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13 Best Ways to Find Coupons for Eating Out

When you’re on a budget, you might think it’s hard to justify the extra costs of eating out rather than at home. And when you’re on the road, you usually have no choice but to eat out. But if you take a closer look, it’s not always as expensive as you might think. And in some cases, it may even be cheaper than preparing a meal at home. By doing a simple search on the internet with keywords such as “restaurant coupons,” “discount restaurant coupons” and “buy restaurant coupons” you should get numerous websites offering great deals. You will also come across hundreds of blogs where people testify how they get things for huge rebates on food or eat without paying. Thus, in what way can you be among them and find food at a discounted fee or without paying? First, you need to know where to find ideal coupons.

Coupon Mobile Apps

Perhaps you can’t afford to own a printing machine, or you do not intend to waste money on printing materials. Couponing has been made easy with the introduction of mobile apps for coupons. They offer all the advantages of using the vouchers without the hard work of trimming the vouchers. Additionally, these mobile apps might be integrated with other vouchers. That means you can easily have all the coupons for your desired product. The exciting thing about coupon apps is that you can utilize the vouchers and surrender your receipts to get cashback immediately you are done. That allows you to save a lot of dollars. It is a fact that there are numerous voucher mobile applications in the market. However, we’ll look at the most popular apps.

1. Ibotta

This is one of the greatest mobile applications for vouchers in the market. The application can help you save a lot of cash, and getting coupons for eating out involves a few simple steps. The application is also straightforward and features numerous food products. So, make sure you download the mobile app to save big while dining out. Once you saved at least $20, you can withdraw the money through payment platforms such as Venmo or PayPal. You can as well redeem the balance to get gift cards. You will always get deals on foods that are not in the name brand on the app. Different from the vouchers available on other websites and newspapers, Ibotta gives you vouchers that will be utilized with any company. They include reserves on products such as pizzas, coffee, and fries. Since you can utilize these vouchers on retail store brand products or products, you will eat your food at affordable prices.

2. Checkout 51

Even though checkout 51 does not offer numerous deals on different restaurants like Ibotta, it still pays to download it. It’s amazingly easy to utilize and will allow you to save a couple of bucks every week while eating out. Search the coupons provided and press the icon adjacent to the type of food you want and the restaurant. The moment you choose your vouchers, go to your favorite restaurants, eat your food and remember to keep the receipt. Snap a photo of the receipt with a coupon application to get your cashback. Cash-out your cash once you hit $20.

3. Flipp

The Flipp voucher app will combine the weekly ads of the store with the greatest coupons. While using the app might be tricky, it offers the greatest means to save, especially if you do not receive newspapers. With the help of this app, you will find all the adverts and voucher pull-outs you will get in the paper. The moment you come across a voucher you love, press on the button, and you will be presented with several options. The majority of the vouchers require you to put them in your loyalty card at specific restaurants. That means you must register for a loyalty card at your preferred eatery and link it on the internet. When utilizing the card to purchase some products, a rebate will apply instantly. With this alternative, you don’t have to wait to get your cashback. You pick your preferred vouchers, buy what you need and then load the receipt to receive your cash immediately. Additionally, it comes with a rebate There are some discounts provided in this manner, but it’s essential to check them out.

Sites Offering Eating Out Coupons

Currently, finding numerous vouchers is very simple. There are a couple of sites that are reliable and frequently provide vouchers, which are accessible and printable. You may get vouchers for any product and print from your PC. It’s like cash printing.


This website should be your first place to look for coupons and best deals for your favorite eateries, especially if you’re having difficulty locating them elsewhere. Sign up for the email list to get discounts immediately when they are up for grabs. You could also visit the “Specials” webpage for the latest trending deals. Make sure to read all the details or call the restaurant to verify the coupons before you purchase. Note that you can always exchange unused coupons online. 


This site acts as the virtual form of the voucher page of the Sunday newspaper. It comes with vouchers for restaurants and food products. You will access vouchers for any food products such as breakfast cereals. The website is user-friendly since you are required to scroll down the huge inventory of vouchers and find whatever you need. Then, press on the small cobalt box with an additional sign to press on the voucher. The moment you press the vouchers you want, press the red part to print vouchers situated on the right side at the top. The vouchers will be printed, and you will be set to buy anything.

6. The Krazy Coupon Lady

This website is like how-to guidelines on using coupons. Even though it can be somehow crazy, the website presents the greatest printable vouchers. One of the greatest aspects of the website is that it’s super easy to get vouchers for different types of food and restaurant. From the first bar on the website, you can press on “Vouchers or restaurant” to get the products you want. Let’s assume you love to eat at Dominos. Head to the search bar for stores and select DOMINOS, and you will be done. You will get numerous vouchers to use at Dominos. Below the coupon tab, search for particular brand names or key in the food you need, like pizza. Additionally, the website comes with sections for products. The part is ideal for getting numerous ways to save a lot of cash on your eatery. In this section, you will get tips on combining vouchers with existing sales additional coupons to take advantage of incredible deals. There are parts for deals below one dollar, free products, and deals that allow you to generate profit.

