Advice To My Teenage Self

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Today I am getting sort of personal… it’s probably not a surprise because I am kinda good at doing that. Ha!

Let’s take this back about 16 years ago. I just started high school and boy, was I ever aware of my looks. I think most girls see that they are changing and they use their mom as a template of how they will “look” as an adult.. They see how their mother looks and they sort start to model themselves after her– looking for an example. Then, they go to school and start to really see how they “should” be: Wearing the newest everything. Makeup? what’s my color? How do I do put it on? How should my hair look? All of these things become a major issue to keep up with the norms of society.

Is it taking you back? whew! High school was such a discovery, complicated,  weird, judge-y type of time. I wish I could go back and tell myself some simple advice about what it will all mean in the future. To my future self:

“Josie, it means NOTHING.”

Ignore what people are saying about your hair. You know why? because it doesn’t matter now and won’t affect you as an adult. Makeup: It’s just a way to cover up who you really are.

Being a bi-racial teenager; it was really hard to embrace my “uniqueness”. High school was such a trying time for me to figure out “where I belonged”.. excuse my bluntness but I grew up with a white family. I didn’t know that my half brothers were a different color than myself, they were my brothers! When high school came, I was often asked if I was adopted when my school mates would see my family. That is when things started to click; wait, I am different. It was hard figuring out where I belonged. Did I hang out with my black friends or with my white friends? Who was I?

My self-esteem really tanked during high school. I actually struggled a lot with my identity and where I was accepted in society. Nowadays, I would have told myself that it doesn’t matter what people said or how they saw me. I was an individual and I could be in my OWN category if need be. 😉


When I heard about the Dove Self-Esteem Movement— I realized that is was something that was all to familiar to me.  This movement is not about making yourself look better– but taking care of what you have. Embrace your crazy curls, take care of your skin with moisturizing body wash– honestly, because those are the only things that matter right now, for your future.

If you have a little girl, preteen or teenager in your life– I urge you to download the Mindful Me booklet and see the real facts about what our society is doing to us. Did you know that only 4% of women actually see themselves as beautiful? Start teaching the influential girls in your life that it isn’t about how your hair looks, or how your body looks– it is so much deeper than that.


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    Great article! You still look the same except “a little older”

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