11 Best Cheap Shampoos When On a Budget (Under $10)

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to get good quality shampoo. There is low-cost shampoo out there for every hair type like dry, oily, thick, and curly. We’ve done the research and are sharing the best cheap shampoos for budget-minded people.

Keep the following info in mind when browsing through these cheap shampoos:

  • Clarifying shampoos detox oily hair
  • Volumizing shampoos are for fine, limp hair
  • Neutralizing shampoos are for chemically-treated hair to restore the pH balance
  • Sulfate-free shampoos are trending now. They clean hair gently without stripping away essential oils. 

1. Joico color endure shampoo

When you’ve spent time and money coloring your hair, you want the color to last. That’s why you should use a shampoo made for color-treated hair. Joico’s Color Endure is a sulfate-free shampoo that increases color longevity.

This shampoo cleanses your hair and reduces tonal change. It protects the vibrancy of hair color longer than many professional sulfate-free shampoos. When you use this shampoo, you can wash your hair eighteen times and preserve 86% of your hair color. That’s impressive for a budget shampoo!

Color endure has a light, pleasant scent. It’s a gentle shampoo that can be used daily. In addition to cleansing, it also adds softness, shine, strength, and manageability.

2. Garnier whole blends shampoo with coconut water & vanilla milk extracts

This shampoo in the pretty blue bottle quenches and softens dehydrated, dry hair. This shampoo’s special formula uses coconut water and vanilla extracts.

Whole Blends shampoo is designed to restore the natural beauty of your hair after every wash. This lightweight moisturizing shampoo blooms with its tropical fragrance. If you enjoy the smell of coconut and vanilla, you’ll love this shampoo.

Unlike many shampoos for dry hair, this cheap shampoo never leaves behind a greasy residue. After washing your hair, it will be soft, light, and airy. This is a budget dry hair shampoo. It delivers the same results as many dry shampoos found in salons.

It’s a paraben-free shampoo that can be used every day. It’s gentle on your hair and won’t dry out your scalp. Don’t hesitate to give it a try if you need to rehydrate your hair!

3. Curiously clarifying lemongrass shampoo

Argon’s Curiously Clarifying Lemongrass Shampoo is a gentle, clarifying shampoo. It’s for all hair types. It’s sulfate-free, paraben-free, and washes away the build-up. When you clean your hair with Curiously Clarifying, you’re providing it with a treat.

This shampoo infuses your hair with organic oils and lemongrass. It gently cleans without stripping away moisture. The fresh lemongrass aroma is pleasing without being irritating. This shampoo won’t irritate the scalp, and it rinses away nicely. It’s a natural shampoo that never leaves your hair feeling weighed down and unclean.

Just a little Clarifying Lemongrass goes a long way. This makes this budget shampoo even more affordable. You only need a dab to work up a nice lather. When you’re done washing your hair, the shampoo rinses away to leave your hair squeaky clean.

4. Marc Anthony true professional oil of Morocco Argan oil shampoo

If you’re looking for a low-cost moisturizing shampoo that rejuvenates, check this one out. Marc Anthony’s Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo is sulfate-free. This keratin shampoo infuses hair with moisture.

You can cleanse your way to shinier, healthier hair with this fine shampoo. It infuses Argan oil, shea butter, and more into each hair strand. It’s a salon-created shampoo that nourishes and repairs dry, damaged hair.

Argan oil is a Moroccan oil with an added boost of strengthening keratin. Argan oil helps to add moisture and shine to damaged hair. When you use this shampoo, it’s like treating your hair to a spa experience. Also, this shampoo will cleanse and nourish your hair.

5. Isoplus neutralizing shampoo & conditioner

This is a neutralizing budget shampoo. It’s designed to restore the hair’s natural pH balance. If you often relax your hair using chemicals, this set should be in your haircare arsenal.

You can also use this shampoo if you bleach or highlight your hair at home. It will remove all the chemicals, leaving your hair rejuvenated.

Because neutralizing shampoos tend to dry hair, you should use a conditioner afterward. This conditioner gets the job done. It renourishes and replenishes your hair’s moisture.

This shampoo and conditioner make your hair soft and manageable. Just a nickel-size dab lathers up well. It also rinses away well without leaving any sticky residue behind. The shampoo and conditioner smell great and leave your hair squeaky clean and silky smooth.

