The 7 Awesome Garden Freebies in 2019


We are pretty late into setting up our garden this year. Mostly because of our move and trying to find a good spot in our backyard. In the meantime, I was searching for some good garden freebies and came up with 7 garden freebies— these garden freebies are making me even more anxious to get our garden going!!

  1. Feed a Bee Free Seed Packet

Bayer wants to protect the bee population and is offering free seed packets. Just click on the link, take the pledge, and they will send you a free seed packet so you can help bees pollinate your garden.

  1. Free Butterfly Garden Kit

The National Wildlife Foundation wants you to show your best “butterfly hands.” Submit a photo of yourself making butterfly hands and they will send you a butterfly kit that includes seeds, a notebook, stickers, posters, and more garden equipment!

  1. Plant a Tree for Free

Intercall wants to make the Earth a little greener. Take their quiz and they will plant a tree for you. It is a quick and easy way to do your part in keeping the Earth green without even getting dirty!

  1. Free Plant Food

The site Planters Place is offering free Osmocote food samples for groups, so if you have a gardening club this freebie is for you! You can request up to 30 sample packets through this offer.

  1. Free Gardener’s Idea Book

Proven Winners is offering a free Gardener’s Idea book full of planting ideas and helpful gardening tips. Just fill out the form and yours will be on the way.

  1. HB101 Plant Vitalizer Food Sample

Fill out the short form and receive a sample of HB-101 plant food sent right to your door.

  1. Free Rain Guard Water Proofing Spray

Head to the Rain Guard Facebook page and request your free waterproofing sample. It will be perfect for waterproofing garden markers, garden décor, and more.

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