7 Sneaky Ways To Get Black Friday Deals Year Round


7 Sneaky Ways To Get Black Friday Deals Year Round


Everyone loves to save money on gifts, but these sneaky ways to get Black Friday deals year round will totally change how you view shopping from this point forward. Not only can you manage great prices on all kinds of products year round, you’ll be able to stock your gift closet without fighting huge crowds on the busiest shopping days of the year.

7 Sneaky Ways To Get Black Friday Deals Year Round

  1. Shop clearance racks. This may seem obvious, but most people don’t truly take advantage of clearance racks like they should. Don’t just browse a clearance section, learn about how the store discounts items and on what schedule. Find items you want for your gift closet, then watch as they get to lower prices. Grab them before they are all sold out, but still at a great price. Walmart and Target have some amazing toy and clothing clearance year round. Target may even have Cartwheel or printable coupons to use on the clearance to make it even lower cost.
  2. Buy older versions/models. Sometimes the best way to get Black Friday deals year round is to simply by the older version. This goes for everything electronic, but also can apply to styles of clothing, book versions, music and toys. A slightly older model will be just as nice brand new, but up to half the price. Amazon also often runs great prices on their own products like the Kindle at deep discounts on older models when they launch a new version.
  3. Price match to online prices. Many retail stores now will price match to local competitors as well as online retailers. Walmart, Target and Best Buy have all been known to price match to sales on each others websites as well as Amazon.
  4. Use rebates. This is one our moms use to use all the time, but we tend to dread since it means waiting for the refund. Rebates can be an amazing way to get a product for hardly any out of pocket expense. Popular rebates you can use are things where you mail in and get an extra free product shipped to you (this is common with underwear and bras). You may also find traditional rebates that send you a gift card or check in the mail. Search for them online or in store.
  5. Shop outlet stores. Outlet stores for popular brands are an amazing way to save huge amounts on the most popular items. Most outlet stores are items that are in excellent condition and have no flaws at all these days. These are the best places to grab things like clothing, purses, luggage, housewares and shoes.
  6. Shop online deal sites. There are a ton of online deal sites out there, but the best ones for deals tend to have items that have been discontinued. Those items are great for giving as gifts, and have nothing wrong with them. They just happen to be not as popular as other items. Groupon, 13 Deals, Living Social and Jane are some favorites that have great deals on all kinds of merchandise.
  7. Become an Amazon Reviewer. This is one thing that has become popular in the last few years, and is something that is really a great way to get free and nearly free items in exchange for a review on Amazon. You have to give honest reviews, and must disclose that you got the items at a discount. AMZ Review Trader is a great place to start.

These sneaky ways to get Black Friday deals year round are perfect for anyone on a strict budget!

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