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7 Ways to Save Money when Shopping at Claire’s

Claire’s is your one-stop-shop for all things jewelry and accessories. It is the perfect place to go whenever you are in need of a little bling, and if you have daughters you have no doubt been there a time or two. I don’t have any girls but I find myself in this store all the time. (I also used to be a frequent visitor back in the day! :D)  

So how can you best stretch your buck when visiting Claire’s? We are going to tell you. Take a look below at 7 ways to save money at Claire’s Boutique, so you can get the most for your money. Here is what you need to know on ways to save money at Claire’s:

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7 Ways to Save Money at Claire’s Boutique

1. Look for the pink final sale stickers.

If you want a rock bottom deal, the pink stickers will lead you to it. Look for the large pink stickers on items that are as low as 75% off. You never know what you will find as options will always vary, but chances are these are the lowest prices on these select items.

2. Check out the “new markdowns” for the latest sales.

If you want more selection, plan and head to the back of the store and look for the red “new markdowns” sign. This small kiosk will have everything from seasonal, to jewelry, to headbands and cell phone covers. These are the latest markdowns, so your choices will be a bit more vast.

3. Search for red stickers.

Red sale stickers can be found all over, and most of these are recent markdowns as well. These red stickers are usually for $3, $5, $7, or $10. In most cases, these red sticker items still can be used in conjunction with other sales and specials.

4. Look for WOW products.

The WOW products at Claire’s are a special line which you pay for $1, $3, and $5 items. You can find simple hair clips, lip gloss, and other small beauty items in this section. This is the perfect place to grab stocking stuffers, gift bag stuffers, and other small gift items you may need.

5. Get pierced and save.

Another to save money when at Claire’s  is to get your ears pierced and buy the starter kit, you can get a coupon good for 20% off your next purchase. This is a wonderful incentive to save and a cheap way to treat yourself to all sorts of new jewelry and accessories.

6. Shop during the B3G2 sales.

Claire’s is known for its B3G2 sale, which is a great way to stock up on your favorites. During these sales, you can get 2 free items (equal or lesser value) for every 3 items you buy. Most items are included in this sale so plan and ready, set, shop and pay for less. Making it another way to save money at Claire’s

7. Follow them on social media.

One of the best ways to know about sales and printable coupons is to be on Claire’s social media channels. Be sure to follow them on social media so you can be alerted when sales are starting, new products are coming in, and coupons are available. Many times these are the only place to learn about these specials ahead of time.

Are you ready to stop Claire’s for less? Give these ways to save money shopping tips a try and see how easy it can be!

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