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25 Legitimate Ways To Earn Side Income From Home

Make side income as a stay at home mom. You get to decide your working schedule and payment rates. All you got to do is have faith in yourself.

25 Legitimate Ways to Make Side Income as Stay at Home Mom
Make side income as a stay at home mom. You get to decide your working schedule and payment rates. All you got to do is have faith in yourself.

While circumstances force some of us, others have chosen to be stay-at-home moms. Being a mom is a calling- it is demanding and can be draining! When asked, every stay-at-home mom out there will tell you it’s a blessing and that they wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.

Despite the demands and the juggles of being a mom like:

  • changing diapers,
  • fixing broken toys,
  • gathering scattered toys,
  • putting a home in order again and again,
  • wiping runny noses and
  • fixing tiny-tiny dishes for their young ones.

To comfortably run all that and still meet the demands that come with being a mom requires financial well-being. This can be challenging, especially when you know that there is no guarantee of a fixed income in the form of a salary at the end of the month.

There is a happy sense of peace, self-worth, and responsibility that comes with meeting the financial needs of your family as a woman and a stay-at-home mom for that reason.

Dear stay-at-home moms, we got you covered. Here are a few ways to make side income as a stay-at-home mom. From the comfort of your home without having to choose between your beautiful little ones and your source of income.

1. Sell off or rent out unused or excess stuff.

Getting rid of household or kids’ stuff that you no longer use or need can be an easy way to generate income. Old- techy kid toys and video games can be useful to someone else’s kids.

Assuming your kids have outgrown these toys and in need of better toys (those right for their current age), then it’s time to get rid of them. This will work perfectly in your favor, especially if these toys are still in good condition.

Selling excess stuff needs no startup capital. What you require is your phone to take photos and upload online.

2. Establish a work-from-home business

Establish a work-from-home business can be challenging, and ideas of what exactly to set up may seem to be inadequate. Everything seems to be taken. Even the least of them all seems to have already been implemented. You wonder, “the market is already flocked, what will make my idea sell?”.

The beauty of such a business is that you get to be your boss. You get to determine your working hours, your working days, and much you need to work. You can work from home while your baby sleeps or when the kid is at school (for those moms with school-going children).

The question then is, what kind of business can you start, market it, sell products or service and have a realistic shot of success? There are a lot of online courses that offer such insights, and you can always get the right kind of information.

3. Find a work-from-home job.

Nowadays, organizations have developed flexible work schedules and offer work-from-home job opportunities that can cater to moms like you. You can always check for such openings online, and this will surely still earn you income while you still keep a close eye on your little ones.

This allows you an opportunity to choose your employer, and you get to select a job you have an interest in or are passionate about.

4. Writing and vlogging

Blogging and vlogging have become the in-thing. You can write or talk about anything and everything and earn a wage.

  • Find anything exciting and jot it down.
  • Express and sell yourself.
  •  Share your opinions on any trending subject you’ve always wished to talk about.
  • Share your experience and what worked for you in a specific situation.

It could be anything from travel, food, motherhood, fashion, fitness, personal finance, graphic design to Do It Yourself hacks (DIY).

This can also be in video form that can later be shared on platforms like YouTube and attract a considerable following.

You have no idea how many people out there might need to hear what you have to say. You can share a word of encouragement to a struggling someone out there. Share your journey, and you will be surprised by how much feedback you get and the number of lives you change by that single share.

Writing and vlogging will not only provide you with flexibility in your working schedule but also has great income potential and will allow you room for creative growth. There is no needed startup capital for such a venture. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection.

You will need to motivate, market and sell yourself. Even though the income may not be instant and building an audience not easy, it surely will pay off in the long run.

The advantage is that you get to determine your subject. What to write about is solely based on your take on the subject matter. There are no deadlines to beat. You are your boss. Thanks to the Internet!

Have you ever considered being a transcriptionist? Take a look at “Guide to Becoming a Transcriptionist as a Stay at Home Mom” for more info on becoming one.

5. Consider becoming a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is an individual who offers a support service to businesses from a remote location. You can help market a specific brand on social media or in whatever platform they may deem best.

You could be helping a company with anything from:

  • checking emails,
  • editing online content,
  • writing blog posts,
  • bookkeeping
  • managing social media accounts.

Identify your passion and skills and channel them somewhere. You can check online for a company or organization that works with what you are passionate about. Write to them and offer your potential skills and services.

