7 Items Budget Savvy People Never Spend Money On


Have you ever looked at a budget savvy friend and wondered how they do it? Chances are, they financially secure because they know what to spend their money on and what to skip. You can establish these financial habits too; you just need to know what items are worth your hard earned money and which ones are money traps. Take a look below at 7 items budget savvy people never spend their money on and see how a few conscious decisions when shopping can help you achieve financial freedom too!

7 Items Budget Savvy People Never Spend Money On

1. Late fees.
Budget savvy people refuse to throw their money away, and one of the easiest ways to toss your cash is to pay late fees. Budget savvy people make sure they pay all invoices and bills on time so they don’t get dinged with huge fees. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money on, well, nothing!

2. Paper products.
You will notice that most budget savvy people don’t use paper products. Instead they use re-usable plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, and towels. This keeps them from spending their money on paper products that just get used once and tossed in the trash. Be more budget savvy and invest in quality cloth/glass products so you can wean off paper products.

3. A brand new car.
Money savvy pals know that a car fresh off the assembly line is not a wise investment. Your car will lose value the second you drive it off the lot, which makes it harder to re-sell the car or get fair trade in should you wish to later. Instead, buy a car that is at least 2+ years old and save some major cash.

4. Services they can do themselves.
Budget savvy folks don’t pay for a lawn boy, housekeeper, or dog walker. Instead they work these tasks into their weekly calendars and save some serious cash. Budget savvy people have a difficult time paying for a skill they can do themselves, as they know how much money they can save. Be more budget savvy and think about what services you are paying for that you could do yourself.

5. Snack sized/convenience foods.
A budget savvy person knows that cooking from scratch and buying in bulk is a great way to save money. They don’t buy snack sized or convenience food, as they don’t want to pay money for special packaging or just to save a few minutes of time. Follow suit and cook from scratch and buy in bulk, forget paying for these items strictly out of convenience.

6. Media (books, music, movies)
Budget savvy folks know that their library has all of the free books and music they can enjoy. They also know that as an Amazon Prime member they can enjoy thousands of free books and shows. With so many apps and ways to access free media these days (music, books, movies) budget savvy friends are finding out how to tap into these services and not spend an additional dime. Give it a try and enjoy all of your favorite media for little to nothing.

7. Full price clothing and accessories.
Budget savvy spenders do not spend money on full price clothing and accessories. They know that if they wait a few short weeks the items are bound to go on sale. In some cases even if they wait a weekend they can get the item for less. They aren’t impulse shoppers, and they know that any item that just hit the shelf is off limits. Instead, they wait and anticipate the markdown. You should do the same!

Are you ready to be more budget savvy too? Give these suggestions for 7 items budget savvy people never buy your consideration!

  • Kathy says:

    I always buy my paper products when they r bogo. I buy my cleaning products the same way. I am not a name brand person do I save quite a bit on many canned and boxed products. My local grocery, Publix, will give u half loaf of bread, so when buying for 1 u can buy what u need instead of an entire pkg of rolls or what
    ever. Thanks ☺️

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