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7 Tips on How to Save Money at Sephora

Let’s be realistic? Women love to wear make up every so-often. I know I do! It just happens that the only line of make up that really agrees with my face is sold at Sephora (anyone with sensitive skin knows what I mean!) and one other store. Despite purchasing it only once in a while– I still want to save money on it– No one likes paying full price!

Sephora carries all of the latest cosmetic and skincare items, so it can be hard to walk in and not want to spend every dime you have. With so much to choose from, stretching your dollar at Sephora may seem impossible. But the truth is, there are ways to save money on your favorite cosmetics and skincare items when shopping at Sephora. Take a look below at 7 of my favorite ways to save money at Sephora so you can get the look you love for less.

1. Take advantage of free classes.

At the entrance of the Sephora store you will often see a display informing you on upcoming classes and workshops. This is a great way to learn new techniques and about new products for free! Pay attention to this advertisement and take advantage of events that would be beneficial to you.

2. Try the Sephora brand.

Sephora carries its own brand of products, and while the selection isn’t huge it is affordable. Choose from face masks and other skin care products that are priced way below the other name brands in the store.  Ask an associate which one they recommend if you aren’t sure where to begin.

3. Try before you buy.

Don’t you hate it when a color looks great in the box and you get it home only to find out it looks different on your skin? The great thing about Sephora is you can try before you buy. Many samples are available to you, and even if you don’t see the sample you want out, just ask! The associates are happy to assist you.

4. Visit the free beauty studio.

This is one of my favorite things about the beauty studio! Whenever I have a special event coming up– I take full advantage of this because the associates really do LOVE doing your make up. The associates at Sephora love to help you look beautiful. Take advantage of the free beauty studio where you can access sample products, learn professional application, and get a free mini makeover using the products of your choice.

5. Check out the “Hot Now” deals.

Look for the Hot Now display to see which products Sephora is pushing for the month. You will find samples, sales, and the associates will be able to tell you all about these products and how to access them. Check them out and see if they are something that interests you!

6. Buy the gift boxes.

The pre packaged beauty gift boxes are a great value and sell for less than they are worth. In most cases a box will contain over $100 in product but have the price tag of $45. Look for the gift box specials and if it is a brand you love, take a chance with one.

7. Follow them on social media.

Make sure you are following Sephora on their social media pages. This means Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram. When you do you will be alerted of upcoming sales and may even be able to get your hands on additional coupons and samples.

Are you ready to stretch your dollar even further the next time you visit Sephora? Give these 7 ways to save money at Sephora a try and see what a difference they will make.

Know any other tips on how to save while at Sephora? Don’t keep them from us!! 🙂 

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