3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms

Get these low maintenance dog breeds suitable for stay at home moms, for your children and yourself as well. They will make life more comfortable.

We would say that every home needs a dog. They are great companions, they keep the house safe, and the best part is that they can even make your job easier.

But of course, if you are a stay at home mom, then things get a little more complicated. After all, in this case, you basically have another child on your hands. That shouldn’t be the matter, though, which is why we put together this list. To make your job easier.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms

  • German shepherd
  • Beagle
  • Bichon Frise
3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Low maintenance dog breeds suitable for stay at home moms @gsdstagram

1. German Shepherd

The most famous breed of dog. But don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting german shepherds only because of their popularity. There are a lot more things to them that make them the perfect pet.


First of all, german shepherds are insanely smart. A few lessons at doggy school or a couple of sessions at home can work magic on them. They can learn basic commands within three weeks if you do it right. But of course, in many cases, the basic commands aren’t what you want, which is why this dog breed would be best for you. 

German shepherds can learn much more complicated commands, but you can even teach them the names of certain items and get them to bring those items to you. A german shepherd is necessary if you want to get lazy every once in a while.

Generally, though, if you don’t teach them, they can still be fine. A little stupid at times, but still fine. Although, if you want to keep them inside, then we highly suggest you teach them at least a little bit of obedience; otherwise, all hell will break loose.

A small puppy running around and playing with the kids is fine, but once they grow up and become a large dog, which is above 80 pounds, then you will have a problem. A dog not able to control itself will cause issues no matter what.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Get these low maintenance dog breeds suitable for stay at home moms. @derpwolves


They can be well off in a garden or inside the house. So it’s okay if you can’t keep them outside all day. The only thing they need is walking at least two times a day, but if you bring the kids out, then you can also walk the dog, so it should be fine, especially so because they are so well behaved (in most cases).

We are saying most cases because it is a gamble when you choose a german shepherd puppy. You can take a look at the parents, of course, but that won’t give you enough information to provide a verdict. German shepherds are shaped by the environment and can be crazy little idiots or elegant and smart beings. There is no in-between.

They are loving little beasts who like attention, but don’t demand it, which is just great if they are along with children.

Although shedding seems to be a problem for many people, twice a year german shepherds shed their coat, which can make an entire other dogs if arranged correctly. This can be solved with a few brushing sessions, though, so you don’t need to worry.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
German Shepherd @juniper_gsd

Relationship with children

How the dogs behave with children is the most important to all SAHMs, of course. We know that when we first said german shepherd, you already knew how great it could be. German shepherds are smart, well behaved, and are easy to teach. But such a huge dog couldn’t be kept along with children, right? Of course, it could be. 

German shepherds get along great with children and can even cope with the rough play some kids give them. If these dogs a raised right, then they will let the children do anything they want as long as he gets a little bit of affection afterward.

German shepherds love to play. If they are taught to control their impulses, then they can easily play any game with children without you having to worry about it.

We suggest cutting their nails frequently because if they step on a kid’s hand or any other body part, then it will hurt like hell. A dog like this is smart enough to realize their mistake as soon as they make it, which is why they don’t put their whole body-weight on that one leg, instead they back off. But if their nails aren’t cut, then the damage has likely already been done.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
German Shepherd with the tongue out @wearemalinois

2. Beagles

These little things are cute and sweet to have around. They are a signature breed and have an excellent reputation, especially with children.


Beagles aren’t as smart as german shepherds, but they are just as well behaved. They recognize good from bad and can quickly learn desired behaviors without you having to force them. To these dogs, it comes as second nature. 

Although dog school might be needed as some of them have a hard time overcoming certain learning obstacles, in this case, they likely won’t do well, as an outside stimulus to learn doesn’t motivate themselves enough usually.

They are also very affectionate and friendly, which means that they will do everything to please their owners. Such cute little things. They tend to climb on everyone, though, so you might want to discourage that if you have young children. This dog breed isn’t able to cause much damage to them, but a few scratches or bruises are enough to scare off a mother, which is why we think they should be taught well early on.

The only bad part is its barking. Some of these dogs can become anxious and will bark a lot if this condition is not treated correctly. They can be taught not to, of course, but that way, they will try to but their stress elsewhere, which is not the desired outcome.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Beagle Puppy @beagle_corner


They are insanely energetic. Either keep them outside at all times or let them run around at least twice a day. This breed is filled to the brim with energy, and you don’t want an overly excited dog jumping around children.

