7 Ways to Update your Bedroom on a budget

7 ways  update your bedroom for less


Design on a Dime: 7 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Less

Chances are, you spend eight to ten hours in your bedroom each evening. This is why you should not neglect it when it comes to creating a space that is warm, stylish, and relaxing. Your bedroom should be your end of the day sanctuary where you can unwind and let the stress of the day roll off your back. If your bedroom is not exactly sanctuary ready, it may need some updating. But what if a bedroom makeover just is not in your budget? No worries. There are small changes you can make to your bedroom that will have a beautiful impact. Not sure where to get started? Take a look below at 7 ways to update your bedroom for less. You oo can enjoy great design on a dime.

7 Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Less:

1. Add some pop with throw pillows.
You can typically find throw pillows for less than $10 each. Adding throw pillows to your bed not only add a pop of color, but some added comfort as well. Can’t find pillows you like? Hit up the clearance section at the fabric store and stitch your own!

2. Add some wow with wall paint.
Choose one wall in your room and paint it with a contrasting color. In the example picture, you can see we painted a single wall gray to accent the yellow bedding. It only took a few hours, and the amount of paint needed for this project is minimal.

3. Make your own art work.
Don’t spend big bucks on wall art. Instead, make your own! In our example picture you can see we framed inexpensive pieces of scrap book paper in thrift store frames. Just paint your frames with spray paint to give them a fresh look, and cut pieces of scrapbook paper (usually around.50 cents a sheet) to fit. Hang,in a group for real impact and you are done.

4. Add some sweet smells.
Scent can really make a room relaxing. Why not try a new candle or plug in air freshener to give your room some freshness? Not only are these items less than a few bucks each, but they can add some instant ambiance to your space. Dollar stores are a great place to stock up on items such as these.

5. Update your window treatments.
Drapes and curtains can be expensive, so why not buy discount fabric from your local fabric store and make your own no sew curtains? In our example photo, we found fabric for less than $2.99 a yard and used iron on fabric tape to create hems. For less than the cost of a pair of store bought curtains, we created window treatments for all three windows.

6. Add some extra seating.
Find a thrift store chair to add some extra seating. You can always cover it in discount fabric or reupholster the cushion with fresh fabric for a new look. Your seating will not only add some charm and style, but it is practical for getting dressed in the morning, reading, and more.

7. Beautify your bedding.
A new bedding set can be expensive, so just update your comforter for now. It will have the biggest visual impact. Visit your local Khol’s or Target store to find a comforter that is cozy yet affordable. You can many times score one for under $30.00. With back to school season coming, now is the perfect time to get a great deal on bedding since retailers will be appealing to college kids.
A few other small touches can also be added for extra charm and beauty, such as a small area rug, old books stacked for interest, or framed family pictures. Set a budget and stick to it, and you will find that your decorating dollar can really go far!

As mentioned before, your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Make it cozy and relaxing without breaking the bank. Give these 7 tips a try and see how easy it is to transform your bedroom from blah to beautiful!

  • Delia says:

    I just did most of this not long ago. In downtown Los Angeles they have fabric starting at $.99 a yard, great deal made my own curtains. Also my local ross had comforter sets starting $14.99 bought me a 19.99 with pillowcase, fitted and flat sheet included, awesome bargain Will definitely try the wall art suggestions. Thanks

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