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7 Legit Ways for Women to Make Money From Home

Many women choose to work from home at some point in their lives. Perhaps they have young children at home in need of care, or health reasons keep them from a full time job in the workplace. Whatever the case may be, there are legit ways for women to make money from the comfort of their own home. If you have been curious about earning money from home, take a look at these 7 legit ways for women to make money from home and contribute to the household income.

Before I started blogging, I did anything I could to look for ways to work from home. My kiddos were small at that time and I wanted to cherish their little faces for as long as I could! So, I did my research and was able to make a considerable amount of money from your own house! You might just find something that interests you this day!

1. Try Some Freelance Writing

Are you skilled with words? Freelance writing may be for you. There are many sites that accept articles from work at home women just like you, paying anywhere from $5-$50 per piece. BootsnAll, Knowledge Nuts, and ListVerse are all sites on the internet that offer cash for your writing skills. Check out the various sites accepting posts and see if any interest you or fall into your genre of writing. Then, simply submit and see what happens.

2. Sell on Etsy

Are you crafty and creative? If so, Etsy may be a great option for you to pay you. Etsy is a marketplace to set up shop and sell your handmade items, craft supplies, and vintage items. It is free to open an account and Etsy charges a small fee for your listing. This is a great way to bring your skills and talents to others while making some cash.

3. Sell on Ebay 

You can sell just about anything to people on Ebay through the internet, from video games to kitchen items to clothing and collectibles. It is free to open an account, and Ebay charges a small fee for your listing. When it sells, they take a small percentage as well. With the Ebay phone app, you can even list items or pay from your phone now. It is a great way to sell to buyers all over the world and make extra money.

4. Sell Used Children’s Clothing

ThredUp is a wonderful online market to sell your gently used children’s clothing, as is local consignment stores such as Once Upon a Child. If you are a parent, chances are you have a plethora of children’s clothing you no longer use. Get some real cash for it when you sell it on ThredUp or another consignment venue.

5. Sell Your Used Books

If you love to read, chances are you have a ton of books on your hands to sell to people. Why not sell them? While Ebay and Etsy are a great place to sell collectible or hard to find books, you can also get cash for them when you sell on Amazon. You can even find a company willing to offer you the most for your book when you use the Bookscouter app. The Bookscouter app will allow you to scan the barcode on your book and see who is willing to pay the most for it. If you thrift often, this is a great app to use on the books you are browsing. You might just find one worth big bucks!

Do you like to write your own stories? Then get busy! You can always sell your stories using Amazon’s Createspace self publishing program. With a few clicks you can upload your book into ebook form and offer it for sale.

6. Become a Website Tester

Someone has to make sure websites are running smoothly, right? Websites testers can make as much as $20-$40 an hour by testing out websites and making sure they work correctly. If you are tech savvy, this may be a job for you. A great place to start is User Testing, which lets you create an account as a tester. You will be asked to perform a few tasks and if the site passes, you are all set! Your account will be credited in cash for your time.

7. Become a Customer Service Rep

Did you know that there are quite a few companies offer work from home positions that are also employee positions! Big names like Apple and American Express are always looking for in-home customer service reps and pay upwards of $14 per hour.

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