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How to Save Money At Build a Bear

Does your child love the head to Build a Bear to build their own stuffed animal? My Youngest LOVES stuffed animals and I think most kids do, and if you have been to Build a Bear before you probably know how pricey it can be. Well, the good news is, there are ways to save money on your next Build a Bear trip and you will be surprised how easy these savings methods can be. Take a look below and learn how to save money at Build a Bear so you can make your next trip memorable and budget-friendly!

7 Ways to Save Money At Build a Bear

  1. Buy two bears from a store at a time.

Most stores offer you a 2 for $35 deal on their stuffed animals. It typically applies to only certain animals, so be sure to read the signage and pay attention to the specifics. If you have multiple children, it may save you money to make two animals at a time and get a discount from the store.

  1. Consider collectibles in bulk.

The plush collectibles offered at the center of the store can be pricey, but if you purchase them in bulk you are sure to save. They are typically around $14 each, but if you buy four you will only pay $10 each. Buy 2 and pay $12.50 each. In this case, the more you buy the kids these gifts the more you save.

  1. Look for the clearance plushes at the end of the aisle.

At the end of the stuff a bear display you will notice a blue bin. This bin is stuffed with all of the clearance plush items. These choices are typically seasonal, so you might see Easter Bunnies during the summer months, but this is still a great time to build a bear for pennies on the dollar.

  1. Take advantage of free apps that come with your pet.

Watch for the special displays that advertise the free apps you can enjoy with the purchase of your pet gifts. This is a great freebie that can enhance playtime with your pet. Be sure you download your app when you get home!

  1. Browse the clearance clothing and accessories.

At the far back or far back left of the store you will find the clearance section. You never know what you will find here but it is updated often so check back frequently. Items are marked up to 75% and may be seasonal, but you can also find non-seasonal as well. Look for the red clearance sale signs and follow the arrows.

  1. Look for the orange sale tags.

Sometimes sale items make their way into the regular displays, and the only way you will know is by the orange stickers on them. Keep your eyes peeled for these orange stickers so you can see if you are getting a deal on gifts and if the item is marked at its lowest.

  1. Get on their email list for coupons.

Be sure to register your bear so it can come back to you if lost, and you will also be added to the BAB email list. This is a great way to be notified of upcoming sales and get printable coupons and deals sent to you via email.

Are you ready to start enjoying your Build a Bear animal for less? Give these 7 ways to save money at Build a Bear a try and see what a difference they can make.

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