The preferred thing would be to have a garden available for such a dog, but if that isn’t an option, then you need to bring them to a doggy park. Or somewhere they don’t need a leash, because trust us, you are not able to run that fast.

Although if your children are just as playful as these little guys, then you will have an easier job, as they can tire them out pretty fast. But that’s not a permanent solution, unfortunately.

But they have a little bit of an issue with their ears. They can get infected quickly, so you need to clean it every once in a while. This shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine but take a look now and then.

Relationship with children

They are fantastic with children. No bites, no scratching. They like the traditional cuddling method of showing their affection toward people, especially the little ones.

The only thing that might scare you is the mouthing. Yes, it is very frightening, but these dogs don’t just bite people for fun. They take something in their mouth and gently hold it like kids would hold toys in their hands. This is not rough at all, and it isn’t able to damage a child.

Although, best case scenario would be to have a kid that is old enough to understand that too. Because if your child becomes scared, then the situation can escalate, and nobody wants that. But children as young as two and a half years old can get along with these dogs well.

Be careful when considering your child’s age. Many moms would say that their child is mature for their age, but that is mostly not true. So make sure your kid is ready to respect such an energized dog and won’t be frightened by the mouthing.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Beagle in the wind @bigbigbeagle

3. Bichon Frise

And another tiny dog to contest to be the family pet. This breed isn’t nearly as popular as the ones mentioned before, but the people who choose these dogs end up being surprisingly satisfied with their choice. Let us explain why they are happy with this breed.


The exciting thing about the bichon Frise breed is that they are very playful and affectionate, yet don’t have all that much energy. This means that they are the best kind of dog you can have in your home.

They will play with children just fine, and they will take part in the fun. Without hurting anyone, of course. They are very chill dogs who don’t get angered easily and make a great pet if you have little children. Bichon Frise dogs can handle the rough play, and they won’t harm a fly.

And the best is that they can easily get along with other animals — even cats. So you don’t need to worry about your other pets getting hurt because of a new dog in the household.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Bichon Frise @jicheolxxi


Interestingly enough, this breed doesn’t need to much exercise. Two 20 minute walks a day are entirely sufficient to tire this little thing out. Because of this, they are also quite lazy at home. They sit around and play with others when needed, but don’t do much else.

Just don’t take this as a sign of them not being interested in walking. They do love to have their daily exercise, and they need it, but if they don’t have to, then they won’t move, which is why you will sometimes need to motivate them for a little walk.

The downside is that they need regular baths and visits to the groomer. Their hair can get tangled very quickly, so if you don’t watch out, then that trip to the groomer will cost a lot more, and your pet will come out almost bald. Nobody wants that, especially not the dog.

Also, because of their hair, they need to be kept inside. Such a dog will not be okay in dirt and mud. It is not acceptable in any case to keep a Bichon Frise in your garden.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Bichon Frise with accessories @jillymoochgrooms

Relationship with children

Just fine. Children can play with this breed as much as they want, as these dogs can never have enough of playtime. They love the attention and the excitement they get out of it, so will be no such thing as “Mommy, the dog doesn’t want to play with me!”. Bichon Frise will have no problem keeping up with even the most active of children.

Also, they are small dogs. If you cut their nails regularly, then they can’t do any harm to anyone because of their size. There won’t be a problem if they run around the house or suddenly become hyped. To say: they aren’t big enough to cause trouble.

Bichon Frise dogs are very affectionate. They like to be around people and have a tendency to keep themselves close to those they love. Also, they want to climb in people’s laps. Which is okay from such a small dog, but if you don’t like it, then there is not much to do. 

It’s hard to train Bichon Frise dogs, and you most definitely won’t be able to tell them not to be affectionate towards someone.

3 Low Maintenance Dog Breeds Suitable For Stay at Home Moms
Bichon Frise in Car @an__ari

Whether it be a dog, cat, or even a hamster. But this is especially true in places where there are children. The animals can teach kids respect and responsibility, especially if they are present from an early age.

But if you want to make your own job more comfortable, then choose one of these three breeds because they are the ones who will make the best companions, for your children and yourself as well. They will make life more comfortable, and your children will love you for bringing such a pet home.

Did you like any of the breeds on our list? If so, which one? Tell us down in the comments below! Be sure to check out similar articles to improve your home life like “Morning Routine for Stay at Home Moms” or even “25 Legitimate Ways To Make Side Income as a Stay at Home Mom“.

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