7 Amazing Ways To Get Free Vacation Perks For Your Family


These ways to get free vacation perks for your family are fun and easy to manage. From doing things you are uniquely qualified for, to cashing in on rewards these are great ways to make your vacation family friendly. Not everything fun has to cost a ton of money. Work with your family to make plans for an amazing vacation everyone will love.

Blog about it

If you have a blog, even if it is a smaller blog, you may be able to acquire media passes for some locations and events in exchange for a review on your blog. There are many factors that determine if you would receive this perk. The number of page views you have, as well as your social media following all play a part. You have to present a good value to the company or event. If you can manage this, there are a multitude of PR companies that love working with bloggers and their families for honest reviews.

Transport an RV cross country

Did you know that many RV companies will let you take a new RV and drive it from the manufacturing point to the destination, it will be sold? Sometimes you have to pay a nominal fee ($19-$39 a night). Most of the time, however, you can drive the RV at no charge except for your own gas and site rentals between your departure and destination. This can give you a unique vacation experience at a fraction of the cost or virtually free. However, you will need to consider your return trip home may not be free.

Use reward points

Reward points from past travel are a great way to get free vacation perks for your family. If you travel for business, this is even better. You can use reward clubs for hotels, car rentals, airlines, and even some restaurants. Most of the time, those reward points can be cashed in to pay for hotel rooms, flights and even vouchers for entertainment.

Sign up for giveaways

This may seem like a long shot, but there are hundreds of bloggers who give away things like generic VISA gift cards or PayPal cash on a regular basis. Not only should you look for vacation giveaways to enter for a chance to win, look for cash giveaways. That cash or gift card could easily go toward a hotel, theme park pass or food on your vacation.

Ask for free passes

Sometimes all it takes is an email or phone call to ask. You would be surprised at how many places have free passes to give away each year. While it may not always work, it is worth a shot. This is often a great way to get in at the end of a season, day or last day of special event.

Sign up for credit cards

Credit card debt is not something we advocate. However, using credit cards to pay bills and then paying off at the end of each month can be a great way to not only build your credit but also earn rewards points. From Disney to Southwest Airlines, many companies and businesses offer their own credit card that earns you extra points on every dollar earned to go toward free accommodations, passes or flights.

Give up your seat on the flight

This is one of those last-minute things that can turn into a great benefit to you and your family. The next time your flight is over capacity and you are asked to bump to a different flight, take that later flight if I include vouchers for more flights or money off your next flight. Taking the next flight can lead to hundreds of dollars in rewards to redeem for future trips with your family.

These ways to get free vacation perks for your family are easy to incorporate into your life and travel plans.

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