10 Ways Your Cell Phone Can Pay For Itself


How much is your cell bill every month? $5.00? $20.00? $100 or more? Now let me ask you another question. Does your cell phone help pay for itself each month? If not, I’m here to help! You can actually earn cash and gift cards from your phone to help you pay for not only your phone itself, but it can actually help you earn enough money to pay for other things too! Here are 10 ways to earn from your cell phone and make it pay for itself:

ShopKick – With Shopkick, you can earn different gift cards just for checking in at different stores and even more “kicks” for scanning items while you’re in the store. A $5.00 gift card is just 500 points and a $25 gift card is usually 6250 points which is a good way your phone can pay for itself

Swagbucks TV – Want to get paid for watching tv? The Swagbucks TV app will let you! Watch short commercials to earn points. You can then trade those points in for gift cards and even cash which your phone can use to pay itself!

InstaGC InstaGC will pay you cash or gift cards both on your pc and your phone! Use their mobile site to download mobile apps that you will get paid for and use the desktop site to fill out different surveys and offers!

Amazon Marketplace – Did you just trade in for a new phone? Sell your old one on Amazon! Make sure that the phone is in good working condition before you sell it and you should be able to earn quite a bit from it! Amazon pays their sellers either by direct deposit or by Amazon Gift Card. I traded in our own iPhones and got $300 to spend on Amazon!

Acorns — Do you have a 401K set up with your employer? Think of this app as a 401K for your spare change! Acorns app takes the leftover change from your purchases, and invests it for you! So when you spend $4.50 on your latte at Starbucks, it take rounds the purchase up to $5.00 and invests that leftover $0.50.  You just need to set up your account and it does all the work for you!

Varage Sale – Yard sales have officially been taken to the next level with Varage sale. This buy, sell and trade app will have you selling the items you no longer want or need in no time!

Gazelle Another awesome way to make money from your phones, especially your old and broken ones is Gazelle. Send in your phone and they will pay you cash for it! They also pay for Kindles, iPads and more!

Ibotta – Another receipt scanning app, iBotta pays you in either cash (by Paypal) or gift card out of several choices. Ibotta offers different offers for stores in your area. When you purchase one of those offers, scan the barcode and receipt and get paid hence make the phone pay for itself

Perk TV – Another app that pays you to watch commercials, Perk can help you earn free gift cards from tons of different places! It doesn’t stop with videos though! They have several apps that will pay you to do everything from play games to search the web with your phone.

BookScouter – Do you have books you no longer need? (Who doesn’t?) Download the Bookscouter app, scan the book’s ISBN number and the app will tell you the best place to sell it for the highest price in the process making money that will enable your phone pay for itself!

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