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7 Best DHT Blockers on The Market (Stop Hair Loss)

Research has proved that close to 95% of men today experience some pattern baldness. And for sure, this condition does not exclude any age, as it tends to affect all ages on both genders.

The condition, which comes as a result of increased hormone dihydrotestosterone, alternatively, known as the DHT, not only leads to hair loss in men but also leads to the thinning of hair in women.

The hormone is known to cause miniaturization of the hair follicles, which in turn results in hair loss. Therefore, to control the thinning, balding, and hair loss, DHT blockers have been considered as a remedy to the problem.

So, to prevent hair loss, these 7 DHT blockers are considered to be the best and most prevalent options in the market today.

1. Propidren by Hair Genics

Proppidren is a DHT Blocker and Hair Growth Supplement with Saw and Palmetto & Biotin to Prevent Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Follicles to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair.

Try Propidren, here.

The Propidren blocker has a specific formulation with some natural ingredients that inhibit DHT properties. And as people age on, an increase in the level of DHT takes place, which in turn leads to hair loss and thinning of hair.

The Propidren, however, assist to battle this hair loss type because it increases the rate at which hair grows, and as well blocks the generation of the DHT.

Propidren is also known to energize follicular for hair growth, enhance thick hair, and invigorate the scalp from the inside out. It likewise nourishes hair intensively and hence offers safety and effectiveness for both ladies and gents.

So, in case you notice hair thinning on the sides or the top of your head or some shedding on the pillow, reduce the worry by rewarding yourself with a Propidren DHT blocker.


• Effects are significant and positively notable

• It appropriates faster hair growth


• If not correctly used, it may take time before any notable change.

2. FoliFROWTH Ultimate Hair Nutraceutical

FoliFROWTH helps to “Get Thicker Hair, Reverse Diffuse Thinning Guaranteed-Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 3rd Party Tested- High Potency Biotin, Hair Loss Supplement, and Hair Nails.”

Try FoliFROWTH, here.

This type of DHT blocker is certified in clinical testing and made in FDA, and the FDA is an approved facility. It is also known to contain some powerful ingredients which replace other vitamins, the likes of; Viviscal, multi-vitamin, nutrofol, biosil hair skin, and nails vitamins.

It is hence considered to be among the best blockers in the market because of its exclusive features plus, an added advantage of being an anti-aging agent for skin and nails.

FoliGROWTH is also known to reverse hair loss from nutritional deficiencies, stress, anemia, medications, low vitamin, vegetarianism, and vegan in men and women, therefore, rebuilding skin with Pine Bark Extract and the L-Cysteine.


  • The product usually offers outstanding results.
  • A notable change is seen after exactly one month of use.


  • The price may not be that friendly, although it offers perfect results.

3. PURA D’OR Biotin Anti-Thinning Deep Moisturizing Gold Label Shampoo & Conditioner Set

PURA D’OR is a “Clinically Tested Effective Solution with Natural Ingredients All Hair Types, Men and Women”

Try PURA D’OR, here.

Are you tired of losing your hair while taking a bath, or usually find bits of hair after combing? Well, this DHT blocker has your solution. Not only does it enhance the thickening of your hair, it also irritates scalps and does away with dandruff, leaving you clean and with shiny hair.

The blocker is also for other different types of hair; be it curly hair, natural hair, or any hair treated differently; this type of blocker does it all for you.

And so, if you have thinner hair, PURA D’O contains a thickening and cleansing Argan Oil shampoo, which has at least 17 active ingredients that eliminate any source of thinning hair.

The elimination of the source of hair thinning, in turn, prevents any further shedding or thinning of the hair and, therefore, promotes encouraging, healthy hair.


  • Since satisfaction is guaranteed, a full refund is given back if one feels unsatisfied
  • It is the most appropriate for any hair
  • Apart from the exclusive results, only a little conditioner or shampoo is needed to get great results.


  • The price may not be fair to all customers

4. CIDBEST Hair Growth Shampoo

CIDBEST helps with “Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Hair Regrowth Shampoo, Ginger Shampoo, Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Loss Thinning Hair Regrowth Hair Treatment Women and Men”

Try CIDBEST, here.

This type of DHHT blockage is recommended for anyone with the following symptoms; rough and unruly hair, easily breaking hair, inelastic and tangled hair, and hair that grows slow.

