20 Uses for Lavender Essential Oil


uses for lavender essential oil

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If you are just starting out using essential oils and you want to know where to start one of the very first single oils you want to stock in your “medicine” cabinet is Lavender. 

Besides the fact that it has an amazing floral smell it is good for a wide variety of ailments, and also practical home uses. You also want to make sure you don’t pick up just any lavender essential oil, you will want a 100% therapeutic grade-there is a big difference in where you purchase it from.

Lavender can be used for:

  1. Aromatherapy- Probably the most common of uses, lavender can be used in a diffuser, placed on shirt collars, or rubbed into temples to relax and calm  you.
  2. Household Cleaners- If you like making your own household cleaners like laundry soap, fabric softener, or dishwasher tablets add lavender oil to your recipe for a wonderful scent.
  3. Cuts and Scrapes- Lavender is a natural antiseptic and can be used to soothe, cleanse, and heal minor cuts and scrapes.
  4. Insect repellent– Add several drops to a cotton ball, store in closets to ward off moths or dab on your skin with a carrier oil to help repel mosquitos.
  5. Sunburn relief- Dilute with water in a small spray bottle and spritz on burned skin for burn relief .
  6. Bath soak– Add lavender essential oil to equal parts epsom salt and baking soda for a relaxing, detox soak.
  7. Earaches– Rub behind ear and on lobe just outside of ear.
  8. Focus– Lavender is believed to help you calm and focus yourself- inhaled directly from bottle or diffused into the room.
  9. Menstrual Cramps– Apply oils with a warm compress to lower abdomen.
  10. Drinks- Add to lemonade and iced or hot tea for a rich, floral flavor.
  11. Kids-Spritz lavender oil on their pillows to help them fall and stay asleep.
  12. Minor Burns- Gently dab lavender oil on very minor burns to help with healing and prevent scarring.
  13. Chapped Lips– Add a couple drops to coconut oil for a healing and conditioning lip balm.
  14. Acne- Due to it’s antiseptic properties lavender essential oil can be diluted, and  applied to acne to banish it.  Test on a small patch of skin first.
  15. Makeup– Place a couple drops in your mascara wand to disinfect and make it last a bit longer.
  16. Cold Sores– Apply a drop directly to cold sore several times a day.
  17. Allergies- Use in combination with peppermint and lemon to help alleviate allergy symptoms.
  18. Sinus Pressure– Use in combination with Thieves oil dabbed a long nose to help alleviate pressure and discomfort.
  19. Hemorrhoids– Soak makeup pads in witch hazel mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oil, use in place of name brand pads.
  20. Eye Makeup Remover- Combine lavender with fractionated coconut oil, dip a pad or washcloth in solution and wipe off eye makeup easily.

If you are pregnant or  breastfeeding may want to avoid lavender ( it promotes blood flow to the pelvic area).

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    I love the pure lavender oil from Rite Aid. I teach Yoga and use it at the end of class for aromatherapy.

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