaking off in the brush, which is great! 

You were born with beautiful lashes. You get those lashes back with this eyelash primer. We absolutely love this primer that lengthens, restores, and enhances the health and natural beauty of lashes to make them really pop! It goes on smooth, never clumps up, and has long-lasting results. 


Lengthens, restores, and enhances lashes 

Protects against breakage

Improves the health of lashes 

Doesn’t clump up or smear 


Can cause slight irritation when used too close to the waterline

Revitalash Advanced is a good choice for those with dry, brittle, and lifeless lashes. This primer/conditioner is specially formulated to improve the flexibility, moisture, and shine of lashes. It uses a blend of ingredients that are good for lashes like green tea extract and vitamin C. This eyelash primer is best suited for anyone with unhealthy eyelashes that are weak, short, and prone to falling out or breaking.

2. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Base PrimerPerfectly pairs w/ mascara to instantly boost lashes 

We give a big thumbs up to Voluminous Base eyelash primer by L’Oreal because this primer instantly builds volume & length. It’s a lightweight formula that goes on smooth and easy without clumping. This primer conditions and amplifies your lashes and it pairs up with your favorite mascara. 

You can’t get longer-looking, full lashes with mascara alone. You need to use a great primer first like Voluminous Base. This primer can give your lashes the extra boost they need. One of the best things about this primer is that it won’t break your budget. It’s an affordable eyelash primer that rivals more expensive primers. 

Voluminous Base eyelash primer is uniquely formulated to resist clumping. This formula uses jojoba oil to soften and build lashes to make them look thicker. This stuff can take your short, thin eyelashes to a whole new level of awesomeness, and it won’t cost you an arm & a leg to do it!


Instantly adds volume & length 

Doesn’t clump or smear 

Goes on smooth & easy

Pairs perfectly with your favorite mascara


White color can be difficult to cover with mascara

This L’Oreal eyelash primer works great at adding volume to thin, short, sparse lashes. It’s a great budget-friendly primer for anyone who needs to add some oomph to their lashes without breaking the bank. 

Once this primer is applied and allowed to dry, you can use your favorite mascara to make your lashes look thicker and longer. This primer would be the perfect fit for you if you’ve got super short and fine eyelashes that need more volume and length. 

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3. Pronexa Lavish Lash – Botanical serum to use nightly for thicker, longer lashes

We’ve included Lavish Lash Eyelash and Brow Serum on our list of the best eyelash primers because this growth serum works! Instead of relying on piles of mascara or false eyelashes to get the look you want, you can apply this serum to your lashes every night to get thicker, longer, and better-looking lashes. 

After using this serum for about two months, you’ll notice a big improvement in the length, thickness, and density of your lashes. Lavish Lash is made with botanically-derived ingredients that are clinically-tested and dermatologist-approved. When you apply this primer/serum, it penetrates the hair follicles to stimulate eyelash growth. This will make your eyelashes noticeably longer and thicker. 

While Pronexa Lavish Lash won’t give you instant results, it will work gradually to make your lashes look longer and more voluptuous. It’s easy to use and it’s hypoallergenic. Just apply Lavish Lash to the base of your upper and lower lash line at the root every night, just like you apply eyeliner. 


Botanical formula that penetrates follicles 

Stimulates eyelash growth 

Makes lashes longer & fuller


Takes several weeks to notice results
Can irritate eyes if applied incorrectly 

Lavish Lash is a good eyelash primer/serum designed to be used nightly. It’s a solid choice for those with short, thin lashes that need length and body. Since this primer doesn’t provide immediate results, it’s not the ideal choice if you’re looking for a daily primer that offers instant length and fullness. 

We recommend Lavish Lash to women with problem lashes that are short and sparse. With some patience and regular use every night, this eyelash serum can enhance the health and appearance of your most important set of beauty assets! 

4. Jane Iredale PureLash Extender & Conditioner – One coat primer for fast results 

Some mornings you just don’t have time to put on several layers of  eyelash primer and wait for it to dry before putting on mascara. That’s why we’re giving a big thumbs up to this eyelash primer by Jane Iredale. It only takes a single coat of this primer/conditioner before your mascara to strengthen, lengthen, and thicken your lashes. 

Jane Iredale’s PureLash is designed to create the illusion that your lashes are longer and fuller. This primer contains a formula with algae extract that conditions and protects eyelashes. If you’re often pressed for time in the morning, this primer could be just what you need to plump and lengthen those lashes of yours before rushing out the door. 

We’re impressed with this primer because it really only takes one application and you’re ready for mascara! You can then go through your day with complete confidence knowing your lashes look thick, long, and luscious with no clumps all day. 


One-coat eyelash primer 

Makes lashes look thicker and longer 

Great staying power 

Goes on smooth and easy 

Doesn’t dry clear 

Can irritate sensitive eyes

PureLash only takes a single application to enhance your lashes. This eyelash primer would be a great match for anyone who doesn’t have the time or the desire to apply two or three coats of primer before mascara.