As a virtual assistant, you can be anything you want to be!

You don’t need a startup income for this. Neither do you need to jeopardize your quality time with your kids? It will offer you flexibility, and the beauty in it is that you get to set your rates and choose who to work for.

Firstly, you can also work for multiple businesses at the same time. Additionally, you get to do something you are passionate about. Finally, you will certainly enjoy your work.

6. Teach online

There are a lot of tutoring service opportunities online that you can tap into. With the world trade system, many non-English speaking countries are starting to adopt English as a language. Be sure to also check out “Best Paying Online Teaching Jobs For Stay at Home Moms” for more info on teaching jobs online.

There might not be an established English foundation, yet in their education system, and most people resort to online learning.

If you have a good mastery of the language, then this becomes your thriving ground. You can take a few hours off your day for such a course. The beauty is in the flexibility of working hours.

You are your boss, and so you decide and schedule “students” at your convenience. With such a system, there are no set minimum working hours, and you get to set the prices!

Unlike a school set up, there is no lesson planning, grading system, or marking required. If you can’t teach, you surely can still impart that skill differently to benefit others and earn yourself money.

The challenge with this is that bookings are not guaranteed, and this can be frustrating. It can test your patience. It might take a while to get out of the blocks, but this is an income opportunity to consider.

7. Offer homecare/daycare services.

Not all moms out there can manage to be fully and continuously present for their kids due to job demands or other engagements. Most of them opt to move around attending to their duties with their babies on board. This can be a tedious exercise at times. Most wish they could get a little help, but how? From who? This is where you come in handy!

Seeing that you are already at home with your own kids full time, why not consider taking in one or more kids? You don’t need startup capital for this because you already have children’s equipment at home.

It will offer these kids an opportunity to interact, socially grow, and guess what? More time for you to engage in other things. Kids play for longer in the company of other kids.

8. Teach a skill

We earlier talked about offering tutor services like teaching English online. You might also own other skills like culinary prowess, playing musical instruments, sewing skills, or artistry.

Whatever expertise you have, no matter how minute it may seem to you, put it out there. You can launch your services online or locally advertise for students. Those within proximity will be your first target batch.

So many people out here lack the skills we have always thought are basic- like sewing a button on a shirt, tying shoelaces or even folding clothes.

9. Be a freelance proofreader or editor.

Ever read a book or article online and could not help but be bothered by the grammatical mistakes in it? Your strength could be in spotting the little grammar and typo mistakes around you. This is your place to thrive. You will not just be helping others produce quality content, but you will be earning as well.

Business owners and authors look for proofreaders to polish their blog articles, website content, or course content online.

This does not need any startup capital, and neither does it require your physical presence to be done. Just believe in yourself and go for it.

10. Affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you get to promote a particular product/brand you love and earn a commission when someone else purchases the same product through your link. This has a high-income potential and enhances your creative abilities.

It could be anything from clothing, bags, food, makeup, shoes, or electronic gadgets. This, however, needs a big audience to earn substantially. For you to reach many, a large social media following (say Instagram, for instance) will be an added advantage.

11. Offer cleaning and laundry services.

Consider offering these services around your community. A vast majority of people are either too lazy, don’t enjoy laundry or are just too busy to do these chores for themselves.

Spending a few bucks for laundry services will be a relief for them. They will gladly pay for such services. You can be doing this weekly alongside other income-generating activities you might have ventured into as you smile all the way to the bank at the end of the day.

The path to getting this done is cheap. You also work at your convenience. You get to determine the rates, and there are no deadlines to beat.

12. Create visual content online

Have you noticed how YouTube is now a learning hub for anything and everything? Sure, not everyone wants to face a camera, but this can be an excellent opportunity to earn extra income for yourself and the family.

You can even document yourself doing something you love or giving people alternative approaches to a specific task and upload it.

We have all watched videos of people showcasing different styles of cutting an onion! This is a side hustle for extra income or could even be a full time income source for some of these people.

Do you want to share your journey of motherhood, and what worked for you so far? Do you wish to share insights into what you feel other stay-at-home moms out there can do to make their journey enjoyable and worthwhile?

Then this is the platform for you, and we can guarantee that everyone is seeking solutions to everything.

13. Buy, sell, and deliver groceries.

Not everyone enjoys doing grocery shopping. Some people genuinely have no time and wish they could find help toward that end. You can develop a time plan for this.

