4 Ways to Grow Savings Account (Financial Advice)


According to a June 2014 survey conducted by Bankrate.com, 75% of Americans have no savings and live paycheck to paycheck! Are you one of these?

There are many different reasons why a person wants to start or already has a savings account. Savings accounts are used when people save for something special (trip, car, house, etc), saving for future retirement, building up an emergency fund and many other reasons.

Whether you are just starting to build your savings account, or have been putting away money into a savings account for years, there are lots of great ways to help you build your account and reach your saving goals. Below are just some ways to grow your savings account.

4 Ways to Grow Your Savings Account

  1. Pay yourself (and your savings account)

After you get paid, and you sit down to pay your bills, be sure to “pay” your savings account. This payment should be at the top of your list when paying bills out of your paycheck each month. This is the only way to ensure you continue to build up your bank balance.

In many cases, you can direct deposit a portion of your paycheck into a separate bank account for your savings. Many people find that if the money doesn’t go into their checking account, to begin with, the chances of it getting spent on something else are a lot less.

  1. Think Twice or Just Say No

When you have a situation where you are considering taking money out of your savings account to pay for an unplanned expense, think twice, or even more than twice about what that decision means to your savings goals.

It can be so easy to just transfer that money out, but in order to successfully credit your savings account, your bank deposits have to happen more often than your withdrawals. Just say no more often than you say yes to those spontaneous transfers. 

  1. Use Technology

Sign up for an account and set alerts that keep you in touch with your bank savings balance and also can alert you if the balance drops below a certain amount.

Also, apps like Digit actually transfer small amounts of money from your checking account to your savings in a way that you don’t miss it after it’s gone. I love it!

4.Think Ahead

While some people are saving money for a short term goal, like buying a new car or a house, you also need to be thinking long term. Saving for your retirement is a huge undertaking and can take a very long time to accomplish these kinds of huge financial goals.

Save for your emergency fund or for short term goals at the same time you are saving for your retirement. They both should be happening at the same time to accomplish all of the goals you have planned for your overall financial situation.

So whether you are saving for a new car or saving for retirement, or any other savings goal, be sure to take into consideration these tips to help you continue to build your bank balance. Financial goals can be overwhelming, but with a little planning and self-discipline, your financial dreams can become a reality.

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  • Laurie says:

    Having savings is very important. Whether for vacations, an emergency fund, a home down payment, or retirement, you want to ensure that you have savings in place to be prepared for anything. Great tips for growing a savings account. My favorite is having money automatically withdrawn – that makes it so easy. Thanks for sharing!

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