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8 Dollar Store Food Items You Can Find On A Budget

Don't miss these budget stretching food items from the Dollar Store.

Have you ever considered using the dollar store to supplement your tight food budget? You might be surprised to see all of the offerings your local dollar store has, perfect for helping feed you and your family no matter how tight the budget or the price is. Take a look below at 8 budget stretching items you can find with the dollar store food, so you can still make amazing meals even when money is short and price is high.

1. Pasta

Dollar stores have all sorts of pasta options including macaroni, spaghetti, and even gnocchi. Pair the pasta with a jar of sauce or some butter and garlic salt for the perfect meal. This is an easy way to prepare a filling dinner without spending a ton of cash.

2. Rice

Rice is the perfect side dish and can be quite filling. Grab some instant rice to add to soups and stews, casseroles, or to prep as a side dish. Simply flavor with butter or one of the many seasoning salts and seasonings found at your local dollar store.

3. Tortillas

The packages of tortillas are a lot and are much less at the dollar store than they are at most grocery stores. These can be used for sandwich wraps, breakfast burritos, baked into tortilla chips, or used for burritos. For just a buck per package, they are perfect for adding to your menu.

4. Pizza crusts

Snag a pizza crust at your local dollar store for just a buck. Add some tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni for a homemade pizza that tastes like a million bucks. You can dress these up so a lot of ways or even enjoy a family pizza night.

5. Muffin and bread mixes

There are some really tasty bread and muffin mixes at your local dollar store. Snag these and enjoy the taste of homemade baked goods without spending a ton of dough. You can even enjoy the cake mixes for a quick and cheap dessert.

6. Salad dressings

Not only are these great for salads, but many of the salad dressings found at your local dollar store can be used as marinades. Or, use them to make coleslaw and pasta salad. Use them in creative ways and you will no doubt get your dollars worth.

7. Canned stews

The canned soups and stews at your local dollar store are a great value. They pair well with a sandwich or salad and are filling and budget friendly. Opt for a beef stew or canned chili for a filling lunch or dinner option.

8. Powdered drink mixes

The powdered drink mixes at your local dollar store are a great value. They can dress up water nicely for just pennies per serving. You can also use them to flavor water and then freeze it, making your own cheap and easy ice pops.

Are you ready to make meals for less? Keep in mind these 8 budget stretching food items you can find at the dollar store. They will no doubt help fill your menu while cutting back on food costs. Give them a try and see what a difference they can make.

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