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21 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions for the Money

Tanning lotions are ever-increasingly growing popular among users with various types of skins. As a potential buyer, you need to know the correct choice that will take care of the safety of your skin.

Many prefer indoor tanning because the process triggers better results. For starters, indoor tanning proves to be easily available and convenient than outdoor tanning. Why is indoor tanning required? It hydrates your skin and delivers exceptional results.

The procedure for selecting the most suitable tanning lotion that works for you is not a walk in the park. Several products exist in the market for you to choose the best. Some may not achieve better results on your skin.

This review has a collection of 21 best indoor tanning lotions that you can choose from the list. The captured information about these products will enlighten you to arrive at the best pick with ease. Let’s get down to them!


View Black Storm 60X, here.

Are you looking for a tanning lotion with instant dark color enhancement? Black Storm 60X carries your solution. The product consists of bronzers, which enhances the tanning action. It gets better with a silicone emulsion blend for better results.

Moreover, the lotion will cause your skin to remain smooth while nourishing it, thanks to the presence of Acai Oil. Furthermore, the users will enjoy a delightful odor that results from fruity fragrance. 


  • The user will enjoy immediate and gradual tanning results.
  • The lotion has a sweet-smelling fragrance that originates from honey.


  • Bronzer element makes the skin appear orange-like.

2. European Gold Flash Black 500X

View european Gold, here.

European Gold Flash Black 500X is among the best darkening skin lotions in the market. This product gets better with an advanced technology that transforms the skin into a deeper, darker, with a more natural feel. 

Remarkably, European Gold Flash Black has a composition of an advanced bronzing complex than is notably ideal for deeper penetration. The user will experience better tanning results that are radiant dark in nature.


  • It has antioxidants with nourishing conditioners that eliminate any fine lines.
  • The product’s prices are reasonably fair.


  • No downside so far.

3. Millennium Black Is Back 3 Indoor Tanning Lotions 

View Millennium, here.

Do you desire to achieve better tanning results? Don’t worry. Millennium Black Is Black is there to enable you to reach that goal. The product has an exceptional composition of antioxidants with an extreme bronzer. Moreover, it also contains exotic, blackening ingredients to produce better results.

As if that is not enough, the product contains advanced silicone to influence great tanning effects to the user. Its powerful ingredients are reliable to bring the expected results.


  • It has an age-defying formula to restore a youthful glow.
  • Excellent darkening effects.


  • The product is slightly costly.

4. European Gold Dark Star 100X

View European Gold, here.

European Gold Dark Star 100X is a tanning lotion product that will assist the user to experience better skin darkening results. The unique thing about this lotion is it contains the latest deep wave. What’s more, there is also tattoo enhancing technologies which are useful to enable the desired tanning effects.

On the face of it, this lotion will work well on your skin, especially with more vivid tattoos to nourish it until it maintains smoothness.


  • Better ingredients to enhance the darkening of the skin.
  • Low market prices.


  • It irritates sensitive skin.

5. Millennium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer Tanning Bed Lotion

View Millennium, here.

Millennium Tanning New Solid Black Bronzer proves to be an excellent product that ensures an immediate tanning effect on your skin. The lotion has better ingredients like silicone Bronzer, which are exceptional tan enhancers.

Most importantly, the lotion is manufactured using auto-darkening scientific knowledge. Such a feature is essential to bring bronze tanning results and extra moisturization that lasts the whole day. The topnotch luxurious silicone mixture combines to restore the darkening effects.


  • Auto-tanning technology makes skin darkening exercise more efficient.
  • Contains sweet fragrance


  • Slightly higher prices. 

6. Devoted Creations Trinity XS Tanning Lotion

View Devoted Creations, here.

Some people may prefer using a tingle tanning formula as an alternative to regular ones. Devote Creations Trinity lotion has proper agents that will accelerate the tanning effects. Believe it or not, this product has a thermal active blend, which is a vital component in bringing black bronzing results.

As you maintain the usage, your skin will eventually continue transforming into a better dark color. Surprisingly enough, this product is both skincare and a tanning agent, which is a powerful combination.


  • It has blended multiple accelerators to bring immediate tanning effects. 
  • Extremely affordable.


  • Its fragrance is not suitable for allergic people. 

7. Picture Perfect Facial Tanning Lotion

View Picture Perfect, here.

If you are looking for a tanning product that can reduce skin damage from UV rays and oxidation, then Picture Perfect Facial is for you. One unique thing about this lotion is that you can comfortably apply it to your face. However, caution is necessary while using it on the face since facial pores are prone to sensitivity. 