Create a platform that allows you to sell your idea/services within your neighborhood. You can consider making a personal visit to your neighbor to see if they need some help. Afterward, when going for your groceries, buy an extra bunch of everything and deliver to them.

To do this right, ask for a list of what they need and their preferred brand. This will attract money, respect, and more orders.

14. Dog-walking

When taking your baby/pet for a morning or evening stroll, take your neighbor’s dog along. It is an easy way of generating income while at the same time, accomplishing your chores.

Dog walkers earn up to $20 per walk. Suppose you do this daily? How much do you see yourself making a month? Do you need startup capital for this? Of course not! Will it keep you away from your kids even for a second? Absolutely not.

15. Prepare frozen meals

Are you a gifted cook? Can you spare a few hours of your day to prepare meals? With busy working schedules, some people have very little time to make food once they get home from work. They sure would prefer a frozen homemade meals that they can just warm.

Create a menu and share it on your social media platforms. Circulate it widely around your neighborhood and wait for the orders to come.

Preparing frozen meals will work in a manner that you probably don’t envision it to right now, but one thing is for sure; people love food. They love to eat, and ready-made food is always a better option for many. The income is instant. Additionally, you are doing what you love.

16. Consider delivery services

Do you own a motorbike? Can you afford a fleet of motorbikes? Many businesses and households have needs and product deliveries to make. You might not have the time to do that yourself, but you can still offer the services.

Hire someone to run errands for you. Give your employees what is rightfully theirs and save the rest for yourself.

17. Photography

Do you have an eye for detail? Then this is the work for you.

Many bloggers and businesses pay for great photography to use in their blogs. Just take great photos, watermark them, and sell them online.

If you don’t know where and how to do that, upload them on your social media pages.

18. Pastry catering

If you can bake, you won’t go broke! No one has ever turned away a perfectly moistened and decorated cake. Birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated the day in, day out.

Pastry catering is your field and time to capitalize. You family, neighbors, and friends are your first target group.

19. Data entry

One of the most accessible and most flexible gigs of all time is data entry. It can be done in the comfort of your home and is quite flexible in terms of working hours.

You might not be your boss, but you sure will dictate your schedule. Whenever an opportunity arises (say your baby is napping), sit in front of your desk and do something.

Organizations need data entry personnel all the time.

20. Hairdressing.

Planning for that trek to a hair salon can be tedious. If you have the skill and space in your home, set up a home salon.

Your friends and family will be your first clients. It only won’t be fun having them around; it’s also time to bond and catch up.

21. Seamstress projects.

Clothes need to be fixed in places all the time. Unfortunately, not all people possess the skill and time to do so.

Just believe in your ability and put yourself out there. Do a satisfactory job and see your savings build up.

22. Make printables

A creative mind is always up to something. If you have an interest in creativity and design, then you fall under the creative category.

Those cute printables will not only grow your email list; they will also promote your crafts and posts. They will earn you an income. How many people get paid doing what they love?

Check out “Cute Lunch Box Notes For Your Loved Ones (Free & Printable)” and see ideas on cute lunch notes you can leave for your children.

23. Create online courses

Stay-at-home moms with a background or interest in teaching, research, and writing can comfortably create online courses.

Online educational forums and businesses always look for opportunities to provide the easiest and simplest online curricula to their potential customers.

24. Website design

You can design a website for the numerous bloggers, businesses, and companies that need to upgrade their website image continually. This will especially work with a mom who knows what she is doing, with a great mastery of the art.

It will not only earn you good money but also put you at the edge of the business. It needs no startup capital; just the skill, a computer, and an Internet connection.

25. Ironing clothes

It may seem trite to many out there, but people dread ironing. It might seem far-fetched, but they will pay for this service. Ask your customers to drop their clothes and arrange for the pickup after.

Here, you incur no cost whatsoever and allows can even multitask. You can watch your favorite TV program, developmental ideas, and just generally plot for your next move even as you smooth over those kinks.

Identify and write down all the skills and passions you have, see what you are comfortable with from the list and then do some digging to see where you can channel your abilities toward. Don’t underestimate your potential-you never know just how big you can become.

Thank you for reading! Do you have more ideas for how to make side income from home? Leave a comment below, to help other moms know too!

Be sure to also check out “6 Money Saving Challenges To Improve Your Finances” and look at ideas to save more money every day.

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