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7 Best Face Epilators for Your Money

7 Best Face Epilators for the Money

A glowing and radiant face is every woman’s dream. Facial hair bars a lot of women from achieving their smooth dream look. Getting rid of facial hair is challenging and sometimes painful. Fortunately, with the right face epilator, you can quickly achieve a smooth and hairless face.

 There are a lot of face epilators in the market today. It becomes a little challenging to choose an epilator that is suitable for you. The epilators have different features and are made for various purposes. If you are not keen enough, you may end up choosing an epilator that is unsuitable for you.

You have nothing to worry about, though. we have you sorted out. We will guide you and ensure that you choose what is suitable for you. In this article, I review 7 best face epilators for the money. Furthermore, we will give you a buying guide on how to choose the best face epilator for you.

If you are looking for the best way to eliminate facial hair, read on to the last full stop. Let’s plunge right into the seven best face epilators for the money that guarantees you a flawless face. 

1. Braun Facial Hair Removal for Women

If you are looking for an epilator that will cleanse and tone your skin at the same time, this is the epilator for you. If you have been experiencing trouble removing short hair, this Braun hair remover will not disappoint you. It removes 4X shorter hair than the waxing process. The result of this epilator is a clear and smoother face complexion. The facial cleansing brush upgrades the skin purification process. It cleanses more effectively than the manual cleansing process would. You will be happy to know that this device is rechargeable. It comes with a stand, pouch, bronze cape, and a micro-vibration toning head. 

Try Braun, here!


  • This epilator is super-gentle. It gently removes facial hair. No pain or straining is experienced in the process. 
  • This epilator removes short hair. The perfection you will receive from this epilator will make you bid goodbye to wax. 
  • The results from this epilator are usually a smooth and long-lasting facial complexion. 
  • Your skin will be purified thoroughly using this epilator. It cleanses deeply than the manual cleaning process. 
  • This epilator grabs all the hair in the areas you want to eliminate them. There will be no skipping and patches of ‘forgotten’ hair.
  • It is suitable for traveling. It comes in a small pouch, and it is small and rechargeable. You can carry this along for your next vacation. 
  • It comes with a toner that will help you have toned skin. 


  • It works well on super fine hair. If you have tough and thick hair, you may want to look for something else.
  • May not fit everyone’s budget.

2. Braun Silk-épil 3 3-270 Epilator for Women

If you are looking for an epilator that will work great on removing facial hair as well as the body and the legs, Braun silk epilator is the best for you. The epilator works by reveling and removing even small hair. The revealing is done by the smart light feature in this epilator. The 20-tweezer system uproots hairs from the root, rather than cutting as regular epilators do. It removes the hair from the roots, leaving you with weeks of a smooth face. It also comes with a 2-speed setting to help you choose the speed according to the density of the hair and type of skin. The massage roller gently massages your skin after the removal process. In the package, you will get a shaver head, a massage cap, and a trimmer cap.

Try Braun, here!


  • The 2-speed setting allows you to choose the speed suitable for your beauty routine. 
  • The massage roller gently soothes your skin after the shaving process. 
  • It clears up the skin from unwanted hair. It uproots unwanted hair leaving your skin flawless for a few weeks. 
  • It leaves behind no hair, thanks to the smart light feature. 
  • It is rechargeable. One hour of charge equals 40 minutes of use.
  • The light feature shows you hair in a dark room. 


  • It is time-consuming to use this epilator. This is not your best epilator if you are out to save time. 

3. Hizek 4 in 1 Cordless Wet & Dry Electronic Hair Removal

Most epilators work in dry conditions. However, if you are looking for an epilator that you can use in the shower, then this is for you. The 4-in-1 epilator set includes a body massager, an exfoliation brush, a lady shaver, and an epilator. The epilator head is more extensive than your regular epilators. Other than the face, you can use this epilator for the back, armpit, bikini line, and the arms. This epilator can remove small hair of around 2mm short, leaving you with up to 4 weeks of guaranteed smooth skin. It has a non-slip handle for more comfortable use while in the shower.

Try Hizek, here!


  • You get a cordless device of both wet and dry use. You can, therefore, have an easier time clearing up the hair while in shower. 
  • It is time-saving. The epilator head is broad hence grabbing more hair at a go compared to other regular epilators. 
  • This epilator guarantees you up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. It thoroughly clears up unwanted hair leaving the skin flawless. 
  • It is easily portable. It can be carried to the office or your next business trip. 
  • The rechargeable battery is long-lasting. A 3 hours charge time would last 1 hour of use. 
  • This epilator is very gentle. It has a skin protector that keeps the skin in place and pulls the hair only. 


  • It’s pretty loud.

4. TANAAB Painless Waterproof Smooth Facial Hair Remover 

Well, not most epilators will entirely remove hair from the upper lip. The hairs above the upper lip are usually thin, and sometimes they are difficult for regular epilators to capture. If you want an epilator that will remove the thin hair from above the upper lip, this TANAAB facial hair remover was made for you. It removes facial hair painlessly. It also works on the arms, armpits, chin, cheeks, and necks perfectly. The built-in LED light highlights even the thinnest hair. You sure won’t miss any hair while epilating. This is a safe epilator for all skin tones and types. The epilator comes with an AA battery that keeps it powered and ready for use anywhere.

Try TANAAB, here!


  • This epilator is super-gentle. You can use it daily, and no harm comes to your skin. 
  • It is keen on details. It will sure clear even tiny and short hair, leaving your skin spotless. 
  • It can be used on different body parts to remove small unwanted hair. It is equally perfect for removing hair from the bikini line. 
  • It works well on all types of skin and tones. 


  • Some customers have complained that the epilator died on them after a few weeks or months of no use. 