This Picture Perfect tanning lotion helps to boost cell production by unclogging pores. Furthermore, the lotion will reduce the size of the pores to eliminate pigmentation. 


  • It contains no harsh chemicals to damage your skin.
  • Instant tanning.


  • None, so far.

8. Hempz Dark Tan Maximizer

View Hempz, here.

Hempz Dark Tan comes with various combinations to enable your skin to attain proper tanning. Most importantly, the lotion is made from pure and natural seed oil that keeps your skin nourished and moisturized. This makes sure your entire body remains is smooth, soft, and hydrated.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the lotion has a mixture of essential enhancers to convert your skin to a darker and golden color.


  • The lotion is lightweight and slippery for easier application and absorption into the skin
  • The calming extracts enhance soothing and additional comfort.
  • It helps attain soft and moist skin.


  • Its smell may be irritating. 

9. SUPRE Snooki Get Real Tanning Lotion

View Supre, here.

Supre Snooki Tanning lotion is a great product that will ensure you get maximum darkening results due to hyper dark tanning technology. You will not have to worry about environmental stress since the lotion has Vitamin powered agents to handle it.

Notably, the product has a composition of passionflower and gardenia extracts that works to enable the skin to remain touchable and soft. One thing for sure is that your skin will not burn nor either age. 


  • The lotion acts as skin therapy.
  • It works to eliminate aging due to environmental stress.


  • Overpowering floral scent.

10. Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion

View Ocean Potion, here.

When you are in search of a product that works well for indoor tanning, don’t struggle anymore. Ocean Potion Intensifier Lotion comes in with an instant bronzer to ensure the user receives immediate results. 

The product is also flexible as you can still use it for outdoor tanning in the sun. The simple truth is that this lotion has no harsh scent that may linger when you are through with the tanning exercise. 


  • It has skincare components like Vitamin C and E that nourish your skin. 
  • Low market prices


  • Not ideal to a sensitive skin

11. Maui Babe – Tanning Salon Formula

View Maui Bare, here.

Maui Babe is a tanning lotion that is useful when the user wants to achieve better results. This lotion contains a powerful formula that will enable your skin to remain hydrated, smooth, and soft. Frankly, the product consists of a bright sunflower that works properly to preserve the acrylic on the tanning bed.

Moreover, this indoor tanning product has Kona coffee extracts with enriched vitamins to make sure your skin becomes radiant and smooth. 


  • The tan is suitable when you desire quick results.
  • The product is water-resistant.


  • The product is too oily. 

12. Tanovations Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy is a product with a super formula to tan your skin instantly. The product consists of natural cosmetic bronzers and correct amounts of DHA to enable an immediate darkening result.

Remarkably, the product has MelanoBronze and Quad tyrosine blend, which are necessary triggers of melanin formation. They will act to speed up the tanning process. With the presence of advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6TM, the formula will work well to tone and tighten your skin, thereby preventing aging or wrinkle formation. 


  • Extends the tanning results and radiance of tattoos.
  • Affordable prices


  • Sometimes it causes a burning sensation on some skins.

13. New Sunshine Swedish Beauty Bronzer

View New Sunshine, here.

Do you desire to experience a skin tanning process with instant and lasting results? If yes, then New Sunshine Swedish Bronzer is a tanning product with instant bronzers that will act to produce excellent results. 

The lotion has a combination of various elements such as Shea butter and Oatmeal. Also, the product has A-O Shea Moisturizing Complex to assist in causing a smooth and softer skin. Still, the cocoa butter is a moisturizer that nourishes the dry skin for protection. 


  • The product produces exceptional darkening results. 
  • The product is fragrance-free.


  • None so far.

14. Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

View Devoted Creations, here.

People will always settle for a tanning lotion because of what it can achieve when applied. If you are looking for a tanning lotion that will maintain moisturized skin, then go for Devoted Creations Hydrating Tanning Butter.

The product has a perfect combination of different formulations to enable one to prevent wrinkles and any aging factors. Some of these components are Matrixyl Synthe 6, Body Fit, and Revita Fit. To be precise, the lotion has Aqua Cell to eliminate wrinkles.


  • It maintains instant darkening results.
  • The product has a beautiful fragrance. 


  • It causes some skin irritation to some individuals.

15. Australian Gold JWOWW ONE and DONE INTENSIFIER

View Australian Gold, here.

When you use the Australian Gold Lotion, your skin may appear smooth and vibrant. The results are possible due to the inclusion of Shea butter and Vitamin E in its formulation. 

The product features melanin boosting elements. These components enter your skin to accelerate the tanning process. The product also uses natural ingredients to nourish your skin to grow younger.


  • The product treats and prevents skin damage.
  • It takes care of tattoos.