7. RedPlum

RedPlum has gained tremendous popularity due to the newspaper voucher pull-outs available on the website. However, are you aware that you can get vouchers offered by RedPlum online? Even though the website does not offer akin vouchers, you will get them in the newspaper. It has incredible deals. Head to the segment for the printable voucher on the website and find numerous vouchers waiting for you. Press on those you need to be included in the printing queue. Once you complete this, press the printer icon and visit your preferred restaurant.

8. SmartSource

Like other coupon sites, the SmartSource features Sunday newspaper pull-outs every week. Additionally, they provide printable vouchers online. Browse the offers available on the website and open the box adjacent to the clasp on the voucher you need. Once you finish, press the printing icon situated at the top right side. The vouchers will start downloading as a PDF doc that is printed.

9. Hopster

While Hopster doesn’t offer lots of coupons like other sites, you can still look for great deals. The website is user-friendly and offers vouchers you cannot get elsewhere. Its Web page has a collection of vouchers ideal for eateries and other household products. Press on the vouchers you love. When you finish eating, press the printing icon situated at the top of the website to redeem all the vouchers.

Weekly Deals

10. Newspaper Vouchers

Even though daily-paper vouchers are traditional methods of finding great coupons, they are still the best source of eating out vouchers. The local newspaper has numerous vouchers that you might not get anywhere. They will help you make huge savings. Here are some of the steps to help you find and use the greatest coupons from the paper First, find a copy of the daily paper every Sunday. Most papers are delivered on either a weekend-only or Sunday-only basis. That is a perfect option since you will not have to concerns about failing to recall to take the newspaper. If you intend to save a lot of money as you buy products when they cost less, you will need to get a newspaper every week. That way, if you get a good coupon, you will have a lot of vouchers at your disposal. The majority of people utilize this approach and hoard foodstuffs when they are inexpensive. You can as well collect a stack of vouchers to utilize when products go on sale, letting you save more. Some of the voucher pull-outs that are available in the paper include SmartSource, P&G BrandSaver, and RedPlum. SmartSource: These coupon inserts are available in the Sunday newspaper each week. They comprise vouchers of a range of foodstuff and household products. RedPlum: Similar to SmartSource, RedPlum coupon inserts are supplied with the Sunday newspaper on a weekly basis. They feature various products and restaurant names every week.

Other Coupons

Even though the websites, mobile apps, and newspapers are well-known areas to find vouchers, there are a couple of methods to find the greatest coupons. The majority of couponers understand how to search for unique vouchers for eateries. So, interact with them to have a chance to save some bucks.

11. Blinkies

You can get blinkies vouchers at your favorite restaurant. Maybe you’ve come across them in the past and walked away without even knowing they can help you eat out for less. There are placed in a small black box with some blinking light. In most cases, they are mounted on the shelves at the eating place and give out vouchers for products on those shelves. Even though you can’t rely on theme being at the restaurant, it advisable to take them once you come across any. Additionally, you will find some extras for your forthcoming visit to the restaurant.

12. Peelies

These shopping vouchers are stuck to the food items in the restaurant. They resemble small stickers stuck on the products, and they give you awesome deals. Once you come across a peelie, make sure to check them and go through the fine print carefully. In most cases, the vouchers are ideal for products they are not stuck to. You might peel the coupon off and utilize it to get cheap products from a similar brand. While other peelie coupons must be utilized with the item they are stuck to, they can give you better discounts.

13. Catalina Coupons

Many restaurants offer Catalina vouchers almost when you go there to eat. So, make sure to be attentive while eating out since the coupons are printed while you receive our receipt, you might get a few coupons or many. These vouchers depend on your favorite grocery store and the kind of product you buy. If you had signed for a reward card at your store, they might keep a record of the products you purchase regularly and offer you Catalina coupons for the same products. That means if you are buying dinner every week, they will give you a Catalina voucher for your local restaurant. Note that you can’t rely on these coupons since they are not predictable. You might find a good deal during the first visit to the store and lack during the next visit. Nevertheless, since Catalina vouchers are personalized depending on your eating out behavior, you might find a couple of vouchers to use on your next day out.

Last Words

If you are tight on money, you do not have to sacrifice eating out. Plan ahead and keep looking for opportunities to save, you and your family will be able to enjoy restaurants. Take advantage of the above ways and get the best vouchers for eating out without breaking the bank.

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