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6 Tips to Choose The Right Foundation Brush

6 Tips to Choose The Right Foundation Brush

As you probably know, there are tons of different foundations on the shelf of your favorite beauty store. When you finally find a foundation you love, you’re relieved, to say the least. But the battle is only half over. There are also many foundation brushes on the market, to give you another dilemma. How are you supposed to pick the right foundation brush when there are so many choices? 

We’re here to point you in the right direction so you don’t have to fret anymore. But first things first. If you’re applying foundation with your fingers, you need to stop. While it may seem like the easy thing to do, it’s not the best idea and we’ll tell you why.

Why You Should Apply Foundation with a Brush 

Using your fingers to apply foundation will result in an uneven finish and even streaks or blotches. Plus, you’ll be transferring oils and bacteria from your hands to your face. That’s a sure-fire way to end up with more breakouts, which is the last thing you need. 

When you use a brush, the foundation will go on smoothly. This will give you an even, consistent, well-blended finished look. So do yourself a favor and stop applying foundation with your fingers. The only way to get the flawless finish you want is to use a foundation brush. 

How to Choose the Right Foundation Brush 

Foundation brushes don’t come with instruction manuals, which is unfortunate. It’s confusing enough to know what foundation to use. Picking the right brush only adds to your confusion.

The brush you choose to put on your foundation has a major effect on the coverage you’ll get. You can use the same foundation and apply it with four different brushes and get four different results. Here’s a foundation brush guide that should help you pick the right brush to use. 

Tip #1: Choose a Flat Foundation Brush for Full Coverage 

A flat foundation brush looks like a painter’s brush. Flat foundation brushes work best with liquid foundations. If you’re looking for full coverage that looks flawless, use a flat brush made with synthetic bristles.

While natural bristle brushes blend well, they absorb more foundation. A natural bristle brush simply won’t provide you with the smooth, full coverage you need. Look for a flat brush with tightly packed synthetic bristles to ensure your foundation seamlessly flows onto your skin. 

Tip #2: Choose a Dual Fiber Foundation Brush for Buildable Coverage

A dual-fiber brush typically has two sets of bristles. The white bristles at the top pick up the foundation and deposit it on your skin. The shorter dark bristles at the base are denser. The brush head of a dual-fiber brush can be round or oval. This type of brush applies the lowest level of coverage so you can build. 

If you prefer cream foundation, a dual-fiber brush is definitely the way to go. It will help spread and blend the foundation so you can apply more to build coverage. To use this type of brush, just dab the areas with foundation that need it, then blend.

Pick a dual-fiber foundation brush made with dense, soft, premium synthetic fibers. This will ensure that your foundation is super easy to apply, blend, and buff. 

Tip #3: Choose a Full-Bodied Fluffy Brush for Powder Foundation

If you use a powder foundation and need medium to full coverage, this is the type of brush for you. A full-bodied fluffy foundation brush will sweep the product across your face. This will give you the smooth, even finish you need. Your face will look natural, whether you use a loose or pressed powder foundation. 

The right way to use a fluffy brush is to swirl it into the foundation and tap off the excess. Then apply the foundation to your skin in circular motions. Look for a full-bodied brush with extremely soft bristles for flawless application. 

Tip #4: Choose an Oval Foundation Brush to Replace Beauty Sponges

Oval foundation brushes are all the rage today and for good reason. These brushes with long handles are great! They have soft, high-density rounded fibers. They all-but-guarantee superior coverage and even application. 

If you’re a beauty sponge type of gal, you should switch to an oval foundation brush. As you know, those sponges soak up a lot of foundation. But when you use an oval brush, the product will end up on your face where it belongs. 

An oval foundation brush applies and blends foundation with ease. You can use this type of brush with liquid, cream, or powder foundations. The rounded design, tilted tip, and firm grip all make it easy to achieve the perfect finish. 

It’s easy to use this type of foundation brush. Just dip the bristles into the foundation and apply it to your skin. Then use small circular motions to blend the foundation out.   

It’s no wonder beauty bloggers are cooing over this type of brush. It’s like having your own personal makeup artist at your side every time you put on makeup! 

Tip #5: Choose a Triangular Stippling Brush for Light Coverage 

A triangular stippling brush with a flat top head is perfect if you need light coverage. This type of brush has a large fluffy and dense head. The angled shape of the bristles helps deliver foundation to those hard-to-reach areas. 

You can use this brush for powder, liquid, or cream foundation. It does a wonderful job at blending and buffing. The proper way to use a stippling brush is to put a small amount of foundation in the palm of your hand. Then swirl the brush in the product to load it up. Use circular motions to swirl the brush over your skin.  

Tip #6: Choose a Concave Foundation Brush To Get a Better Finish

Are you using a flat top brush with liquid foundation and not getting good results? Then it’s time to switch to a concave foundation brush. This type of brush has an indented center that holds the liquid. This bristle design makes it easy to apply foundation right where it’s needed. 

A concave brush holds more product than a typical brush. And it only takes one dip to get what you need to cover your whole face. To use this type of brush, put a few drops of liquid foundation in the indented center. Then dab the brush onto your skin to distribute the liquid. Follow-up by gently blending the foundation to a smooth finish.  

Look for a concave foundation brush with synthetic soft bristles. A good quality concave brush will have a slightly angled shape. This bristle design will help you cover the hard-to-reach areas of your face.

Buying Tips

You may be able to find a decent foundation brush at your favorite drugstore. Just remember that you get what you pay for. Many drugstores carry cheap makeup brushes that don’t work well or last.

It’s a better idea to shop for foundation brushes on Amazon. There are loads of choices there and the brushes come in all shapes and sizes. You can find high-end, costly brushes and many budget-friendly choices too.

If you can’t decide which foundation brush to get, read some customer reviews. When you see what real users have to say, it’ll be easier to pick one off your short list. Be sure to take your time when shopping for a foundation brush. It’s important that you use one that matches your needs. With any luck at all, you’ll find the perfect brush that you’ll fall in love with!


Sure, there are like a million different foundation brushes on the market today. But so what? We’ve given you this handy guide to help you choose the right foundation brush for your needs. 

Just remember, regardless of what brush you choose, it’s all about blending. After applying your cream, liquid, or powder foundation, be sure to blend the product well. That’s the only way you’ll get a very natural-looking finish. 

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