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21 Things You Really Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

Although some of us have been brought up believing we should be people-pleasers, here are things that we shouldn’t feel guilty about. Read on to know!

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Although some of us have been brought up believing we should be people-pleasers, here are things that we shouldn’t feel guilty about. Read on to know!

Are you the kind of person that is always ready to say, “I’m sorry for ….” Apologizing is not wrong, but sometimes we are so hard on ourselves that we apologize when we shouldn’t. Although some of us have been brought up believing we should be people-pleasers, here are things in life that we shouldn’t feel guilty about. 

Do you have any idea what those things are? If not, then read on to find out. If yes, read on to see if there are things you’re still feeling guilty about when you shouldn’t.

1. Declining Social Calls

Picture this: you have your plans for the day, and your friend wants you to accompany her to an event. Your friend didn’t inform you early, so you had your day already planned. Whatever plans you have cannot be scheduled for another day. You have the right to decline the invite, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. 

2. Sleeping Early

Some people love boasting about the few hours they sleep. They will proudly tell you how they sleep late and wake up early. But, the thing they forget is getting enough sleep is beneficial to our health. If your schedule starts early in the morning, ensure that you sleep early. This will help you become more productive during the day. So don’t feel bad about sleeping early.

3. Taking a Nap

There are several health benefits associated with taking a nap. One of them is boosting your brain health. But, the naps should be for a few minutes. If you take longer naps, this is a sign that you’re not getting enough sleep at night. You’re not lazy because you’ve decided to take a nap. I take naps sometimes for around 20 minutes, and I always feel refreshed afterward. 

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
A woman taking a nap

4. Declining a Friend Request

Declining friend requests apply to both online and offline. You know the type of people you want to associate with, so the decision lies with you. If it’s online, don’t just accept a friend request based on mutual friends. Don’t feel bad about hitting the decline button. If it’s offline, friend requests might come from people you have information about. If you know you’ won’t be compatible with them, turn them down. Sometimes you might need to turn down a request if you feel that you’re not ready for more friends.

5. Having “Me Time.”

I love having “me time,” and I have learned not to feel guilty about it. Alone time has a lot of benefits, as discussed in this article. Schedule for time alone the same way you schedule for other important things. You will reap the benefits with time and also get used to having it so no guilt feelings.

6. Eating Guilty-Pleasure Foods

Sometimes we crave foods that are considered unhealthy by many. The craving might come when you’re with your judging friends. Don’t mind your friends, go on and eat that thing you’re craving for. Having those odd treats will help you to stick to your health goals. Consider taking guilty-pleasure foods once in a while a way of rewarding yourself.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Woman drinking from a straw while holding a burger

7. Not Recommending Someone

It has taken you years of hard work to build a positive reputation. Then, you’re asked to recommend someone. You’re aware that this person is not someone you can recommend, so you have a right to say no. It’s not your fault that they have a bad reputation and you should not spoil what you have built to please someone.

8. Not Being Online

In today’s world, we have gadgets and internet that makes it easier for us to be online whenever we want. This should not make you feel obligated always to be online so that you can check your emails and messages on social media. Have some time off from the online world by scheduling the time to review your messages.

9. Your Living Status

It is easy to feel guilty about your living situation if people are judging you. The fact is, you know what works for you. If you’re comfortable with your status, don’t change it because your friend has told you to change. Stick to your living status, be proud of your state, and you won’t feel guilty.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Woman sitting on the carpet using a MacBook

10. Your Views on Religion

Whether you’re a Muslim, Buddhist, or a Christian, you should not allow others to make you feel guilty about your faith. Don’t change your religion because you have been told to do so by a friend or family member. Change because you have decided that it is the best religion and you want to join it.

11. Your Views on Politics

In the world of politics, some people like criticizing others. Whatever your view’ don’t allow others who have different opinions to make you feel guilty. You’re free to choose whatever side you want to support. 

12. Your Weaknesses

No one is perfect; we all have weaknesses. Our weaknesses might be physical or mental. Even if you have deformities that are visible such as small hands, crooked nose, short leg, you shouldn’t feel guilty. It is not easy but remember that your weaknesses make you unique. Embrace them, and you will no longer need to apologize for why you’re different.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
A woman sitting on the floor near a window

13. Skipping Your Morning Run

Sometimes it is hard to wake up in the morning. You’ve set your alarm so you can run in the morning, but you crave for those few minutes. You shouldn’t feel ashamed. Missing the morning run to sleep once in a while will allow your body to rest.’ Don’t make it a habit, though. After skipping your morning run for a day, you should strive to run the rest of the days at full speed.

14. Vacationing With a Few Friends

I consider my vacations precious, and if you’re like me, you will be careful about who you invite. If you’re going for a vacation with your partner and they ask someone who you don’t like, you should tell your partner. Vacations are not free; you’re spending money, so you’re allowed to be selective on who to invite.

15. Your Goals

In life, we all have different purposes. You might be having different career goals compared to your friends.’ Don’t listen to them when they tell you to change and follow the crowd. You chose that goal because you’ve researched, and you know it is right for you. If you follow the crowd, you might regret later in life.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Women in a discussion

16. Your Personal Choices

You shouldn’t allow people to make you feel guilty about the choices you make. If you decide to spend the whole day on Saturday watching movies, you have not done anything wrong. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve decided to take a break from dating. These are your personal choices, and opinions from others shouldn’t sway you.

17. Your Marital Status

Your marital status’ doesn’t define who you are. If you’re single, be proud of your singlehood and ensure that you utilize your time in the best way possible. Don’t allow others to bring you down by their opinions on why you’re single. If you’re married, hang out with married friends who you share similar views. When you hang out with people who don’t judge you based on your marital status, you will avoid the guilt feeling.

18. Saying “NO”

If you’re a people pleaser, I’m sure saying “no” to people is hard for you. You don’t want people to call you selfish and irresponsible. I used to be the same, but I learned to put my foot down. I realized that I was neglecting my priorities because I was always considering others. As a result, I had to-do lists that never ended. This’ doesn’t mean that I always say “no,” but I’m selective on when to say “yes.” Remember, it is possible to say “no” without feeling guilty.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Woman lying while lifting her hand up

19. Pointing Out Flaws

You don’t have to be a jerk when pointing out flaws. Do it politely but do not feel ashamed when doing it. Sometimes our friends or family members tend to do wrong things. Don’t feel guilty when you tell them to stop or change their behaviors. Remember, some people do things they consider right, so telling them it is wrong is a way of helping them improve their behaviors. Those who appreciate your help will be forever grateful.

20. Being a Private Person

You owe no one information about your private life. If a friend or a co-worker asks you to share information on something you’re not comfortable about, don’t share with them. It’s your life, and you have the freedom to choose what you want to share and what you want to keep private. You might even encounter strangers who like asking questions. You have no obligation to answer their questions.

21. Having a Staycation

You’ve not saved enough to go on holiday abroad, but you want to have fun. You’ve settled on having a staycation. Don’t feel guilty because others have saved for holidays abroad. If you feel guilty, you’ won’t enjoy your surroundings. Enjoy your staycation as much as you can. Learn to appreciate what you can afford and stop competing with others.

21 Things You Really Shouldn't Feel Guilty About
Lounging @aderita2382

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below how we can help you in not feeling guilty over little irrelevant things and add positivity to your life. Be sure to check out “Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom With These Hobbies” and see how you can use your everyday hobbies to make money at home.

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