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7 Best Foundations For Large Pores & Acne Scars (Buying Guide)

Everybody wants to have a flawless, finished look to their makeup. Most foundations do good work. They can work to even out skin color, conceal darkened areas, and cover blemishes.  On the flip side, many foundations can make issues like large pores and acne scars more visible. 

It can be challenging to find a good pore-minimizing foundation that also covers the scars of acne. That’s why we’re here to help. Check out our list of the best foundations for minimizing large pores and concealing acne scars to find one that’s right for you. 

The 7 Best Foundations for Large Pores & Acne Scars

Top Picks on Best Foundations for Large Pores & Acne Scars

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1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte + Poreless Liquid Foundation

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10/18/2021 10:06 am GMT

This Maybelline foundation comes in 40 skin-matching shades. It’s a top-selling foundation that’s lightweight and feels like a second skin. It minimizes the appearance of large pores, leaving behind a natural finish. This foundation fills in the areas left behind by acne to smooth the skin’s surface and disguise the scars. 

This foundation is dermatologist-tested and non-allergenic. It’s a great budget-pleasing foundation that provides medium-weight, smooth coverage.


  • Many colors available 
  • Very natural looking
  • Doesn’t settle in lines and wrinkles
  • Has great coverage
  • Stays put 


  • Can appear cakey 
  • Not as matte as advertised
  • Not suitable for dry skin 

Best For: 

Fit Me Matte is ideal for people with normal, combination, or oily skin. This may be the foundation for you if you want to conceal large pores and minor texture problems. This product isn’t designed to cover severe scars and wrinkles. However, it doesn’t exaggerate the appearance of these imperfections. 

2. Dermablend Intense Powder Buildable Coverage Foundation 

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This is one of the best foundations for large pores and acne scars for many reasons. It works great for covering imperfections like acne scars. The mattifying formula makes large pores look smaller. It’s ideal for oily skin and comes with a mirrored compact for easy application. 

This Deramablend foundation works for normal, combination, and oily skin. Its matte finish is shine-proof. It’s a buildable, light to full coverage foundation that appears natural. It’s available in numerous colors and is non-comedogenic. This means it’s good for acne-prone skin because it prevents future breakouts.


  • Good for acne-prone skin and scars 
  • Works for normal, combination, and oily skin 
  • Goes on smooth 
  • A lightweight powder that doesn’t look cakey 


  • Can rub off
  • Not suitable for dry skin 
  • A bit on the thick side 
  • Can settle in lines and wrinkles

Best For: 

Dermablend Intense Powder is ideal for combination and oily skin. It’s a good product if you have problem areas you need to cover like rosacea or acne/blemish breakouts. It’s ideal for anyone who wants light coverage because it can be dusted on with a brush. This foundation gives oily skin a smooth matte finish. 

3. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24-HR Liquid Long Wear Foundation

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10/18/2021 12:56 am GMT

The air-light matte finish of this foundation conceals acne scars. The pore-reducing formula provides a natural, even finish. Once applied, you don’t have to worry about your appearance for a full 24 hours. This stuff works at covering your flaws and has staying power. 

This is an oil-free foundation that provides medium coverage. It goes on smooth and resists heat, sweat, and humidity. This product which comes in numerous colors gives you the clear complexion you want. 


  • Long-lasting coverage 
  • Lightweight and oil-free
  • Goes on smooth with a demi-matte finish 
  • Works for normal, combination, and oily skin 


  • Not suitable for dry skin 
  • Oxidizes slightly as it dries 
  • Can look a bit dry and cakey 

Best For:

This foundation may be your best choice for covering acne scars and large pores if you live in a hot climate. It’s heat, sweat, and humidity-resistant for reliable all-day coverage. This is a top choice for people with dark and deep acne scars because it offers excellent coverage. 

4. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup

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10/18/2021 12:50 am GMT

This semi-matte, oil-free foundation works for acne scars and large pores. It minimizes the appearance of these imperfections with its lightweight formula. Once applied, it stays put. It comes in 21 shades and looks flawless. It can take heat and humidity without sliding off your face.

This Estee Lauder product provides a natural finish. It offers medium to full coverage and is easily buildable. This foundation doesn’t rub off and it lasts all day. It’s a non-transferable foundation that doesn’t get cakey. It works for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Resistant to heat & humidity
  • Stays in place
  • Works for all skin types 
  • Doesn’t get cakey 


  • Can make skin look dry 
  • Not a good choice for mature skin 
  • Can accentuate lines & wrinkles

Best For: 

This foundation is best for people with uneven skin tone because it covers evenly. It’s a long-wearing foundation ideal for busy working professionals with no time for touch-ups. It doesn’t slide off the face when exposed to heat and humidity, making it ideal for summer wear. 

5. Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

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10/18/2021 12:45 am GMT

This product works as a foundation or setting powder. When used as a foundation, it provides full coverage that’s long-lasting. It will minimize the appearance of large pores and cover even the worst acne scars. This product feels lightweight so you’ll enjoy wearing it all day. 