  • It has an irritating smell for some clients. 

16. Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion

View Swedish Beauty, here.

Do you love tingling tanning lotions? If yes, then Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tanning Lotion should be your ideal pick. The product features a Tingle Power T2, which is useful in enabling blood flow. With proper blood flow, the tanning process is smooth and fast.

The lotion also comes with a green citrus scent. Furthermore, the product has some natural bronzing to ensure immediate results.


  • Offers instant tanning results.
  • The prices are reasonably fair.
  • Consists of a sweet fragrance.


  • It causes skin thinning.

17. Australian Gold, CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Natural Bronzers

View Australian Gold, here.

Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Accelerator Natural Bronzers is a product that will promote your skin darkening activity. The lotion contains Vitamin A and E, which are vital in helping skin hydrating purposes. The same state is ideal for you to attain a maximum skin tanning a great success.

The lotion also consists of native Australian oils that promote your skin to remain fresh and smooth. Its fragrance originates from cocoa creams. 


  • It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning.
  • The prices are extremely affordable


  • It causes a burning sensation for some users. 

18. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

View Ed Hardy, here.

One unique characteristic of this Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion is that it doesn’t depend on bronzing agents to deliver a dark color. Instead, the lotion uses the Quad Tyrosine combination to boost and enable melanin formation that is useful as it quickens the tanning process.

The Lotion also has a composition of Melactiva, which produces melanin to enable better darken results. More so, the product contains BodyFit to ensure firmness.


  • The product protects your tattoos from fading.
  • You will experience instant tanning results.
  • It contains a melanin synthesizer to enable a faster tanning process.


  • None, as of yet.

19. Die Hard Black Ed Hardy Maximum Bronzing Indoor Tanning Lotion

View Die Hard Black, here.

When you are looking for a lotion that will ensure faster darkening results, then go for Die Hard Black Ed Hardy tanning lotion. The product contains MelaninBronze, which acts to trigger melanin formation. Melanin is a vital component that helps to ensure tanning effects last longer. 

Other components in the formulation of the lotion are green tea extracts and caffeine. These elements will energize and ensure skin firmness. Also, additional ingredients are pomegranate and Acai Berry, which are best in the prevention of wrinkles.


  • Almond oil helps in skin hydration and smoothening.
  • The product contains some ant-aging factors to ensure a youthful look.


  • Its fragrance irritates hypersensitive individuals.

20. Millennium Tanning 5 Piece Indoor Tanning Lotions Set

View Millennium Tanning, here.

Millennium Tanning set has a blend of extreme bronzers that will moisturize and darken your skin immediately. To further the process, the set contains an auto-darkening technology that will deliver desirable tanning results.

Moreover, the set is unique since it has five different formulas that will enhance your skin darkening activity.


  • Auto-darkening technology ensures instant darkening results.
  • Five different formulas work excellently to bring out the desired results.


  • The prices are slightly higher.

21. Lotions Hot New Black Sunshine 100x Hot Tingle 

View Lotions, here.

If you are ever comfortable with using tingle products, then Lotions Hot New Black Sunshine 100X Hot Tingle can be among your best pick. The product uses shade shifting technology. Furthermore, it has a DHA bronzing which acts to restore immediate results.

Admittedly, the lotion contains hydrating bronzer, which combines with other factors to enhance the darkening function. Still, the lotion has an advanced moisturizer to deal with dry skin and to improve smoothness. 


  • Quicker darkening results.
  • Shade shifting technology is suitable to enhance darkening effects. 


  • Slightly higher prices 

Buying Guide for Indoor Tanning Lotions

You may be looking forward to tanning your skin for that dark glow or you want to absorb more vitamin D in winter, you, therefore, need to be keen on specific factors before you purchase a tanning lotion. Here are the facts:


If the lotion has a bronzer, it means your skin darkening will be immediate.


Moisturizing properties in a lotion are essential factors in hydrating your skin and improving the overall skincare.


The weight will give you a hint of the amount of lotion substance you will be taking as you give your order. 

Color Intensity

Each lotion is set to bring out varying results depending on the color.


Check out to ensure that you are comfortable with the market price without compromising your budget. 

Final Remarks

People prefer to use indoor tanning lotions for their reasons. Let’s be honest; the indoor tanning lotions are critical in producing darker and deeper tanning that rarely fades away. Here is the secret: These lotions cannot offer sun protection since they are not sunscreen lotions. 

Caution is vital not to confuse them for outdoor functions. The above-listed lotions consist of indoor tanning lotions that one can use to get better results. Having proper facts will enable you to settle for the best pick. The decision of selection lies squarely in your court. Happy choice!

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