7 Ways to Make Cash This Summer Without Leaving Your Home

Summertime is a wonderful time of year! With so many things to do the second you step out the door, it’s hard to decide where and when to spend your time. One thing’s for sure, though, and that is you probably don’t want to spend it making money. No! You want to enjoy summer! So, instead of wasting the precious few months of where it’s beautiful outside, how about making cash without leaving your home. That way, there’s more sunshine spent having fun!

Are you curious how to make cash this summer without leaving your home? Read on!

Have a Garage Sale: Okay, so this one is technically outdoors, but you don’t have to leave your home to do it! Have a garage sale and make money while cleaning out all of your unused or underused items.

Sell Online: If you don’t feel like digging out tables, risking the weather or feeling down that you’re spending a glorious day sitting and waiting for strangers to buy your used stuff, sell it online! There are so many options for you to sell online like eBay, Facebook, and so many others. Our society is so tech obsessed now, there is no lack of buyers!

Turn a Hobby into Cash:  If you like to sew, make jewelry or have some other hobby and want to turn it into cash, check out places online like Etsy! So many people have realized they could make extra money by doing what they love without the hassle of leaving the house. There are fees associated, but they’re small and if it means no travel included to make your extra money, why not?!

Offer to Babysit: School is out which means parents everywhere are scrambling to figure out what to do with their kids! Why not offer to babysit right from your home? No expenses for driving if you just have them drop off their kids off to you and then every penny goes in your pockets. You can even request they provide snacks and whatnot so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Take Surveys: The method of taking surveys for cash may seem a bit sketchy, but there are legitimate sites that will pay you for your time. Taking surveys doesn’t pay a ton of money, but if you’re just looking for something easy to do to put back some change here and there, this is super easy income. Do your homework first, though, so you can avoid getting caught up in something that will waste your time. Time is money after all!

Here are a couple that I use: Toluna  , MindsPay and Global Test Market

Be a Ghost Writer: If writing is something you love to do, but you don’t have the time or patience to go full out with your own blog, why not earn some extra cash from home by being a ghost writer for website owners? If you have a knack for words and like the idea of not being tied down to your computer all hours of the day, have a go at it!

Photography: Do you like to take pictures? Why not turn a love of photography into cash? There are a lot of apps and online sites that will pay you for your pictures. And this really is something you can just do from home. The abstract is appealing to a lot of markets and people are always jumping at the opportunity to have pictures on their sites that aren’t used everywhere.

Making cash from home this summer doesn’t need to be a huge task! It’s super easy to pad your pockets and enjoy the warm season at the same time. Just follow these tips and gear up to have a great summer!

How do you make money during the summer? Any awesome tips to share with everyone? Leave a comment for everyone to read!