Coty Airspun comes in six different colors. It’s a loose face powder that’s blended with air. It works well at hiding lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. It leaves you with a flawless, smooth finish you’ll love. It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to use a powder foundation for achieving flawless skin.


  • Provides ultimate coverage & a lightweight feel 
  • Makes skin soft 
  • Hides fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Works all day 
  • Can be used to set makeup 


  • Smells strongly of talcum powder
  • Not suitable for sensitive skin 
  • Can crease and settle into lines

Best For:

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder is best for people with normal to oily skin. It’s easy to put on and blends nicely. If you don’t want to fuss with putting on a full face of makeup, this product can be your go-to cosmetic for covering imperfections. It’s a good everyday foundation and setting powder in one.  

6. Smashbox Photo Finish Minimize Pores Primer Foundation

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10/18/2021 10:05 am GMT

This Smashbox foundation dramatically reduces the look of pores. It’s a smooth formula that doesn’t feel sticky, thick, or pasty. It goes on beautifully and leaves a lovely finish to the skin. It works just as well at covering acne scars, without looking fake or cakey. 

This foundation helps keep your makeup on your face all day. It stands up well to heat and humidity. It’s a non-drying formula that feels comfortable. It provides a nice barrier between your skin and makeup so you won’t get as many acne breakouts. 


  • Is light and easy to work with 
  • Covers nicely 
  • De-shines skin 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Suitable for all skin types except dry 


  • Can seep into lines and creases
  • Can dry skin out
  • More costly than other alternatives

Best For: 

This foundation is good for people with normal, combination, or oily skin because it allows the skin to breathe. It’s a “must-have” foundation for anyone with large visible pores because the powdery cream helps hide them. It’s not ideal for dry and mature skin because it can accentuate dryness and fine lines. 

7. Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation for Dry Skin

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10/18/2021 12:43 am GMT

Available in many natural-looking colors, this foundation is a top choice for covering scars and pores. It’s a smooth liquid foundation for dry skin. It provides medium to full coverage for dark spots, scars, hyperpigmentation and more. 

This is a dermatologist-approved foundation with SPF 25 sun protection. It goes on smooth and lasts all day. While it doesn’t have a slew of color options, it is a blendable formula you can tweak. The smooth and creamy formula covers well. This foundation can be put on as light or heavy as you wish. 


  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Wears well and stays put
  • Stands up well to heat and humidity
  • Sun protection


  • Limited color options 
  • Tends to settle and accentuate lines
  • Can shift and come off the face

Best For: 

This foundation works best for people with dry skin in need of medium or full-coverage.  The all-day hydration and SPF 25 ensure that dry skin gets the moisture it needs.

Buying Guide: Best Foundations for Large Pores & Acne Scars 

Choosing the right foundation for large pores and acne scars can be tough. Your local pharmacy doesn’t pass out samples. This means you can get a foundation home only to discover that it looks horrible and doesn’t work. Even if you shop in a department store, you still must be sure you’re picking the right formula for your skin. 

Before you spend money on a foundation, follow this guide to find the perfect match for you. 

Match a Formula With Your Skin Type 

It’s key to choose a formula that works best for your skin. If you have dry skin, look for a liquid foundation that has hydrating ingredients. If your skin is oily, look for a matte powder foundation that absorbs excess shine. All foundations for large pores and acne scars state what skin types they work for so pay attention to label information. 

Decide How Much Coverage You Need

Foundations come in light, medium, and full coverage. If you have many acne scars, a full coverage foundation will cover them up. If you prefer an airbrushed, natural look, medium coverage is a good choice. A light coverage foundation allows you to accentuate the features of your face your awesome freckles.

Determine Your Skin Tone

To ensure the foundation you buy looks great, you have to choose it in a shade that matches your own skin. If you pick the wrong shade, you could end up looking like an orange clown or a pale porcelain doll. Your skin tone is one of three types: light, medium, or dark. 

If you have a light skin tone, you probably burn easily in the sun. If you have a medium skin tone, your skin probably tans nicely.  If you have a dark skin tone, your hair color is probably also dark. 

Light, medium, and dark skin tones are broken down into more precise colors in the cosmetics world. Just take a look at the shades available for any foundation to see what we mean. Take your time when choosing a foundation shade so it seamlessly blends in with your natural skin tone. 

Know Your Undertone 

Foundations are made to match both your skin tone and the undertone of your skin. The easiest way to figure out your undertone is to see what jewelry looks best on you. If silver jewelry looks best, you have a cool undertone. If it’s gold, your undertone is warm.


You don’t have to live in shame just because you have large pores and/or acne scars. There are plenty of top-quality foundations on the market that work wonders for these types of imperfections. 

To make sure you chose the right foundation, follow the tips above. Spend the most time picking the shade that best matches your skin tone and undertone. When you do this, your foundation to look completely natural. Once you find the perfect foundation, you’ll have an even skin tone and no signs of large pores or acne scars. 

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