3 Stay at Home Mom Groups You Should Join


As mothers, we like to keep up with what is happening in the social circles of parents. Whether that be new parenting techniques, games to play with the children, or just sharing achievements, we like to be informed. And of course, there are stay at home mom groups which we can join to do exactly that.

Although, stay at home mom groups are a little less rare, but the quality ones are almost extinct. Which is why we are here to tell you about ones you can… actually, no, ones you need to join.

3 Stay at Home Mom Groups You Should Join
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1. Stay a Stay at Home Mom

This group is one of the most popular ones out there. The members regularly get notified about what is happening on the blog of the admins, which usually means new posts. Of course, these are all parenting-related, mainly focused on stay at home moms.

But they also share articles from other blogs. These are about updates in the parenting world or the stories of children who are in a rather peculiar situation.

Sometimes these articles are from their members, as they regularly do link sharing posts. In them, they ask people to share their newest blog posts so others can see them.

Stay a Stay at Home Mom has a very positive outlook on being a SAHM, and they encourage their members to be proud of this. If you are a mom who sometimes feels overwhelmed or not enough, then you can take a quick look at this group and be met with a ton of positivity. The members are very friendly and welcome new members with open arms.

3 Stay at Home Mom Groups You Should Join
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2. The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

Alright, we cheated a little bit, this one is a page, not a group. Either way, it has a very active community that you need to be a part of. Everyone is very welcoming, so you won’t have a problem with becoming an accepted member.

The “Survival Guide” part of the name is not a joke at all. This page is the personal blog of a stay at home mom who decided to help out others who are new at this. She regularly posts about things you can do to make life easier and simpler. Posts are about cleaning, occupying the kids, and simple recipes. These are all things you will need if you are staying home alone with a very young child — especially the cleaning part, of course.

But she also posts about the journey of motherhood and how to handle it when things don’t go as you expected. She is a very positive person, so having these kinds of posts on your feed will brighten your day.

The best part, though, is that her audience doesn’t only consist of stay at home moms. If you already work or just got pregnant, then you will find plenty of useful stuff as well. One of her latest posts is about choosing baby names, for example.

And of course, she posts memes. So you can laugh every once in a while if you are looking at her page.

3 Stay at Home Mom Groups You Should Join
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3. SmartMoneyMom.com

Yes! We have our own Facebook group now! Amazing.

We already have over 4000 members, all of whom are very glad to have joined the group. The community is very active, and we try our best to help each other out. And of course, we welcome all new members warmly.

Although we are not all about parenting and games, our goal is to put SAHMs in an excellent financial position by telling them about online deals and stores. It’s SmartMoneyMom for a good reason. We want our members to have access to the best deals possible.

But we also inform our members of new posts on this blog. This way, you will immediately be notified if you join our group. Why waste time continually checking our website when you will get a notification each time?

3 Stay at Home Mom Groups You Should Join
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Being part of a group like these is pretty necessary nowadays. Mainly because of the tips and tricks people share in them. These can make your life much more comfortable and simpler, thus letting you focus on being a mom more.

We highly suggest joining every one of these communities, as they all offer different things, but they will help you so much. Not to mention that you will be notified of news about parenting in a second.

Are you already a part of a Stay at Home Mom group? Which one? Tell us down in the comments below!

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