9 Secrets to going to college for free

9 secrets to going to college for free

9 Secrets to Going to College for Free

My husband and I both went to college. I’m thankful for the opportunity to get an education but BOY the bill was a hard one to swallow.  George’s bill was much more than mine as he went to a private culinary school for over 2 years. I went to a state school, which had much less of a burden. If I could do things over, I would have researched into the different ways to pay less for college.

Going to college is a dream of many people, but paying for it can seem out of touch. If you have a desire to go to college, but don’t want to fork over the money, it’s time to learn the 9 secrets to going to college for free!

#1. Parents are a Professor at a College- Not many people know this but a lot of colleges will offer free or highly reduced tuition to kids of professors. This is something to look into, especially if it means free college tuition.

#2. Look for the scholarships no one else wants- There are a lot of scholarships out there and they are not all claimed. One secret to going to college for free is to apply for the scholarships that no one else wants. Check out these 45 weird scholarships.

#3. Work at the college- A way to get free tuition at a college is to work there yourself. The key is finding a college that will do this.

#4. Go to a tuition free school– Yes, there are a select few colleges in the United States that are still tuition free. You can go to college for free by getting into one of these schools. Here is a list of 20 colleges giving out free tuition.

#5. Work for a company that will pay your tuition- According to Business Insider, there are at least 15 companies that will pay your tuition if you work for them. Check out this list right here.

#6. Skip the private school- Private schools are so expensive and it will take years to pay off that tuition. Find an online college or private college that has very low tuition. It’ll be easier to go for free to college when you have a small tuition bill to work with.

#7. Join the armed forces- Depending on which armed force branch you join, you may be able to get your college tuition paid for.

#8. Peace Corps By joining the Peace Corps, you may be eligible to have certain loans forgiven.

#9. Apply for loan forgiveness- If you work in a public field, you may be eligible or student loan forgiveness. So even if you missed the free college mark, you can still get free college in some way shape or form. Learn more about this right here.c

Finding a way to go to college for free can feel like pulling teeth, but just think of the freedom you will have. You won’t be tied down by monthly student loan payments and you can build that money to grow your own wealth instead of someone else’s.