PureLash features a conditioning formula that protects against breakage, which is great. This primer is best suited for women who need a quick, reliable boost of eyelash beauty! It’s a wonderful primer that works as advertised and one many women put their full trust in. 

5. Milani Violet One Lash Primer – Flower-powered primer that’s vegan-friendly 

This eyelash primer is a game-changer. Instead of featuring chemicals with scary names, Violet One Lash Primer by Milani is a vegan-friendly alternative that uses natural ingredients like jasmine flower wax. This botanical ingredient is proven to soften and hydrate lashes.

Violet One eyelash primer does more than soften and hydrate. It also makes your lashes fuller and longer-looking. We recommend this primer without hesitation because it goes on easy, doesn’t clump, and does a great job of prepping your lashes for mascara. 

Once you’re done using this primer and your favorite mascara, your eyelashes will be drop-dead gorgeous! This is a vegan-friendly primer that performs like a high-end primer at a fraction of the cost. 


Vegan-friendly, flower-based formula

Goes on smooth and clump-free

Softens and hydrates

Makes lashes fuller and longer-looking


Often requires two coats 

This primer has a thin consistency that often requires two coats. However, it does a great job of making thin, short lashes look fuller and longer. We recommend this eyelash primer to anyone who needs a good base underneath a thickening mascara or for those looking for a less dramatic effect. 

Milani’s Violet One is best suited for those with sort, thin lashes that need a boost of length and body. It’s also a top choice for anyone looking for a good budget primer that stays put all day. 

6. Covergirl Lash Blast Amplify Eyelash Primer Enhances & nourishes lashes  

Lash Blast is a creamy, lightweight primer that instantly boosts your lashes before applying mascara. This primer does double-duty as it enhances and nourishes. It contains argan, jojoba, and coconut oil which help keep your lashes strong and resilient. Lash Blast glides on evenly to maximize results and provide length and volume from root to tip.

This eyelash primer comes in a neutral white shade. We give it a big thumbs up because it works very well at making short lashes look longer. That’s partially due to the big application wand that makes it easy to cover the entire length of your lashes.


Enhances and nourishes 

Glides on easily 

Large application wand 


 White color can show through, requiring a second or third application 

Lash Blast is ideal for anyone who wants to add thickness and length to short, sparse eyelashes. It’s a budget-friendly primer that costs well under $10, which we love!  If you don’t mind using a white eyelash primer to condition and enhance your lashes, this primer is a solid choice to make. It works great at making lashes look thicker, longer, and healthier.  

7. Blinc Lash Primer – Long-lasting primer that strengthens and protects 

Blinc Cosmetics’ Lash Primer was developed with two goals in mind: To treat and enhance lashes. This eyelash primer provides long-lasting moisturization to your eyelashes. This will help you avoid breaking off your lashes when applying mascara. 

When you use Lash Primer regularly, your eyelashes will become stronger and healthier. This primer contains Vitamin E that helps nourish and replenish the level of Vitamin B5 in your eyelashes. 

Every time you wash your face, put on mascara, and curl and pull your eyelashes, they’re put under a great deal of stress. That’s why we recommend this eyelash primer that adds strength and protection while making your lashes look thicker and longer. This black primer goes on smooth and never clumps up. 


Nourishes and strengthens lashes

Goes on smooth & washes off easily

Makes lashes look fuller and longer with one application 


Black color won’t work for those with light-colored eyelashes 

Blinc Lash Primer goes on smooth and never clumps up. We like this primer because it protects and nourishes your eyelashes to help keep them strong and beautiful. It’s super easy to wash this primer off at the end of the day, which is a big plus in our book. 

 This primer would be a perfect fit for you if you have short, thin lashes that tend to break easily or fall out. 


Q: Why use an eyelash primer? 

A: Eyelash primer is designed to give your lashes an extra boost of volume so they look thicker, fuller, and longer. 

Q: Can I use eyelash primer alone? 

A: An eyelash primer is made to be used before applying mascara because it “primes” your eyelashes before you put on mascara. However, if you don’t wear mascara or you want a totally natural look, you can use a tinted primer on its own. 

Q: Does my eyelash primer need to dry before putting on mascara? 

A: Yes, most eyelash primers need a little time to dry before you apply mascara. Follow the directions on the label of the primer you buy. 

Q: Is eyelash primer expensive?
Like other cosmetics, eyelash primer is available at various price points. The good news is that the best eyelash primers on the market are very affordable, with many costing well under $15. 

Bottom Line: An eyelash primer can take your short, thin lashes to an entirely new level of awesomeness. Primer can add volume, length, and beauty to your eyelashes when used before applying your favorite mascara

 Our list of the best eyelash primers on the market will help you get those luscious lashes you’ve always wanted. Out of all these amazing primers, our favorite is Revitalash Advanced. This eyelash primer/conditioner will plump up and lengthen your eyelashes so they look absolutely fab! 

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