21 Non-Coupon Ways To Save On Groceries

Can we be real for a second?

While I love saving money and use to utilize coupons about 70 percent of the time.. Over the years, as my kids grow and we get involved in a ton of after-school activities, I will admit that I could no longer focus on clipping coupons AND shop AND cook AND.. AND.. AND.. my days got shorter and shorter and so did my patience for trying to save all the time.

So, I decided to start using a lot more non-coupon ways to save money. 🙂 These non-coupon ways to save on groceries are going to be perfect for the family that just doesn’t have as much time to coupon, or perhaps doesn’t see a lot of products they would use with coupons for them.  Take advantage of these tips and start saving more money on your grocery budget right away:

21 Non-Coupon Ways To Save On Groceries



21 Non-Coupon Ways To Save On Groceries

  1. Shop sale prices for your weekly menu plan.
  2. Create a meal plan so you are only buying what you need.
  3. Shop bulk items for better prices per unit.
  4. Cook dry beans instead of buying canned (can save you $.75-$1.00 per pound on most)
  5. Shop your local dollar store for lower cost items like peanut butter, canned fruits and canned vegetables.
  6. Grow your own produce.
  7. Barter for fresh produce in the summer.
  8. Stock up during major holiday sales (turkeys around the holidays and hamburger or chicken around BBQ season)
  9. Create a price book to compare store to store so you know when a sale is the best non-coupon price.
  10. Use less meat by using dry beans to stretch further.  This works great in tacos, enchiladas, soups and chili.  
  11. Buy manager markdowns.  This is a great way to grab meat, produce and bakery items when they are near end date but still in good shape.  Cook meats right away and freezer for use in recipes later, or slice up produce and freeze for use later.
  12. Use store rewards cards and programs.
  13. Use a cash back credit or debit card that earns money on your purchases that you can put back into you grocery budget next month or year.
  14. Shop less frequently.  When you go to the store more often you inevitably spend more.  Try to shop only once or twice a month.
  15. Plan for leftovers.  Making a meal in a larger batch often doesn’t take exactly twice the ingredients to actually provide you with multiple meals.  Plan for a larger batch so you can serve as lunch the next day, or as smaller portions of the entree with more side dishes on a different night.
  16. Use tougher cuts of meat.  A slow cooker will make a huge difference in how easy it is to cook the inexpensive tougher cuts of meat and save you tons of money.
  17. Buy generic brands.
  18. Skip convenience items like meal kits and cake mixes.  Make your own from scratch at a fraction of the cost without the preservatives.
  19. Buy what’s in season.  This means using the fruits and vegetables that are in season currently and at their lowest price.
  20. Shop at more than one store.  Check not just your favorite store, but all of your neighborhood markets to find the best deals on a regular basis.
  21. Avoid the gimmicks.  Gimmicks are things that have special popular characters or associations with the product that likely run the price higher.  This could be a Disney image on a kids cereal, or could be a special chef name on a BBQ sauce.  Usually these products are not better than the generic, they simply have the backing and name of something famous.  

These non-coupon ways to save on groceries will help to stretch your grocery budget much further.  While you can use apps with coupons, clip coupons or print coupons to save more, you can also utilize these tips to save money no matter what coupons are currently available.

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