The blocker not only balances off oil and fights against dandruff, but it also activates the hair follicles and nourishes the hair, hence promoting perfect healthy hair.

In the same manner, this DHT blocker prevents any damage to the scalp because of the ingredients in which it is made of, the likes of ginger and other natural anti-hair loss ingredients.


  • It smells great and has a good lather.
  • The blocker is easy to use.
  • Thickens hair, making you look younger for longer


  • The ginger scent is faint, hence cannot be determined if present

5. Advanced Trichology’s NutraViv Hair Growth Serum

NutriViv is a “Powerful Hair Loss Treatments for Thicker Fuller Hair for Men and Women Including Regrowth and Scalp Health- Guaranteed Results- Hair Thickening Products”

Try NutraViv, here.

The Nutraviv Hair Growth Serum is designed in a way to securely attack the source of female and male hair loss patterns. It achieves this by blocking the DHT at the bottom of the hair follicles devoid of any downside.

At the same time, the revolutionary serum tends to provide the scalp with some natural herbs in a featherweight topical solution, which in the end, boosts new growth of hair.

And for maximum results, Nutraviv Serum is manufactured with a natural formula that contains herbal nutrients and a tropical vitamin that blocks DHT and enhances the healing body mechanism.


  • It is not greasy, and the scent is fair
  • It’s prompt and easy to apply


  • It may take more time to manifest the results thoroughly.

6. PURA D’OR Professional Grade Golden Biotin Anti Hair Thinning 2X Concentrated Actives Shampoos & Conditioner Set

This PURA D’OR set is “Clinically Tested – Sulfate Free, Natural Ingredients- All Hair Types, Men & Women”

Try PURA D’OR, here.

The PURA D’OR 2X concentrated actives helps in the reduction of hair thinning, hence establishes a stronger, thicker, and healthy hair within 30 days.

After eight weeks of thorough use, this kind of DHT blocker shows a significant result by promoting thickness and decreases thinning, and that it attains by reducing breakages.

This type of DHT blocker combines other active blockers, such as Red Korean Seaweed, Pygeum Bark Extract, and Saw Palmetto, amongst others. In uniformity, the combination works together to wash away the DHT from the scalp, hence creating a thicker and healthier looking hair.

And to ensure a safe use without any stripping of hair from its natural oil, the PURA O’DR is manufactured with natural preservatives and a USDA plant-based formula, therefore, bringing out the perfect results.


  • Provides cure to those with dandruff
  • It has a clean and fresh smell


  • Despite its exclusive results, it may not be 100% convincing especially, to new users.

7. Advanced Trichology’s HairStem DHT Blocking Hair Growth Shampoo

HairStem is “for Men and Women with DHT Blockers, Biotin, Saw Palmetto- Clinically Developed”

Try HairStem, here.

Are you tired of constant hair loss? Well, you don’t have to worry because the HairStem DHT Blocker has the remedy.

The DHT blocker is a trichologist formulated and is, therefore, recommended for use by the Advanced Trichology, which includes; FoliGrowth vitamins and DHT blockers.

The HairStem prevents loss of hair from all angles owing to its nature of being a complete shampoo. It also contains mixed natural ingredients, and these are; Aloe Vera gel, Hydrolyzed wheat protein, Extracts of Rosemary, purified water, amongst others.

All these ingredients jointly work in uniformity to ensure healthy, dandruff-free, clean, and shiny hair and, thus, a perfect result after its usage.

Therefore, to be sure about the great results, this DHT blocker is clinically developed and apart from its sulfate nature; it also contains Tea oil, Arnica Montana, Saw Palmetto, and a top grade Biotin.


• It not only relieves any dry, itchy scalp, it also leaves your scalp and hair spotless.

• Works great and has a pleasant smell.

• Much shedding is not needed.


• There is no considerable difference even if compared along with other forms of DHT blockers; for example, there will be a need for shampoo for proper use. Alternatively, the result may not be appealing.


Have you been noticing some changes in your hair lately? Well, you do not have to worry, since losing hair is part and parcel of life.

Therefore, to control this occurrence which is sometimes rather embarrassing, may pose a challenge and many may not have the right approach for the remedy.

However, these DHT blockers have been considered to be top-notch when it comes to hair perfection. So, why don’t you have a try?

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