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6 Best Curling Irons on the Market

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The only secret to make your head appear like cascading curls or beachy waves is to use a curling iron. So, what can an effective curling iron do? The simple truth is that those with a smaller barrel make a tighter curl. 

A curling iron is the most widely used curling agent to style your hair. There are multiple choices for various types of hairs, whether thin or thick. However, an iron that gives low heat is suitable for more delicate hair since the hair breaks easily.

Tourmaline or ceramic barrels usually support even heating to avoid the emergence of hot spots, which result in damages. On the other hand, a coated barrel will shield a naturally textured hair from pulling or sticking as you style. 

The following is a list of 6 best curling irons on the market that can offer a solution to your challenge. This article will unveil their features in full details to aid you in arriving at a suitable pick. Let’s dive in right away!

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You can enjoy the real beauty as you use the Xtava 5 in 1 Curling Wand. Firstly, the product is versatile to make the user change varying styles daily. For instance, you can decide to have a loose textured wave one day and change it to polished curls on a different day. 

The entire set features a base with five detachable barrels. Precisely, it has three clip styles with a diameter range of 0.3 to 1.25 inches. Furthermore, it also has two wands to complete the set. The set is suitable for short and long-haired hairstyles due to its multiple curling attachments. 

The product also has an 8-foot cord with a swivel that can rotate at 360 degrees to allow conveniences for more styles. Notably, the device consists of a ceramic tourmaline barrel to enable an even heat distribution on low temperatures.

You can style your thick hair at higher temperatures too. The temperature option features nine options, the highest being 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember to use the heat protectant spray whenever you use this product for safety.

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Dyson Airwarp is a damage-free product that utilizes hot air to coax the hair into waves and curls; hence it does not require extreme heat. The product exists in three different sets. The versatile and most expensive one has a storage case, main base, and six attachments.

Each barrel fits a specific curl because they vary in diameter. For instance, there is 1.2 inch and 1.6 inch1.6. Also, the internal engine will rotate towards one direction prompting you to adjust to both sides of the head for complete curling. 

The procedure for using this equipment is rather uncomplicated. Firstly, you may hold a small section of the hair by the barren and begin vacuuming it. You may proceed by wrapping it around the base and so on.

Its heat temperatures do not exceed 302 degrees Fahrenheit, which cannot damage your hair while styling. The excellent news is that you can protect your hand from the heat by the use of a protectant spray. 

This product uses an innovative air instated of a hot rod. That setting is so since it consists of many attachments to curl, dry, and straighten. That alone would make its prices to soar, therefore not affordable when you are on a budget.

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One unique aspect that makes this product popular is that it is pocket-friendly. You can receive fantastic results that you can equally experience while using other expensive options. Still, this product will not compromise on your hair quality when properly used.

Infiniti pro has a combination of ceramic and tourmaline coating, which will protect your hair from heat damage. Moreover, the design will reduce frizz. The product is excellent in producing natural curls and beachy waves.

The Infiniti Pro has a conical-shaped barrel whose diameter length ranges between 0.5 and 1 inch. It has a tapered shape which makes the curls to display a more natural look. The settings will enable one to create pure beachy waves.

Next, the product can heat up to a comfortable temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to serve all hair types. Unfortunately, its start-up temperature is 310 degrees Fahrenheit which does not favor thin hair. The device has five heat option settings.   

As if that is not enough, the device can only take up 30 seconds to heat up. Its auto-shut-off feature provides a safety measure whenever you forget to put it off for at least one hour. Your fingertips won’t burn thanks to the cool tip at the end.

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The Hot Tool Professional has one distinguishing factor from the rest. The device can accumulate a heat temperature of up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit to support curls effectively on thick hairs. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, thicker hair is always denser, meaning can only hold a curly while on a flat position throughout the day. You may require more time to complete a large amount of hair to curl.

