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5 Ways to use home to make money {without selling it}

Sure, there are many opportunities of making money without taking on a side job. A few include donating your blood, driving strangers around town, and selling items from your home. But, let’s get real. These are not things you want to do. 🙂 

So here is a twist to the lack of funds situation you may be having. You’re either paying rent or own your home, why not make money from it? Your home could truly be a money making machine! Here are five ways your home can bring in top dollar. Use Home to make money today!

1. Let Others Park Their Ride

If you have a nice sized driveway or a garage, you can let others park their vehicles in there as they head out of town or jump on the train to work. This is, of course, more useful for anyone who lives near the airport or train station. However, you could also advertise your space for those looking to store their off season items such as motorcycles in the winter or snow blowers in the summer.

2. Rent a Room Out to a Student

It’s intimidating to rent a room out to a stranger. However, it’s quite the experience to rent to an international or local college student. You can always go through a realtor to help you with this. Just get a twin sized bed and small chest and rent it out for a nice monthly fee.

You could also turn your rental room into a Homestay. This includes allowing them access to a few home-cooked meals a day. You’ll help this student out with their budgeted expenses, and your family may learn something too.

3. Rent Out Space to Artistic Students

Do you have a large, quiet room or open space in your basement? Why not rent this out to photographers or art students? Your space can be just what they need to study or explore their artistic nature.

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4. Sit For a Four-Legged Friend

Babysitting for a friend or family member may be more than most bargain for – especially if you have little ones of your own. However, you can bring more joy into your home with a four-legged friend.

Many people need to leave town for the weekend or even a week. Their pet may be lonely during the day while they work hectic hours at the end of the month. Whatever the case, you could open your home up to these needy pets and take care of them. With rates starting at $25 a day, you can really profit monthly.

5. Start a Mini Fulfillment Center

If you’re looking to make a great income and occupy your time, consider offering fulfillment orders for home entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are busy making and advertising their products. So they need help fulfilling orders. You’ll keep all equipment such as boxes, tape, and shipping labels. The orders will come in via online, and you get everything shipped out at once at the end of the business day.

So there, you have it! Five excellent ways your home can bring in additional income for you and your family. You’re paying for the space; you might as well bring a percentage of that back in.

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  1. Where can I get more info on this mini fulfillment center idea? I have a business in a retail shopping center and I rent an additional small space that I use for storage and a large walk in freezer. I still have 500 square feet I could dedicate to this. Thanks


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