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4 Types of Concealer Brushes

The key to applying a flawless concealer base for makeup is to use a proper concealer brush. If you’ve ever been to the makeup counter and looked at brushes, you know there are dozens and dozens to choose from. So how in the world should you know what concealer brushes to buy? 

To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a few different types of concealer brushes. Even if you think concealer brushes aren’t exciting, you should have a few in your makeup kit. Using the right brush will take your makeup routine to a new level, trust us. 

Fluffy Brush 

When your goal is to buff and smooth on concealer under your eyes, you need the right companion. A fluffy concealer brush is the answer. The fullness of a fluffy brush is made for buffing and smoothing to hide the fact you didn’t get enough sleep.

The right way to use a fluffy concealer brush is to lightly sweep the product on. This technique ensures that your liquid or creamy concealer blends properly. You’ll end up with a natural finish you’ll love. Your appearance will tell others that you’re wide awake & alert rather than sleep-deprived.

Flat Head Brush 

Flat head brushes are commonly used to apply foundation. So what is this brush doing on our list? We’ve included this type of brush because it works very well for concealer too. The large, square head makes it perfect for patting and blending concealer onto the skin. 

A flat head brush works wonders for disguising large areas of discoloration or redness. The nice thing about a flat head brush is that it’s versatile. You can use it on areas like the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. It’s shaped so that it doesn’t trap or absorb the concealer. Instead, the product goes on your face as it should. 

This type of concealer brush is fantastic for covering minor blemishes, spots, and even acne. It smoothly buffs, leaving your skin flawlessly smooth and ready for makeup.

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Under-Eye Brush 

An under-eye concealer brush is, you guessed it, used to conceal under-eye darkness. This type of brush has a small flat tip. The size and shape of the tip allows you to precisely apply concealer to a tiny area. In addition to the under-eyes, this type of brush is great for covering small pigmentation marks, scars, and spots. This brush is sized perfectly even for those harder-to-reach areas like around the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Because an under-eye brush is dense, it’s best used with liquid concealer. This density ensures the liquid goes on your face and not into the bristles. The flat top of this brush gives all over, even coverage. 

When shopping for an under-eye brush, use these tips. Look for one with soft, dense bristles made from high-quality synthetic material. This type of brush won’t shed. Plus, the bristles are dense enough to evenly spread concealer on the affected area. This will help you blend your concealer effectively. When you’re done, you’ll have even and smooth coverage. 

Flat Angled Contour Brush 

A flat angled contour brush is your best friend for precision contouring. This type of concealer brush can reach delicate areas of your face like around your eyes, nose, and mouth. You can count on a flat angled contour brush to give you fantastic coverage. It also makes touch-ups turn out perfectly every time. 

If you use a cream concealer, this brush is right for you. It will help conceal blemishes, acne, or redness. The shape of this brush works great for buffing out concealer for a smooth, even skin surface. 

The best flat angled contour brushes have dense soft bristles. The bristle density helps ensure the concealer doesn’t absorb into the brush. Instead, all the concealer ends up on your skin for perfectly even coverage. 


Finding the right concealer to use is half the battle when it comes to covering imperfections. You also have to find the right concealer brush. Once you have the right concealer and the perfect brush, you’ll succeed at masking those skin issues you’re unhappy with. 

You can find these types of concealer brushes online at places like Amazon. They’re also available at makeup shops, department stores, and pharmacies. If you’re on a budget, the best deals can be found online. Otherwise, head to your local makeup store and select a few good brushes.

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