Since this device heats up quickly, you can easily style up your hair at high temperatures. The extreme temperatures will ensure the curls hold in place. Also, it has a 24k barrel that has a gold coating to provide an even heat distribution within the hair. 

The right procedure is to begin at a lower temperature to support any hair type before you reach maximum temperature. Light heat will take care of hair damage along with your operations. 

The curling iron has a rheostat dial, which is ideal for temperature adjustments. In addition to that, there is an extra-cool tip that will protect your fingertips from excess heat. Besides, there is an 8-foot cord that is 360-degree swivel to provide enough working space.

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BaBylissPro is a unique tool that you can use to create excellent curls when styling your hair. The product boasts of advanced technology to restore beauty on your hairstyle. Most importantly, the device has an exceptional conductor of heat.

The device has an advanced feature for heat distribution. It uses infrared heat to distribute heat within the hair to deliver a professional style without damage. Otherwise, the product also utilizes Sol-Gel technology, which increases the strength of the iron barrel by 37%. 

Furthermore, the sol-gel technology makes the iron barrels to be 22% smoother as compared to standard ones. The barrels exist in various measurements. The most common ones are; ¾ inch, one and ¼ inch, 1 inch, and 1and ½ inches. 

The device has multiple options to set the heat. Frankly, there are about 50 settings to adjust the temperature to produce your preferred hairstyle. There is also a turbo heat button, which will immediately boost your heat. 

Its maximum heat can move up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a temperature is suitable for thicker hairs. They require more heat to hold the curl, while fine hairs will only operate at low temperatures. A proper understanding of the requirements of each hair will prevent further damage.

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The BIO Ionic Long Barrel Styler features one-inch curling that has a two-inch barrel. Its length is strategically long enough to allow quick styling and curling on broad sections. Interestingly, the equipment serves all lengths of hair. 

When you use the BIO Ionic tool, you will develop a long-lasting curl within a short period. The device is extremely efficient due to its barrel that is two-inch longer for faster styling and curling. Its heat comes from ceramic materials.

As you power it on, the heat picks up instantly to provide adequate temperature for your hair to curl. Furthermore, the device has an ergonomic touch handle which will not strain your hand while working with it. 

The tool also features a cool tip at the end to protect your fingertips from excess heat. Beyond that, the equipment has an exclusive Nanolonic mineral that acts to enhance the shine. Of course, the whole beauty lies in the shine.   

Finally, this device uses infrared heat, which will penetrate the hair shaft and later result in a smooth curl. The technology will reduce the frizz to make the styling experience more rewarding with the proper curls.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Curling Iron

You may want to own a sufficient curling iron, right? Here is the crucial issue you need to know to help your select objectively:

Type of Curls

A curling iron will cover a width of 3/8 inches to 2 inches. The smaller diameter will work best for smaller curls. When you use a larger diameter, it will give you lose and wide curls.

Heat Settings

It is profitable to know your hair. The thin hair requires low temperature since it can damage when exposed to excess heat. The thick hair can curl well when exposed to higher heat temperatures. 


Different hair types require different materials for better customization. For instance, tourmaline and ceramic materials are the safest iron to use. Suppose your hair behaves stubbornly when heating, then use titanium barrels to lower the frizz.

You can avoid thin hair complications by using metal steam barrels. The material may not hold the curl for long, but it is convenient. There also chrome and gold barrels that are excellent in keeping curls. Unfortunately, when the iron heats up, it may damage your hair.


The devices differ in prices. Sometimes higher pricing may not necessarily mean high quality. An informed shopper may acquire a suitable curling iron on fair pricing without compromising the quality.

Final Thoughts

The issue of hairstyles proves to be someone’s preference. In other words, everyone has a different taste. The products, as mentioned earlier, can produce various styles of your choice. You should know your preference to avoid choosing the wrong device.

All the products have unique features, and you can choose a safe pick from the list. Styling is a continuous process that requires daily or weekly adjustments. The insights from this post will guide you appropriately. Enjoy better styling. 

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