5. ElectriBrite Cordless Epilator 

This lightweight and portable epilator has nine tweezers that rotate to remove unwanted hair. It works well on the face, but you have to be a little gentle with the pressing while working on the face. You can use it on the arms, legs, underarms, and bikini lines. It comes with a pouch for portability. It has a smart light feature that reveals tiny hair that can easily be forgotten.

Try ElectriBrite, here!


  • ElectriBrite cordless epilator clears up even the tiny hairs, thanks to the revealing ability of the smart light feature. 
  • It powerfully, yet gently, removes unwanted hair, leaving your face smooth for longer. 
  • It is lightweight and easily portable. Besides, it comes with a pouch that you can use for travel. 
  • This epilator is hygienic. It is easy to clean. The epilator head is waterproof. Just remove the shield cover, and then wash the tweezers under running water. Remove the hairs using the cleaning brush. 
  • It is easy and great to hold on to this brush. It has a streamlined design that fits in your palm comfortably. Furthermore, the non-slip design ensures the epilator does not fall when using it. 


  • It has a shorter battery life compared to most rechargeable epilators. Besides, it takes longer to charge the battery fully. 

6. MANLI Lady Electric Shaver Set Cordless Waterproof epilator

If you are looking to get value for your money, then buying a 4-in-1 versatile epilator would be the way to go. This set is comprised of a dry and wet hair removal shaver, a facial cleansing brush, an epilator, and a body massager. You can use the trimmer head on bikini line areas, face, arms, armpits, and legs. The non-slip handle gives you ergonomic support while epilating. It is rechargeable. The facial brush has anti-allergic bristles that thoroughly cleanse your face.

Try MANLI, here!


  • This epilator is gentle on your skin. Despite being thorough, it is still painless to use it. 
  • It comes with a massager that would soothe epilated areas. 
  • The dry and wet feature allows you to epilate while in the shower. There is no fear of leakage of current or shocking while using this epilator in the shower. 
  • The 360-degree cleaning brush profoundly cleanses your face, leaving it with no impurities. 
  • It is easily portable. The small size allows you to slip it into your handbag and carry it anywhere you want to. 
  • The non-slip design provides comfort while holding it. It will not fall off while you are epilating. 


  • It is a bit loud. 

7. Braun Silk-épil 7 7-561 Epilator for Women

If waxing did not remove the shortest hair you wanted to be eliminated, then this epilator will correctly work as you desire. It removes 4X smaller hair than waxing does. This Braun epilator for women is cordless and comes both wet and dry. If you are looking to epilate while showering, this could serve you well. It is rechargeable. One hour charging time is equivalent to 40 minutes of use. It comes with a duo of a shaver head and a trimmer cap.

Try Braun, here!


  • The wet and dry cordless epilator enables the elimination of hair even in wet conditions without shocking. 
  • It is thorough in its removal of hair. It captures hairs that are 4X smaller than regular waxing would. 
  • It has a shorter charging duration, with longer battery life. 
  • It eliminates unwanted hair, resulting in smooth and silky skin for up to 4 weeks. 
  • The smart light design ensures no unwanted hair is left behind. It highlights even the tiniest bits of hair for removal. 
  • It is easy to clean this epilator. It is fully washable. You wash it under running water. 


  • It is a bit painful to use this epilator, especially on the armpits.
  • It may not fit everybody’s budget. 

The Best Face Epilator Buying Guide

Choosing an epilator is quite tricky. See, we all want super smooth skin without experiencing unnecessary pain. If you go wrong with your choice of epilator, you may never get the smooth skin you admire. You may get the smooth skin, but you will have to walk through hell and back for a few weeks of smooth skin. It is entirely not worth it. In this buying guide, I tell you what to look for while shopping for an epilator that will make it easier for you to obtain the smooth skin you have always coveted. 

An epilator should remove the hair thoroughly from the roots. It should not cut the hair like regular shavers. Epilating should leave your face smoother than shaving. There are a lot of fake epilators that would literary cut hair at the skin level. You don’t want to buy a shaver if you are chasing smoothness and a long-lasting silkiness. 

Epilating is painful. However, the right epilator would cause minimal pain. Read reviews and ensure that the epilator does not cause excruciating pain. You don’t have to undergo intense pain to obtain a silky and smooth skin when you can get it painlessly. Besides, if the epilator pulls on the skin roughly, you may develop redness and soreness on the epilated areas. Before settling for an epilator, you may want to make sure that it will not hurt you.

Well, unwanted hair may pop up anytime at work, while at your dream vacations or during those business trips. You don’t want to get stuck with unwanted hair. Your epilator should be small enough to be carried in your briefcase or handbag. Other admirable features that contribute to portability are rechargeable and lightweight design. 

To get the worth of your money, you should go for a versatile epilator. An epilator that comes with a cleansing brush and a massager is the way to go. You get to enjoy these extra features. Besides, if you are planning to epilate in the shower, go for a cordless wet and dry epilator. After all, epilating in the shower is easier. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits into all your needs. It is a bad decision if you have to buy two epilators because the first one does not do the job to perfection. 


A smooth and flawless skin would be a dream come true to every woman who minds her image and beauty. The unwanted hairs on our faces can be frustrating. A lot of people spend thousands of dollars on waxing to get a hairless face and body. An epilator will leave your bank account happy, and your skin satiny. However, you have to choose the right epilator to get a blemish-free and hairless skin on the face and other body parts. Go through this guide before settling for an epilator with features that are suitable for you. If you are not keen on your choice, you may end up with a piece of junk that would never work for you. Get your epilator and walk out of the house, feeling more confident than ever before. Do you have any question? Don’t hesitate to ask; we are here for you. 

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