6. Grisi Ricitos de Oro hypoallergenic chamomile shampoo

The Grisi Ricitos de Oro shampoo is gentle for babies and young children. It’s the perfect shampoo for kids. This hypoallergenic shampoo has chamomile to leave hair soft, tangle-free, and manageable.

This shampoo works to lighten and preserve the natural hue of blonde and light brown hair. It gives kids’ hair a bright and silky shine. It’s ideal for delicate baby hair because it’s very gentle. The shampoo does not have artificial colors in it, and it never irritates eyes.

The top of the bottle is a bonus. The round yellow cap sounds like a maraca. This provides some distraction while mom or dad washes their child’s hair. 

7. Dove nutritive solutions shampoo, intensive repair

This is a low-cost shampoo that’s perfect for heat-damaged hair. If you use a blow dryer or curling iron, your hair may be dried, brittle, and broken. With its keratin repair formula, Nutritive Solutions will correct the damage. This shampoo leaves your hair healthier, stronger, and more damage-resistant.

Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair can prevent the appearance of split ends. It can also fix the damage done by coloring. It penetrates the hair strands to nourish hair from the inside out. After using this pleasant-smelling shampoo, you’ll be left with a fresh, clean feeling. It doesn’t have any harsh chemical overtones.

There’s no need to pay a salon to nourish and treat your hair. This Dove shampoo is nourishing and replenishing. It will gently cleanse your hair without leaving behind any heavy residue.

8. Garnier Fructis pure clean shampoo, paraben-free silicone-free w/ aloe extract, and vitamin E

Fructis Pure Clean by Garnier is a good daily shampoo that cleans and softens. It’s paraben and silicone-free. It’s also infused with Vitamin E and aloe extract. Who’s it for? It’s for anyone who wants clean, shiny, soft, and manageable hair.

It’s a vegan shampoo that’s full of all the natural goodness your hair needs. It can even clean styling products out of your hair without stripping away moisture. You’ll love how healthy and beautiful your hair is. It’s sure to become your favorite silicone-free shampoo!

Purre Clean has a pleasant green apple scent that lasts. This shampoo doesn’t dry the hair. It’s made for normal hair and works great on both straight and curly hair. It can be used daily for clean, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair.

9. Herbal essence body envy shampoo & conditioner set

We’ve included this shampoo and conditioner duo by Herbal Essence for a good reason. This is a volumizing shampoo and conditioner set that gives limp hair some needed oomph!

If you have fine, limp, and body-less hair, this shampoo and conditioner will give it the boost it needs. It will leave your hair clean, bouncy, and full of shine. These Herbal Essence products smell amazing and have a fresh, citrusy scent you’ll love.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are formulated to thicken the hair. It’s a budget volume-boosting duo that packs a real punch! It’s a shampoo and conditioner combo that’s sure to be among your favorite haircare products.

10. Garnier Fructis curl nourish with coconut oil & glycerin

Having curly hair can either be a blessing or a curse. If you’ve got curly hair that’s frizzy and out of control, you should try Curl Nourish. This Garnier shampoo will tame those curls and de-frizz your hair. You’ll be left with bouncy and beautiful curly hair you’ll love!

This shampoo gives your curls around-the-clock frizz control. It’s a paraben-free and sulfate-free product. It uses a combination of citrus proteins to strengthen, tame, and improve the health of curly hair.

With coconut, jojoba oil, and macadamia oil, this shampoo smells amazing. It lathers up well and cleanses hair without stripping. It’s a top-notch, low-priced, curly hair shampoo that leaves you with frizz-free bouncy curls.

11. Redken brews anti-dandruff shampoo for men

This Redken shampoo is among the cheap shampoos for men who care about their hair. It’s an anti-dandruff shampoo. It’s formulated to remedy itching and flaking. It works for all hair types and smells great too!

If you’ve got a dry, itchy scalp, Brews Anti-Dandruff is what you need. This shampoo gently cleanses and reduces dandruff. It helps clear the scalp to relieve itchiness, flakiness, and dryness.

What’s not to love about Brew’s brown bottle that looks like there’s beer inside? Redken Brews is for budget-minded, discerning men. If you’re a guy who wants to have a nice looking head of hair with no dandruff, this is what you need.

Final thoughts: Cheap shampoos

There’s no need to bust your budget to get good shampoo. Choose one of these best cheap shampoos when on a budget and reap the benefits!